Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Pulse: round-up

Thanks to everyone who participated: all the people who came to The Altered Page to see the responses, readers who left comments, the artists who provided answers, and the bloggers who posted about The Pulse. The Artist Survey will be a regular feature of my blog and I will be asking a different set of 7 questions to a group of artists twice a year. I will put out a call in advance to find interested participants before the next round. If there are any questions for the artists that you would want to see included in the next round, please feel free to email them to me to be included (thanks go out to Maralena Howard of mcdc3s for this suggestion). In the mean time I have many, many other ideas for The Pulse. And there will be a new project posted soon.

So, what did 48 artists, 7 questions, and 336 responses tell us about our community? Well, for one thing, many draw outside of the lines. So many artists couldn't limit themselves to 1 answer and as a result, some artists listed multiples and some gave no response at all. Some people do not look at blogs and websites -- and for some it just might be their day job. People's opinions were often as varied and unique as their artistic styles. Some trends did emerge however.

Favorite blog seems to be Dispatch From L.A. followed closely behind by Michelle Ward. Go-to website...Flickr with Etsy in second place. Today's favorite color, as astutely noted by Michelle in the comment she left, was definitely red. However green was close behind and won the award for most shades -- lime, olive, sage, emerald, and cool soothing grass green! Barbara Kleinhans was responsible for that last shade and boy does that evoke a strong image.

The two most popular items on our studio tables right now were both classic tools: paint and brushes. The artist whose table that I most want to see is hands down James Michael Starr. I mean how many people have both a bust of Rachmaninoff and a 1918 Wizard Pencil Sharpener on their table!

The most varied number of responses were given to the question about favorite tool or technique. While computer was first, camera, scissors, paint, and pens were tied for second. New school versus old school. Variety was also evident regarding inspiration. There were only 2 artists who were listed as an inspiration for more than one person: Andy Goldsworthy and Michelle Ward. And in addition to Michelle, other artists that were both particpants and listed as inspirations themselves included Judy Wilkenfeld, C.W. Slade, and Bridgette Guerzon Mills.

As far as who you would like to take a class with, well if we could get all those artists together for one art retreat, who knows what would happen! Van Gogh and Michelangelo were tied for first choice. Nipping at their heels were Leonardo da Vinci, Mark Rothko, Robert Rauschenberg, Michael deMeng, and Michelle Ward. Wow...Michael and Michelle you keep good company! But I think Lisa Hoffman's answer to this question was my favorite response overall: "Mark Twain. I consider him a brilliant artist, but I'd rather have dinner with him and then sit around for a few hours chatting some more, while we drink brandy and he smokes those cigars. That would give me enough creative energy to last a lifetime!!!...class-schmass."


Gillian McMurray said...

What a wonderful end to an interesting survey. It has been inspiring to see other artists' work and opinions. Thank you for all your hard work on this project and I will look forward to contributing to the next round.

Karen Jacobs said...

Well done! Thanks for inviting me to participate... I look forward to watching your new projects.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

thanks for the invite! it was fun to participate in and even better to read the other responses. I have a ton of links to look through now.

Thanks again!

Linda Woods said...

It was so fun reading all the answers and following the thinks to so many new-to-me places and people! Thank YOU!
Thanks for including me in in your adventure!

michelle ward said...

hey seth, we bloggers know how much work went into this. thanks for a wider view of this community. my nickname for lisa is pulsegirl, so now we have a pulseboy. looking forward to your next magic trick and maybe getting to meet with you sometime in the city.

Judy said...

Thanks to you Seth for such a wonderful idea. It was very informative and I have enjoyed reading all the responses immensely. I even got to link up with 2 of my favourite artists which would never have occurred if not for your posts - so a big thank you!!! looking forward to the next one.

Anonymous said...

hello Seth,

I found you trough Michelle Wards blog ( she deserves to be chosen as an inspiring person ! )
You deserve a treat for collecting all those answers and combining it ! A huge work !

thanks a lot and a big hug from Belgium

Anonymous said...


I feel like I walked up to a Banquet table and was served nothing but my favorite foods by all of my favorite people.

Can't wait to see what's next, whatever and whenever that may be.
Staying tuned.

Well done, Seth-Man!

Lisa Hoffman

Teresa Abajo said...

Seth - thank you for all your hard work. I so enjoyed reading all the responses and learning so much about everyone. Can't wait for the next one!

Karen said...

That was such a great survey and made a really interesting read.
Thank you so much
Warm regards

eb said...

wow - Seth what a banquet of delights - I could savor and continue to come back for more - such a cool thing you are doing here - creating community and networking all the while feeding us delicious, nutritious and inspiring soul food...

xox - eb.

mcdc3s said...

This was such a fun experience. I enjoyed every minute of it... and have met so many great artists on a more personal level. Thank you for including me in this great project and I am looking forward to see more in the future. Hugs!

Stephanie said...

What a great wrap up, this was a great project...I enjoyed the flow of it and following the links to more inspiration.

well done!

katie said...

I have really enjoyed the links you have posted. Found some amazing artists and new blogs. Thank you for doing this project.

Seth said...

Gillian, KJ, Bridgette, Linda, Michelle, Judy, Inge, Lisa, Teresa, Karen, eb, Maralena, Stephanie & Katie: Thank you all for your wonderful comments and your participation in this survey. It has been a great adventure for me and your comments just make it even better! Seth

sf said...

Thanks for letting me take part. It was swell.
Sign me,