Tuesday, July 17, 2018

5 Principles of Collage

I love collage. It is accessible, enjoyable and just plain fun. I look at collage as taking bits and pieces that do not belong together and using them to create a cohesive whole. By that definition, it is almost like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. I say almost because the pieces are not typically created to fit together, and in that lies the challenge. I often tell participants in my workshops that it is easy to make a collage. But it isn't easy to create a good one.

In my video workshop Seth Apter's Top 10 Collage Principles, I outline 10 approaches to collage to help guide artists to a more satisfying result. These are ideas to consider ion you are a beginner, a seasoned pro who is struggling with completing an individual piece, or if you find yourself in a dreaded artist block.

As Artist of the Month for July at Cloth Paper Scissors, I have written a guest post here on the CPS blog outlining 5 of the 10 principles and sharing an extra tip for each. Check out the post to read about Overlapping, Outlining, Repeating, Contrasting, and Guiding. 

And until the end if July, you can save 30% off this video workshop as well as all my other media products at Interweave.


cecile graven said...

:D :D

A Pink said...

Terrific guest post over at CPS , Seth and some great advice on how to collage well. Looking forward to drawing from them as I attempt to improve and hone my collaging skills. Thanks for sharing.


Chris Lally said...

Thanks for the link to CPS, Seth. Great article - so great, in fact, that I just ordered your video!
Looking forward to owning my second Seth Apter DVD!

Chris Lally said...

Seth, I ordered the download from Interweave. What a great video! So informative, so inspirational, and so much bang for the buck! You are not only a great artist, but a gifted teacher as well!