Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Pulse: 35 artists - 7 questions - 7 days

Stop by every weekday from Thursday January 24th through Friday February 1st to hear the unique and inspiring responses to 7 questions from the following amazing group of artists:

Angela Cartwright

Barbara Kleinhans

Michelle Ward

Gillian McMurray

Stephanie McAtee

Lisa Hoffman

Ali Edwards

Ro Bruhn

Sarah Fishburn

Trudi Sissons


Teesha Moore

Jen Worden

James Michael Starr

Judy Wise


Linda Woods

Patty Van Dorin

Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Susanna Gordon

Judy Wilkenfeld

Roben-Marie Smith

CW Slade

Jenny Archibald

Marie Otero

Andrew Borloz

Karen Jacobs

Roxanne Evans Stout

Jessica Gonacha

Jen Renninger

not mass produced

Lisa Renner

Maralena Howard

David Castle

Seth at The Altered Page


Karen said...

This will be interesting Seth

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pulse Seth. I plan to spend some time this weekend checking out everyone else's sites

Anonymous said...

i love this idea! well done!

mansuetude said...

fascinating idea; looking toward.