Monday, September 22, 2008

The Pulse: concise & condensed


Top 10 ways to get into a creative groove:

10. Sorting through supplies
9. Dreaming
8. Private time
7. Coffee -- even decaf works for some artists!
6. Observation of the world around -- especially nature
5. Blog surfing
4. Looking through art book and magazines
3. It just happens because the groove is always with me
2. Just Do it! Enter your art space and start!
1. Music!!


According to The New York Times, the average Internet user in the United States spends more than three hours a day online. Much of this time is obviously spent on your can't live without sites!

Favorite Website
#1 is Flickr
#2 is Etsy
This is the same result as was found in the previous survey!

Favorite Blog
Not counting the votes for The Altered Page (thank you!!), the #1 blog is Nina Bagley's Ornamental. Judy Wilkenfeld's Red Velvet and eb's Be...Dream...Play were close behind. And many people voted for their own site, which is completely understandable given the amount of time it takes to create and maintain a good blog!


New Medium. So many little time. When asked to share an art medium that each artist would like to explore, three techniques were clear winners. Note to instructors...these might be popular classes!

1. Encaustic. Many artists were attracted to the soft, mysterious, hazy, dreamlike, heavenly, nostalgic look of wax. And, as noted by at least one artist, it smells good too!

2. Metal. An equal number of artists wanted to try their hand at metalwork in the form of sculpture, welding, forging, assemblage, precious metal clay, silver, steel, raising & planishing, and casting in bronze.

3. Fabric and fiber. Many artists wanted to explore fabric in many different ways. Adding it to their current mixed media arsenal was popular, but so was using it in handmade books and clothing.

4. Other techniques/approaches/materials that were mentioned by at least 5 artists included jewelry making, digital manipulation, printmaking, drawing or sketching, painting with oils or watercolors, using clay, and working BIG!


Style File.We are rewriting the history of art movements with the following schools:

Romantic Realist
Contemporary Surrealist
Archeology Ethnography
Creative Collision
Pinball Avant Guard
Controlled Chaos
Abstract Experimenting
Abstract Figurative
Techno Romantic
Expressionistic Minimalism
Bohemian Eclectic
Dirt Encrusted Darkness

The most popular descriptors include: eclectic, colourful, messy, evolving, whimsical, changing, experimental, intuitive, and organic.

As for the rest of us, we might be spare, impulsive, expressive, layered, motley, textural, deep, tender, edgy, raw, realistic, passionate, polychromic, emotive, connected, light, accessible, balanced, irreverent, cartoonish, tribal, surreal, vintage, playful, intense, architectural, diversified, fun, free, quirky, precise, open, honest, dark, twisted, primitive, instinctual. spontaneous, compulsive, minimal, thoughtful, unruly, narrative, abstract, metaphoric, evocative, and grungy!


Collectors. As I expected from this question, we are a group where the majority has at least one collection that elicits passion and a tendency to hoard. In fact, many of the participating artists have multiple collections. While the items collected are as varied as our artistic styles, some themes emerged over and over again.

1. The most popular type of objects to collect, as Teesha Moore calls them, are "odd little things." These also go by the names of metal parts, quirky stuff, door parts, ceramic bits, found objects, old things, bits of anything, junk, rusty bits and pieces, bits & bobs, and baubles.

2. Many of us collect different materials for ingredients in our art.

3. The single most popular item seems to be rocks and stones!

4. Nature calls. Many artists collect what Debbie Mihalick calls nature's flotsam and jetsam ...bones, feathers, agate, crystal, fossils, nests, and even rock crabs (hmmmm...should those crabs be listed along with rocks and stones???).

5. Books are a popular item to collect. All kinds of books...handmade, art-related and non art-related, zines, magazines, and more.

6. Vintage and aged objects seemed to be coveted -- old letters, cabinet cards, vintage photographs, and things with an aged patina are just some examples.

6. Boxes and tins were also collected often. But that makes sense...there has to be somewhere to store all these collections!!!


Studio Space.One thing for sure that this survey indicated: artist's can create ANYWHERE. Many people have a dedicated studio at a location outside their home. Many other artists have ingeniously carved out space somewhere in their homes. And every area counts...spare rooms, children's rooms, bedrooms, front rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, basements, attics, garages, sunrooms, patios, backyards, frontyards, under the stairs, and in the shower(!). Every surface is usable...the floor, a corner, the living room chair, the kitchen counter, a desk, the dining table, and everywhere in between. Some people work the woods, in the yard, at the park, in a bookstore, at a coffee shop. No matter where each artist works...magic happens.


