The Mixed Media Artist: Art Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Dreams From Over 40 Amazing Artists
North Light Books, October 2013

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"There's a secret to understanding the hidden message in a work of mixed-media art. If you can get to know the artist, you will get to know the art. The Mixed Media Artist unlocks this mystery and provides an intimate look into the hearts, souls, and creative processes of over 40 inspiring artists. Surprising self-portraits, innermost self-reflections and practical art-making tutorials are just some of the keys you will find here to unlocking the door to a greater understanding of how and why art is made.

--Helpful how-tos: Throughout each section, artists share favorite tools, secret ingredients and step-by-step processes that go beyond the who to provide the how.

--44 artists share creative perspectives and intimate thoughts. Provocative questions are answered not only in words, but multiple times as art, spotlighting the forces that make the art and the artists what and who they are.

--Compelling poll data: Answers collected from hundreds of individuals reveal statistical insights on the creative community at large.

--Additional online content: Links to downloads, tutorials, videos and more are sprinkled throughout the book. 

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The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed
North Light Books, March 2012

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If you gave 100 artists the same set of art supplies and asked them to create, you would end up with 100 unique works of art. This is because the magic ingredient in every artwork is the artist, who brings his or her own history, personality, creativity, and personal perspective to the pieces that they create. It is this magic that is the subject of “The Pulse Of Mixed Media.”

This is not your typical how-to guide. Instead, you will be taken on a journey deep within the soul of the artist. Much like an archaeological dig, this book goes below the surface to uncover the inner workings of the creative mind. Imagine that you have been invited to have an intimate discussion with all of your favorite artists: a one-on-one show and tell. You can ask them anything, no holds barred, and hear first-hand the personal stories behind their artwork. This is what you will find on the pages of this book.

“The Pulse of Mixed Media” grew out of my online artist survey “The Pulse.” In the book, 31 spotlight artists and 103 additional contributors generously share their most intimate thoughts and feelings by providing answers to a series of personal questions. Some of these questions focus on their art, for example the art material they could not live without and the messages they hide in their artwork. Other questions focus on the artist, such as their art-related regrets, the obstacles that they have faced, and the one person in their life with the most creative impact.

But what is an art book without art? You will also find new artwork created by the artists in response to a series of prompts.  See how they use their artwork to express anger, passion, and vulnerability. Find out about the artists’ obsessions, secrets, and fears. Discover how they see themselves in their self-portraits. Each artist reveals the personal meaning behind each work of art, bringing your understanding and appreciation of the work to a deeper level.

Click here to be taken to my blog series that highlights each of the 31 spotlight artists.

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Click here (and scroll down to March 28, 2012) to listen to 2-hour podcast hosted by Mark Lipinski from Creative Mojo and myself as we speak with contributing artists Pam Carriker, Angela Cartwright, Julie Prichard, Lisa Hoffman and Michelle Ward.

Watch the video of The Pulse Artist Panel sponsored by the The Ink Pad in NYC and held on March 31, 2012 with contributing artists Danny Gregory, Michelle Ward, Jill Zaheer, Julie Prichard, Roxanne Evans Stout, and Karen Cole.


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