Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Pulse: Topflight Website 1

Welcome to the third edition of The Pulse: an artist survey. This collaborative project aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. For links to the sites of the participating artists, please click here.

Today's question: At least for today, your can't-live-without blog or website is... The following is the first of four posts to answer this question.

Maralena Howard, is a searchable art directory. They provide free listings for art groups, schools, museums, galleries and guilds, as well as individual artists. Visitors can locate art resources in their communities or on their travels. I check it often to see who’s been added. Check it out – and be sure to register yourself and/or your affiliations. Great networking tool.

Ingrid Dijkers It would have to be Dispatch from LA by MaryAnn Moss ... at least for today. She does amazing work, is down to earth and has an incredible sense of humor that appeals to me.

Traci Huskamp by Nina Bagley. Nina's blog is a soothing balm about nature and life filled with rhythmic words strung together in a story telling fashion. She is a master of poetic prose.

Harry Bell Maybe I'm not good at making choices, or maybe I'm in the throws of self-reliance, but I can't think of one.

Kristy Christopherson Linda Woods' blog

Teresa Abajo It belongs to Judy – a fellow Aussie. She’s soooo talented, and I’m thrilled to be doing a workshop with her this coming November. I can’t wait!

Teesha Moore This is probably not the answer you were looking for but it would be I am crazy for books and they offer the best deals anywhere. I am also a "prime member" which allows me free 2-day shipping. I just never take the time to look at blogs or other websites....but realize I should.

Fran Meneley My friend Lisa Hoffman She’s one of my favorite peeps and I have to see what she’s into, what she’s found, what cool thing has blown her way.

Gillian McMuury It has lots of great ideas for making gifts and cards. I have about 30 blogs that I read daily so it has been very hard to come up with just one. But right now I have been loving the projects on StarLitStudio.

Robyn Gordon There are so many wonderful blogs out there and having to choose one is extremely difficult. We have an expression here in South Africa (I'm not sure if it's used elsewhere)..."Let your belly sag", meaning more or less....relax, be yourself, you can stop holding your tummy in , just be. When I go over to Ornamental ( ) I let my belly sag. Nina is so real, it feels as though she is an old friend and yet I have never met her. I love the thought of Nina working industriously at her jewellery and journals in her little cottage on Firefly Lane. This industrious buzz makes me want to rush off and create something.

grrl+dog Actually my own.... if have to be un ashamedly honest.. I love my little bloggy. I can see my head and what is in it..I can see stuff that I do and it is "out there" my own little play world. But that's not going to go down well, so it would have to be that amazing crab apple chick, Art tea Life. Her stuff is fresh, contemporary and 5 minutes from now, which I like, oh and she also gives fantastic photoshop tutorials for dummies... me.

Cynjon Noah Without a doubt, that would be The sheer volume and variety of eyecandy available there is enough to keep even the most productive person distracted for several hours a day. Other frequent stops include,, Goodreads (I'm somewhat of a book junkie) and of course, and it's "relatives."

Terry Rafferty The Altered Page of course :-) There are so many wonderful ones, but The Altered Page is the place I always return to and am always fascinated by. Trying to choose my second favorite... well, the list would be too long to print! The first one to come to mind though is Illustrator Eric Orchard, at In particular his July 10th blog featuring the Totoro Forest Project where he is donating a wonderful drawing to help save a forest in Japan. For more on that, go to

Jessica Gonacha ( Design For Mankind

Elizabeth BunsenAt least FOR TODAY my can't live with out blog
is my own Be... Dream... Play... because it functions as a studio space for me and although I have three other locations where I work - this is where I zero in on themes, patterns and responses... (my web site is under construction - to be announced on my blog this fall). I know this may sound strange - but let me explain... I love and am inspired by all of the links on your blogroll and more - but it is summer and as I live in northern New England - warm weather is brief and to be used well - so for now my blog visits are limited and I am focusing on preparing new work for our annual art festival - Art Hop. August for me is always a time where I am in a creative zone 24/7 - until the show goes up in the town studio, the work is viewed and then I ease into the fall - but this year on the heels of Art Hop I am going to Squam to work with Nina Bagley for 3 days so it is an especially full time. owever - that said a visit to Sabrina Ward Harrison is always a good dose of joy:

Angela Rockett At first I thought this question would be hard because I enjoy so many great art blogs and websites - yours included - but then it struck me that my can't-live-without blog is not actually art-related at all. It's because it just makes everything bad go away while you're there, and I think everybody can use that at least once a day.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills I love going to Flickr because it is just such a great source of inspiration whether I am looking at photographs or works of art. There is something energetic about it because of the constant stream of visual input. I can't help but feed off that energy. A visual feast.

Debbie Mihalik Although it is hard to choose only one, I would have to say In my opinion it is just the right mix of words and images. I love Azirca's photography and assemblage art - both of these are areas in which I would like to improve my own skills.

Debbie Overton It would be the MMCA Marketplace blog ( that is part of the online Marketplace I recently launched for artists to sell their works of art, it is a work in progress. Other than my own blog and the Marketplace blog I visit Nina Bagley's Ornamental blog almost daily. Her photos alone are an inspiration, but the little things she finds in her everyday life make me see things in a different light and give me strength, courage and hope.

Gail Pierce Lynda Monk at seems to read my mind when it comes to experimenting with materials I love. Her work is amazing!

Jennifer Gordon I guess technically it would be my etsy shop as that is my "job" and how I make money so technically I cannot live without it. Though if we are speaking just on a personal level, then I would have to say it is a three way tie between (I am obsessed with celebrity gossip and I don;t know why), (Love this, it makes every Sunday something to look forward to), and last but not least, because I spend countless hours looking at books and reading reviews.

James Michael Starr

Judy Wilkenfeld
Le Divan Fumoir Bohemian


Gillian McMurray said...

A great selection of blogs. I guess I know what I will be doing this evening - going through them all. Can't wait to see the rest of the list.

Sarah said...

ooooh - some lovely new blogs to visit!

I like the look of the Purple Missus one immediately as I am currently obsessing about fabric art :)

Anonymous said...

Really valuable post here...well done, Seth!

/// said...

Oh wow--- I'm so excited to be included in this round-up--- thank you Seth and JESS! :)

mcdc3s said...

Well all these links should keep me busy for sometime! LOL

lynne h said...

uh oh... i've only clicked on one and its been bookmarked... i keep telling myself i'll stick with the ones i already check daily so i have some time for the rest of my life. alas, this appears unlikely...

Anonymous said...

Heh..I like J.M. Starr's answer!
(I frequent on a regular basis, but didn't think about it!)