Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Pulse: Topflight Website 4

Welcome to the third edition of The Pulse: an artist survey. This collaborative project aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. For links to the sites of the participating artists, please click here.

Today's question: At least for today, your can't-live-without blog or website is... The following is the last of four posts to answer this question.

Barbara Kleinhans I like to visit flickr and browse my contacts photos weekly. It’s a great source for creative inspiration from photographers all over the world.

Gwen Buchanan I could never pick just one!! Well if I really,really had to... it would be "The Hermitage"...
for her lifestyle, inventiveness, freedom and gentleness.

Leighanna Light Because of computer issues, the only 2 blogs that I've looked at lately are the altered page (really, not just kissing up!) & Ullabenulla.

Cory Celaya
Yes, I know, you were expecting an art blog or website, and I have several favorites, but... I also love to cook and this site is great.

Martha Marshall Gramercy Digital Diary by C. Robin Janning. She posts an image of one of her incredible abstracts just about every day, along with a poem that she writes for each one. Each blog post is short, leaving you wanting more, but they are always so uplifting and inspiring. The link is

Cynthia Gaub I really don't have ONE favorite blog or website. Instead I have my google reader where I feed 100's of blogs. But flickr is probably my DAILY no...HOURLY stop.. for pictures and artwork of all my online friends and more.

Vivian Bonder Lately I haven't been checking too many blogs to be honest, but kind of every day check to see if Judy has uploaded another of her awesome, inspiring projects.

azirca TradeMe A New Zealand auction site. I head on over there to browse for supplies that I can use in my art.

Chris Miser I love all the articles, interviews, and how-tos about papercrafts and a variety of crafts I haven’t yet done!

Lynne Hoppe I'm savoring so many blogs these days that I can't begin to choose just one. Almost every day someone's art, photographs, or words blow me away. The talent in the online art blogging world is staggering.

Roxanne Stout One of my very favorite blogs that I always love to visit is called Art Propelled Robyn, the creator of this blog, lives on the African continent. Not only does she share the incredible art an culture of her country, but her wood carvings and sculptures are wondrous to view. In her pieces there are history, symbolism and creativity, not to mention craftsmanship and beauty.

Sarah Fishburn These days, it's a toss-up between etsy and amazon. I sell both places. I'm constantly keeping my eyes open on etsy for cool artists to include in Pasticcio, and I spend a fair amount of time writing reviews on Amazon, or for Pasticcio. I know few people who devour as many books a week as I do, or watch as many movies, except maybe for PAID PROFESSIONALS. . .
Leslie Marsh I rarely miss Elizabeth Bunsen's Be . . . Dream . . . Play . . . or Karen Cole's Artsortments Of course, Judy Wilkenfeld's Red Velvet a no-miss on my daily blog tour. And just for kicks and photo tips, I enjoy The Pioneer Woman -

Marie Otero Fav website for today is - great photography and links to Thursday Photo Challenge.

Sarah "Flo" Harris Today? - I desperately need a new car! On an average day there would be too many to list, I have about 150 blogs in my reader: mainly hockey blogs, art inspiration sites and friends' personal blogs. Plus I regularly participate in various craft forums and yahoo groups. My working day would be unbearably boring without the internet.

Patty Szymkowicz Since October 2007, when I ventured into blogland with my first ever Magpie’s Nest blog, life has not been the same. There are quite a few blogs on my Bloglines list that I enjoy! Misty Mawn’s blog is always a treat that I would not want to miss. It is visually stunning and thought provoking with clicks to great tunes as well.

Dawn Sokol There really are too many for me to list here...But if I can only say one, it would have to be for all things doodling. RaShell does such an awesome job of finding different forms of doodling. And I love doodling!

Kathy Wasilewski I can honestly say that there isn't any one blog that I can't live without, as I personally value, and visit, each blog that is linked to mine. However, if I had to pick one website, it would have to be Paperwhimsy,, as that is the one site that I do generally visit each day. I find that it has everything that I need all in one place....a shoppe full of top-quality images and supplies, a wonderful forum full of encouraging, kind artists, and a gallery full of beautiful ideas and inspiration for the vintage artist.

Trudi Sissons (Richard Russell) or my latest google is exploring “exquisite corpses.”

Jen Worden This one is easy, though not art-related at all, training for Ironman Florida 2009 I use an online site to track my workouts, races and nutrition called TrainingPeaks. (

Kelsey O'Mullane - Andrea Chamberlain is my “several times a week” dose of humour and life. She has such a way with words and I believe that anything that can make you laugh out loud is absolutely the best medicine for the soul. If you lose your sense of humour about life, things tend to look pretty grim!

Lelainia Lloyd Suzi Blu's videos on Youtube. I love watching her painting process and listening to her encouraging people to just make art and stop worrying about pleasing anyone but themselves. I get a kick out of her silly little songs and her sweet sincerity. She really is exactly what you see in her videos. If I'm having a bad day artistically or otherwise, I will go watch one of her videos and she'll make me laugh. I find her vlogging inspiring.

Doreen Grozinger I’d have to say, my own blog. It’s a great space to share my ideas, feelings, creative developments and get or give feedback. I have a main blog, Artistic Journeys - , which includes travels, art, family, and another one, An Artistic Year -, to which I try to keep it mostly art. I started it a few years ago in response to an art everyday group. I use the same one, even though the group has changed. A new blog I started recently also includes my art, but more for the reason of staying in balance. It's called Roots 'n' Wings - It is about my journey in keeping my life in balance. a balance between work and play, between taking flight or risk and being grounded, rooted in being a responsible "adult"…like my collection: feathers and stones. These blogs help me in understanding myself and the world around me.

Sarah Whitmire At least for today, your can't-live-without blog or website is...This is gonna sound a little lame, but it’s my own. For the last month I have been working on a project I call “Soul Journaling” where I give mixed media and journaling prompts everyday. We have grown into a great community and I have met a wonderful bunch of very talented ladies.

Paul Sears David Hobby, Strobist - I can't believe the time and effort he puts into his blog - incredibly educational and I just love his vibe.

Joanna Olson My first paintings in art galleries were a series of French Caf├ęs so I'd have to say Carol Gillott's blog puts me in a good mood - Coffee, chocolate, French Pastry, watercolors of coffee, chocolate, French Pastry (What's not to love?)

Lisa Dalke and

Seth Apter My favorite sites change constantly and usually my favorites number in double digits. Today I would have to say my go-to blog is Lynne Hoppe's blog Heart and Life Her posts are always filled with amazing photos of her artwork and of nature. Every post is detailed, full of inspiration, and a great mix of words and images. I really admire her artistic style and always look forward to seeing the new creations she posts.


Judy said...

Some interesting ones there seth-thanks and cya' soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these, Seth. Cynthia has a good one. I forget to just browse my flickr friends' photos. That's such a wonderful way to get instant inspiration.

notmassproduced said...

thanks for your comment Seth - you are doing a great job over here - are you enjoying hosting the survey?

rivergardenstudio said...

Hi Seth, Thank you for all the great links on Topflight! I love checking them out! Also I am done with the page of our book project! But I want to wait to mail it until you are ready... I know you are really busy with The Pulse so don't worry, I can wait! Roxanne

Terry said...

Now just when am I going to find the time to check out all these wonderful possibilities?! I'm still working through all the artists contributing to this wonderful Pulse.... okay, I'm whining, but its a good whine, like when dessert comes and you're already full, and you get the really BIG piece of cake :-)