Saturday, August 25, 2007

Image Transfer Daguerreotypes

Several years ago I took a class at The Ink Pad, a rubber stamping store in New York. We were taught not only the basics of packing tape transfers but also the use of metallic leafing pens to create daguerreotype like photos. The process is very simple. Make a transfer using a black and white photocopy and packing tape. Then use a metallic leafing pen to cover the sticky side of the tape. Once the leafing drys, adhere the transfer to cardstock or directly onto your artwork. The final image takes on a distressed and aged look. The three samples below were taken from my own photographs of frescos and statues from Italy.


Candace said...

Loved your images and thanks for the info on making them "daguerreotypes." Also, I really loved page 4 (book report).

Gillian McMurray said...

Great images. I love Medieval style art. Must try this technique.

Anonymous said...

This gives that simple technique a lot of punch. Great photos, too.