Monday, April 14, 2008

Synchronicity in Thought

One of my blog readers emailed a poem she wrote after reading my poem, After the Storm, from my last post. She is a wonderful artist, a creative person, a generous spirit, and, by request, remaining anonymous.

It took me on a journey
Which I read to be my own
Visually traveling to another place, another time
Yet in my own home.

The picture was a visual visceral rendering
Of the traveling of my soul.
It was mesmerizing, calming, captivating,
Transporting me, transforming me,
Making me whole.

Within that magical moment described,
After the Storm imparts a miraculous, new ability to see,
After the Storm ...........
Is now a special part of me.


Lisa Hoffman said...

These poems are skillful and lovely and chock full of hope.
I'd jump on that train, but I write like a dope.

Lisa H.

azirca said...

really beautiful.

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Beautifully said ...