Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Pulse: inspirational artist


The one artist that inspires me is: Lynne Perrella. Her interpretation of mixed media art is true to the term-“mixed media”: Paper arts, dimensional collage, fabricated dolls, …the list goes on! Her use of color with splashes of paint, layers of paper and texture is always fresh and inspiring, and very much appeals to me. She always seems to find that spark of an idea in the simplest of things (even from a scrap of paper on her studio floor!), and is always willing to share through her creations. But I have to mention her writing as well. Reading a Lynne Perrella account of one of her art adventures is almost as good as being there! She uses words like paint on a canvas, and her well never seems to run dry. Lynne’s incredible warmth is evident in both her physical art and in her writing.
Lisa Renner

the French photographer Sarah Moon or the Canadian painter, Betty Goodwin.
Susanna Gordon

Andy Goldsworthy because of the unique way that he creates and interprets from nature.
Barbara Kleinhans

Bridgette Guerzon Mills is very inspiring! She is also a very sweet and humble person. I was fortunate enough to meet her in person when she exhibited here in Florida.
Roben-Marie Smith

there are so many but probably the one who got my interest in jewellery would be Susan Lenart Kazmer. Traci Bautista is my journal guru.
Ro Bruhn

Tracey Emin
not mass produced

Shepherd Fairy, his spray paint techniques are the best.
Patty Van Dorin

Robert Banks..aka "Banksy". Not only are his stencils brilliant, he includes Brave political statements. Most people are SO afraid of taking a stand and offending. Sheesh. Not Banksy, my hero.
Lisa Hoffman

Can't name just one, but one architect/artist that inspires me the most is Anton Gaudi !!!
Andrew Borloz

It's tough to pick just one as there are so many who inspire me... the first talented artist who comes to mind is Australian artist, Judy Wilkenfeld, she is always an inspiration to me.

Andy Goldsworthy
Trudi Sissons

Gil Elvgren
Jenny Archibald

CW Slade...I have known her since we were teenagers and she's a true artistic soul that works from the inside out.
Angela Cartwright

Dao Hai Phong
Linda Woods

Anne Grgich. She is generous, big hearted and a fountain of joy.
Judy Wise

I am very inspired by Huguette Caland not only her artwork but her design ability and lifestyle. She is in her 70's and has seemed to find a balance in her work and life. So It seems.
CW Slade

Judi Riesch
Judy Wilkenfeld

Varujan Boghosian. He is an aging assemblage artist who lives in New England. His mysterious, poetic, found-object sculptures have a simplicity and restraint that I aspire to.
James Michael Starr

Stefan Geissbuhler
David Castle

Do I have to choice just one? Jim Houser comes to mind first.
Jen Renninger

Kurt Jackson
Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Sulea Lee - she's so modest about her incredible talent, and seems almost surprised when a piece turns out brilliantly.

Cezanne. His colors, his shapes and his designs.
Roxanne Evans Stout

Richard Diebenkorn
Karen Jacobs

Rex Ray
(cool little interview here)
Ali Edwards

Albrecht Durer
Gillian McMurray

Right now I'm into learning more about artists who are involved in graphics. I adore David Carson who began the wave (pun intended, he's a surfer too) of cool layered typefaces over abstract photos, and is given the distinction of making popular 'dirty fonts'. I'm new to the digital process of creating and find the adventure extremely satisfying as I stumble through teaching myself how to use all the Photoshop tools.
Michelle Ward

Theo Ellsworth
Teesha Moore

Gustav Klimt. Klimt paintings are a wonderful blend of traditional and modern - figurative and non-figurative. The patterns and compositions are mysterious, sensuous, and so refined. I fall into his work and can admire the detail for hours.
Maralena Howard

I can't, just CAN'T single one out. There are so many and my mind reels, bouncing from one to the other. What I CAN say is that I covet artists who not only create beauty but also live it. Currently I am on a sugar high from the beauty that is bloglandia. My feedlist overfloweth!
Jen Worden

Marie Otero

Hilary Williams. Her work is just beautiful, and when I saw it in person for the first time in San Francisco, I stood there for what seemed like hours admiring it.
Jessica Gonacha

Sarah Fishburn

way too many to name one. i draw inspiration from so many.
Stephanie McAtee

Antoni Tapies because of his use of color, textures, and abstracted images.



michelle ward said...

seth - another great question and interesting answers. thanks for providing all the introductions to all the artists-who-inspire by giving us the links. what fun this has been!

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Karen Cole said...

Hey Serh,

This was a great idea. It was really interesting to see everyones answers. Love the blog world.

Thanks for taking the time to REALLY take a look at my site.