Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Big 'Small Studio'

I just got back from teaching three workshops at Small Studio in Westlake, Ohio. It was my first time teaching at Ginny Carter Smallenburg's amazing shop and the last set of workshops there for the year. The workshop space and shop are sensational, the students there were uber talented, and Ginny & her husband John were incredible hosts.



52 Card Pickup

My demo cards from the workshop

Amazing work in progress from the students

The 52 Crew

For Your Eyes Only

Page by page

 Books in progress

 Book makers

Text Tiles

Making Layers

Adding paint

Panels and more panels

Thanks Ginny and John. It was a weekend to remember!


Amber K said...

After seeing some of those pictures I had to go over and visit their website and blog! They have some really amazing pieces. It would be worth the drive just to go to the shop, I think I would feel at home there!

Anonymous said...

Great photos! The class looks like it was a lot of good messy fun. The demo chips are wonderful!

Stephanie said...

Ginny's store is fab! i've made the drive from Columbus a couple of times to go. Looks like the classes were a hit.

Jo Murray said...

What can I say?...that shop is now on my wish list....AND your USA students obviously don't gossip as much as the Aussies. They really did some great work.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

The shop looks amazing and like you had a talented group to hang out with. Loved the pics.

JackieP Neal said...

Haaha I had to laugh at Jo Murray's comment!! All that time I thought i had artist block! heehee
Seth, looks like some fabulous classes,with lots of great art being created-wish Ohio was a wee bit closer- I would love to fill up my calendar taking Seth classes!! ")
Thanks for sharing Seth!!

Kay Wallace said...

Wow, Seth! You played to a packed house at all your workshops! Such lucky students! You are a great and inspiring teacher, and your students create great work! Well done, Seth! Well done!

john said...

It looks like everyone had such a good time. What fun!

dorit elisha said...

all looks awesome! Both your class projects and the store!

Brian Kasstle said...

The class looked pretty amazing as does Ginny's shop!

Darlene Campbell said...

Very unfortunate that I didn't get to attend and meet you as I had planned. Small Studio sounds amazing and I hear from everyone who takes your classes that you are the best!
Next time...

Parabolic Muse said...

Love these photos!