I have two workshop DVDs that were released in June 2012 by North Light Media. Each of these DVDs focus on introducing and demonstrating approaches to mixed media art that can immediately be integrated into the artwork that you currently make. While the workshops are heavy on technique, each also provides direction that you can follow to create several specific mixed media projects.

Both DVDs are available at many of your favorite art and craft stores or can be purchased through my online shop and via many online outlets, including The North Light Shop where they are available as both a DVD or an immediate download. At Artists Network TV they are available as DVDs, as immediate downloads, or as part of a larger subscription package. 

Easy Mixed Media Surface Techniques

"In Easy Mixed Media Surface Techniques Seth takes you step-by-step through a variety of mixed-media techniques using his easy mixed-media Painted Grid process. You'll learn how to incorporate text, texture, mark-making and interesting finishing touches like spatter, dry brushing and more. You'll discover several unique projects using the finished painted paper that take your work to the next level. This video includes 71 minutes of premier workshop instruction."

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Easy Mixed Media Techniques for the Art Journal

"Apter's second video, Easy Mixed Media Techniques for the Art Journal, takes you through a variety of unique mixed-media texture-making, distressing and layering techniques. The finished product can be used as a personal journal, artist's book or a place to explore the use of new materials. This 95 minute video will have you discovering surprising techniques for adding interest to your art, using the simplest of tools and materials."

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Billie said...

Hi Seth

Quick question as a viewer from Europe I realize the DVDs will be in NTSC rather than pal that we use here but just discovered that our DVD play will play some NTSC formats depending on the region.

Do you happen to know what region the DVDs are formatted too? and would that be the same format, where ever they are sold?

Many thanks

Billie :)