Workshop Schedule 
(updated 10/29/14)*****

The following is my workshop schedule as it stands now for the upcoming year. Additional workshops will be added as scheduled. Links will take you to either the venue's general website or the workshop registration page. Scroll to the bottom of this page for descriptions of all workshops. If you represent a venue and are interested in hosting one or more of my workshops, please contact me via email at shap97@gmail.com.



January 10 - Craft & Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show - Anaheim, CA
--Mixed Media Magic Canvas

January 11 - Craft & Hobby Association Conference and Trade Show - Anaheim, CA
--Art Journaling: The Basics


February 1-2 - San Diego Book Arts - San Diego, California
--Mixed Media Memoire

February 4-5 - Long Beach, California
--If Walls Could Talk, collaborative workshop with Orly Avineri

February 7 - Gilding the Lily - Fullerton, California
--Background Check

February 8-9 - Redondo Beach, California
--If Walls Could Talk, collaborative workshop with Orly Avineri

February 12-13 - Pescadero, South Baja, Mexico
--El Libro Abierto (The Open Book)


March 23 - The Ink Pad - New York, New York
--Cover to Cover


April 12 - Absolutely Everything - Topfield, Massachusetts
--Mixed Media Dossier

April 25 - Random Arts - Saluda, North Carolina
--Shredded Silhouettes

April 26-27 - Random Arts - Saluda, North Carolina
--For Your Eyes Only


May 16 - The Queen's Ink - Savage, Maryland
--Majestic Medallions

May 17 - The Queen's Ink - Savage, Maryland
--Cover to Cover

May 18 - The Queen's Ink - Savage, Maryland
--52 Card Pickup


June 6 - eclectic Paperie - Exeter, New Hampshire
--52 Card Pickup

June 20 - Charmed I'm Sure Studio - Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
----Text Tiles

June 21 - Charmed I'm Sure Studio - Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
----Mixed Media Dossier

June 22 - Charmed I'm Sure Studio - Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
----52 Card Pickup


July 19 - Beautiful Impressions - Westbrook, Connecticut
----For Your Eyes Only

July 20 - Beautiful Impressions - Westbrook, Connecticut
----Background Check


August 14-31 Art is You Australian Mixed Media Road Show
                       New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland
--Registration open
--Mixed Media Dossier
--Folded Foto Folio
--For Your Eyes Only
--52 Card Pickup
--Shredded Silhouettes
--Text Tiles
--Cover to Cover
--Basic Bookbinding


October 9-13 Art is You - Stamford, CT
--iWitness: October 9

October 18 - Artistic Artifacts - Alexandria, VA
----For Your Eyes Only: Due to unforeseen circumstances, this workshop had to be rescheduled for January 24, 2015. Registration open*****

October 19 - Artistic Artifacts - Alexandria, VA
----52 Card Pickup: Due to unforeseen circumstances, this workshop had to be rescheduled for January 25, 2015. Registration open*****


November 7 - Small Studio - Westlake, Ohio
--Text Tiles

November 8 - Small Studio - Westlake, Ohio
--52 Card Pickup

November 9 - Small Studio - Westlake, Ohio
--For Your Eyes Only

November 21 - New York State Art Teachers Association
--Background Check - filled
--An Artist's Journal - filled

Workshop Descriptions


Uncover the mixed media artist inside and take your art from Cover to Cover. This workshop is all about using mixed media techniques to create a one-of-a-kind, unconventional artist book. Using vintage book covers as the bas, you will be making a series of double sided "pages" filled edge to edge with grungy goodness. A variety of art supplies - including paint, gesso, paste, sprays, daubers, stencils, inks, fabric and more - will be combined to create layers of color, texture, and dimension. The approaches you will introduced to can be applied to any surface and a multitude of other projects.


Through a series of artistic exercises designed to uncover who we are as artists and as individuals, we will be building an "artistic vision" of our selves layer by layer and page by page. As we complete each exercise, the personal discoveries we encounter will then be transformed into art and become a single, art-filled page. These pages will be layered together to form a whole - much like all the varied aspects of our own personality.  In the end, you will leave with a unique, ringed-clipboard book that truly represents who you are, both as an artist and as a person.


Learn to work small with a big impact. In this workshop we will create mixed media paintings on a small scale using 4x4 and 6x6 cradled panels. Even though this class is project based, the emphasis will be on technique. You will learn a series of approaches to make layered and textured surfaces, which can be applied to an endless number of projects. This workshop will use text as the main foreground component of each painting, so that you will be expressing yourself both in words and visual design. We will all start out with the same basic materials and end up with an artwork all your own.

Basic Book Binding for Beginners 

Have you ever wanted to get started making your own books but didn’t know where to begin? Or were too nervous to try? Then this class is for you. In this workshop, we will review the basics of bookbinding, including terminology, technique, and tools. We will create three mini-books using three different methods: accordion, pamphlet stitch, and Japanese stab binding. And you will leave with all the materials you need to make three more at home. You will immediately be able to take these skills and begin your own path to becoming a master bookbinder!

Mixed Media Dossier 

In this workshop you will create a personal dossier - a handmade, mixed media journal that you can use long after the workshop ends. Use it as a daily journal, a travel journal, a family scrapbook, or a theme-based diary for your interests, hobbies, or collections. During the workshop you will learn a variety of mixed media techniques for creating layers, texture, and dimension. A simple approach to binding will allow you to pull the entire project together and to add pages to your dossier at any point in the future. In the end, you will take home a one-of-a-kind and highly personal keepsake.

