Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blogs R Us

I have been lucky enough to have been honored by two fellow art bloggers.

Thanks so much to Chris Miser at Prism Trail who passed the Marie Antoinette Real Person Award on to me. Not so sure what Marie Antoinette has to do with Art Blogs...but I nonetheless appreciate this very much. My award back to Chris is...funniest art blogger ever!

Kristy Chrisopherson at Kristy's Musings gifted me with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Kristy's work has a lot of layers and depth to it and she is always trying out new and varied styles. Thanks Kristy!!

Each of these awards come with the usual rules about naming 5 of these types of blogs or 7 of these types of blogs, etc. I am going to break tradition and make up my own set of rules here. Below you will find links to a list of blogs that are relatively new to me. The artists and their pieces has inspired me greatly! Please click on the links and check them out.

Jeane from ARTIT

Jo from Mystory

Leslie from Textures Shapes and Colors

Jude from Jude's Art Blog

Crystal from Other Peoples Flowers

Laura from Lonecrow Art and Collage

Go and visit each one. Because don't we all need to add even more blogs to our ever growing lists!?! Speaking of...let's take a nonscientific survey. If you want to, add a comment including the number of blogs in your bookmarks or on your blogroll, or on your Feedblitz list, or that you are following on Blogger, etc. Hard to believe...but I have 374 art blogs whose updates are included in my daily Feedblitz email. No wonder I am behind in my visits and comments! Who do I talk to about adding one more hour to each day??


J and Z said...

ooo my - that's a lotta visiting! i have about 50 on my blogroll...many of the same as you have listed on yours! i'd love it if you'd add my humble little site to your blog roll....


Robin in Las Vegas said...

I had over 200 blogs the other day, but cleaned house and I'm now down to 87. I'll get down to 20 max, and keep my absolute favorites. I've already seen a huge jump in my "creating" time! I *loved* the links to the blogs, added three to my roll. Ok, here we go again!

~Barb~ said...

I didn't realize until you asked just how many blogs I do keep up with on a regular basis...101 as of right now. But you've gone and given me new ones to check out so that number is bound to rise in just a few minutes, I'm sure. lol
Peace & Love,

Clare said...

I currently have 91 blogs on my bloglines. I'm still trying to catch up on posts from when I went away for 2 weeks over Christmas!

Chris said...

oh, wow, you know it! I love to visit them all so much, but I get behind! I'm going to go count them and come back. But thanks for the shout-out!

Chris said...

I have 84 ! I can't believe it!
Tomorrow I'm going to visit them all. I keep missing their newest creations, and something MUST be done.

You are Fab-O !

Jeane said...

Seth, first of all, congratulations on your AWARDS! very well deserved! and I am so honored that you included me on your list of blogs to visit! thank you so much! and now I get to visit a few new places - which look very interesting by the art you posted with the links - my blogroll?, well, time keeps me to a small roll, only about 40 blogs and I do a bit of lurking if I have time - I have been a regular lurker here and have always been inspired!

Jo Horswill said...

Seth...congratulations on your awards...totally deserving I have to say.
I am thrilled to be included in your list of awarded blogs...thank you so much. I feel very honoured.
My blog roll is certainly creeping up and up. About 30 for me....There is allot of wonderful stuff happening out there in cyberspace!
How many is too many? Please someone tell me!!!

Shayla said...

It was completely unexpected to see Marie Antoinette show up in the blogroll photo for your site... Now I see.

I'm an introvert internet oddity. I have 25 in my blog roll and 18 in my reader that I'll silently check in on from time to time. I'm already a fan of a couple you've mentioned today, but will go visit the others for sure.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Your award winning blog has been one of my favorites for a long time, for good reason. It’s a very inspiring and interesting place to visit! Congratulations to you for your well deserved awards. I am honored to be among the very good company of the blogs you have featured in this post. All of these artists are creating work that is compelling and authentic. And most of all, congratulations for inventing your own rules! Thank you Seth!

Mary Buek said...

Thanks for the new links, Seth. Awesome artists, aren't they?

Val Foster said...

Congratulations on your awards. You certainly deserve them. I like your idea of changing the rules. I've done that before myself, when I've been tagged. It's an honor to receive a blog award, and fun (sort of) to be tagged, but it's so time consuming to follow through on them and do what's required, it kind of takes the joy or fun out of it. If the number of people we had to name was just one or two, it would be a lot easier and less time consuming.

So I'm glad that you, like me, decided to change the rules. I'm wondering....who makes up the rules anyway???

I have 41 blogs on my blogroll on my blog. And far more saved in my favorites. Due to the numbers, it's almost impossible to keep up with many of them, much less all of them. I have my favorite blogs I visit when they post something new, and pretty much keep up with those. The rest I visit only occasionally, there isn't enough time to do otherwise.

3rdEyeMuse said...

congrats on the love & clever response to passing it on (I just might have to steal that one from you). :) thanks for the links - will get around to checking them after the 41 regulars I visit.

... I don't think I'd sleep if there were 374 regular visits ... lets see if I can keep it under 50.

grrl+dog said...

well, Seth i poo,
if you have nearly four hundred blogs you watch, than I am honoured that you find as econd of your life to squint at my ramblings...

I thought I had a few, but no, you win.

She who dies with the most blog fedes wins.

Little Brown Sparrow said...

Well, I have 227 blogs on my Reader! I barely get around to visiting any of them lately, but I do my best. If people can find the time to update I surely can find the time to read them! It's my duty as a blogging artist. :P

Thanks so much for the links- I've fallen in love with Other People's Flowers...I guess there's gonna be a few more blogs on my Reader after tonight! :D