Gillian McMurray said...

Love that you condensed it all, Seth. This post should be printed out and stuck on my notice board for inspiration.


Thank you for my morning "Seth/Altered Page fix"..LOL.. love the condensed version!!

Unknown said...

Superb synopsis Seth! Thank you for the whole of the Pulse.

I may be able to help anyone who wants to learn to draw - it's my mission in life to encourage people to learn and I'm now running so come visit if you want to learn!

sf said...

Excellent synopsis. . .
Rocked MY morning!!

Sarah said...

I have been a good girl and read the lot, but I still enjoyed the Cliffs Notes :)

sarahelizabeth said...

the overview is great!!

Judy said...

how on earth you find the time to do this is beyond me Seth, but 3 cheers for your amazing efforts. what a champion!

sf said...

I think Sarah is the #1 top name of your commenters who read The Altered Page at the EXACT same time.
Sign me, one of dozens, with an 'H'!

lynne h said...

great post, seth!! loved reading the condensed version!

Chris said...

This has been so fun! It's great to see everyone's answers and everyone's photos. Thanks for the bonding experience, Seth!
I look forward to visiting here.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Seth I so enjoyed your presentation of these wonderful artists work! The time and care you put into it and the thoughtfulness was very evident...

This ending post was super ... Thank you for all this!!! I loved it!

Doe Grozs Art said...

In a nutshell.. I LOVED it all :-) such a great idea and glad and honored to be a part of it.
So wonderful to meet new artists and get to know other ones better.
Thanks so much for this.

Lisa H said...

Now THIS is a format that I can really get into. Congrats on becoming a Meeting Place for such a HUGE variety of personalities. It feels kinda like Grand Central Station.....lots of coming and going and then WAIT! that so and so?? really? here in the middle of all of these People????"
I always loved train stations.

Anonymous said...

boy are you wonderful!
how in the world do you do this?
thank you for such a wonderful ride...
and -
what are you up to next!?!

xox - eb.

sallyt said...

Thanks everyone for the comments on my studio. I do love it, I CAN live in it and almost do! And I welcome ANYONE who wants to come to Camp Turlington - or even come "survive" there, SF! LOL. I love playmates. For those who wanted to know more about the antique cabinet, go here for the WHOLE story:
Thank you, Seth, for my 15 minutes of fame -- or rather my studio's 15 minutes!! The Pulse rocks!!!!

sallyt said...

OOps, the URL didn't work --too long. So cut and paste all of this on one line:

OR just Google
77 drawers of heaven

Anonymous said...

You provided us, once again, with a fantastic book of reverence with this Pulse. I have enjoyed every part of it, thank you sooooooooo much!
And, allthough maybe the Pulse leaves an empty spot at first, I look forward for your 'own' posts again
Regina SXM (DWI)

sf said...

Did I misremember? I thought there was one more question???

ginny said...

What a wonderful ending to a great e-article!
You have done a super job of putting this altogether and keeping it interesting.
How will you top this, art man?

Anonymous said...

And the award for the best synopsis goes to....SETH and THE PULSE!!! Great Job! As much as I have enjoyed all the posts this is what I needed today with my hectic schedule. Look forward to the next Altered Page adventure.

PennyBlue said...

Great post! love this warned...I'll be back! (:
Happy Tuesday!

Don Madden said...

Oh no. More things to do, more things to collect, more things to put on my Bucket List!

Don Madden said...

Oh no. More things to do, more things to collect, more things to put on my Bucket List!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful way to shorten the pulse - loved reading your post today. like every day :)

postal orphan said...

What a fabulous snapshot of the series! Like others have said, this should be printed out and kept in my studio and in my art journal.
Thanks again to you and the artists for all this wonderful information and inspiration!
~ wendy

Terry said...

What a perfect grand finale! I don't know how you manage it all, but thank you for doing it! Perfection.

Anonymous said...

Great Pulse series Seth. The condensed version was just as enjoyable to read as the full responses. Thanks for including me.

cookievf said...

Much appreciated, Seth!
Like many of the others, I LOVED being able to read and enjoy the condensed version as much as I have enjoyed the original installments. You have a crisp, clear "voice" and communication style and I always love stopping for a peek at what's going on inside your brain today!

Can't wait to see what's next..
- vicki xo

Shona Cole said...

thank you Seth, you did an excellent job of coordinating this huge amount of information! I am amazed at the scope of this. So much to read!