Folded Foto Folio 

In this workshop, you will learn a variety of techniques from the worlds of mixed media, painting, book making, photography, and collage. We will start with creating highly layered and textured backgrounds using acrylics, gesso and paper. These in turn will become the pages of a one-of-a-kind accordion book, to which you will add your own handmade covers. Next comes your own photography, to be added as the focal image of each page. And finally, you will add your own personal touches throughout the book using your choice of collage and mixed media materials, giving you a unique photo journal.

Mixed Media Memoire 

In this two-day workshop, we will be creating our own artists books that will be a totally unique representation of your individual creativity. We will all start off with a commercially-made book, that will be completely gutted and reconstructed in a very personal way so as to be unrecognizable in the end. This workshop is the perfect combination of project and technique. Through the creation of your artist book, you will learn several unique and versitile ways to bind single sheets of paper. A variety of mixed media techniques will be reviewed and in a manner of speaking, we will be “painting” without using paint. You will be creating pages in your own artistic voice while at the same time being guided through a series of lessons which will include making pockets, folds, flaps and mini-books, altering personal photos, creating mail art, trying out various approaches to collage, using found objects, making commercial products your own, and more. You will leave with a very special handmade book and a large number of mixed media techniques that can be applied to an endless number of future projects.

52 Card Pickup 

A deck...52 cards. A year...52 weeks. Make the most of this synchronicity by creating a one-of-a-kind, mixed media journal that you can use to document a year in your life, eek by week. In this workshop we will start by taking an ordinary deck of playing cards and, by using paint and paper, end up with a unique and personal journal small in size but large in impact. Along the way you will lern the secrets of creating textured and layered backgrounds, the basics of collage composition, and tricks of the trade to tie it all together. The uses for your creation are limited only by your imagination and can include a place to hold your weekly journaling, goals, documentation, affirmations, drawings, photographs, thoughts, love notes, or anything else. In this workshop, you will always be dealt a winning hand.

For Your Eyes Only 

Capture and contain your artistic spirit in the form of a one-of-a-kind artist book. In this workshop you will transform the most basic of materials – commercial book covers, cardstock, and paper – into a memorable and unique page turner. The focus of the class will be on learning a no-sew binding technique that will allow you to bind single sheets into your book. Once your books are bound, we will also move on to creating collaged pages using a gridded-background technique. Your choice of ephemera, stamps, rub ons, marks, drawings, etc. will be used to add design to the pages. Techniques such as flip-out pages and tabs will be covered. You will leave with a fully bound book and will have made a great start on your inner, collaged pages - which, given the limitations of time, you will need to complete at home. This class is tailored to both the beginner and the advanced book maker. 

Shredded Silhouettes

Take your silhouette art into the 21st century. In this process and project based workshop, you will "shred" your way to make unique mixed media art. We will all start on a large sheet of watercolor paper, on which we will be building layers of texture by painting, collaging, and mark making. You will learn to be comfortable with "letting go" as we cut and tear our artwork into small pieces, which we will then rebuild to create the painted grid. You will then design your own silhouette - of the object of your choice - which will be mounted first on onto painted, heavyweight watercolor paper and then onto a painted wood cradled panel. The silhouette will become the focal point to a unique and beautiful work of art. Throughout the workshop you will learn methods to create textured layers, mark making techniques, low tech strategies to add dimension to your art, ways to integrate collage material seamlessly into the background, and multiple uses of the painted grid process for future projects. 


In this 3-hour workshop, you will be introduced to a series of techniques that combine to create complex, textured backgrounds that can be applied to any substrate and used in a multitude of art projects.  You will learn ways to use gesso to build up visual texture, layering strategies for acrylic paint, and techniques to add complex color layers with your own recipe for acrylic glazes. Finally, additional techniques to add visual interest to your backgrounds will also be introduced. While the workshop is technique driven, we will be applying these techniques to a series of different substrates, including wood panels and watercolor paper. In the end, you will leave with a number of completed backgrounds ready for you to use for artwork, journal pages, and many other artistic projects.

Majestic Medallions

Learn how to create your won Majestic Medallions using bezels and pendants from Spellbinders' Gilded Life collection along with found and purchased hardware. The addition of paper, foil, embellishments, and your choice of bling will bring a royal flair to these pieces. Options to use your medallions as jewelry, stand-alone assemblage, or as one component of a mixed media artwork will be discussed. 


Teri said...

Are any of the classes in the Oregon area in conjunction with Patricia Seggebruch's classes? Same location maybe?

Heather Neiman said...

I live in south Florida. I wish you were closer!!

Heather Neiman said...

I live in south Florida. I wish you were closer!!

ReneHales said...

You mentioned NC in your email, but I did not see it listed in 2014. That is getting closer to me in KY. Hoping that might work out.

random notes said...

Random Arts in Saluda, NC has scheduled at least 2 classes here with Seth Apter the last week of April 2014. Please contact us for more information and details about the classes. randomarts@charter.net

JLeigh Designs said...

Oh Seth, I wish you would come down south to Dallas, Texas.

Hastypearl said...

Have you ever noticed, that you guys go to the west coast, the east coast, you will even go to Australia and New Zealand, but Texas? Hmmm. There are a few of us that would enjoy some art love, too! What JLeigh said :)!