4/6/12 Podcast with Rice Freeman-Zachery. Listen in as we talk about my tour and artist panel events in support of the release of my book The Pulse of Mixed Media.

Click on 3/28/12 Podcast. Host Mark Lipinski and I talk about my new book The Pulse of Mixed Media and interview contributing artists Angela Cartwright, Pam Carriker, Lisa Hoffman, Julie Prichard and Michelle Ward.

2/16/12 Podcast with Rice Freeman-Zachery, where we discuss my upcoming live artist panels and online Twitter launch party to support the upcoming release of my book The Pulse of Mixed Media.


11/21/11 Podcast with Lesley Riley where we discuss such art-related issues as blogging, success, collaborations, workshops, writing, and life in NYC.

Click on 11/9/11 Podcast. Host Mark Lipinski and I discuss my contribution to the book Inside the Creative Studio, along with author Cate Prato and contributing artists Jane Davila, Jennifer Heynen, Melissa Averinos and Renay Leone.

6/3/11 Podcast with Rice Freeman-Zachery

Click on 4/20/11 Podcast where I discuss collaborative projects and my collaboration with artists Vivian Bonder and Stephanie McAtee on the cover of the January/February 2011 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.




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