Friday, August 10, 2007

Welcome to The Altered Page

Welcome to The Altered Page. I see this blog as one more element of my mixed media artwork. Much like the paper, gesso, acrylics, and other components of each piece, I believe the conversation that I am hopeful that this blog will generate will become an integral ingredient to the creative mix. I have been involved in mixed media art, book binding, photography, and mail art for about 4 years. I love to include old, distressed and rusty found objects, text, layers and texture in my art. Over the past 1 1/2 years I have participated in a number of swaps through Yahoo Groups, an experience that has greatly widened my artistic community and allowed me to see first hand so many different creative styles. I also feel lucky to be living in New York City, where there is amazing art everywhere you look. Right now, I have 3 goals in mind for this blog. First, to share my art and receive feedback in return. Second, to share artists, websites, stores, books, ideas, and creations that I have found. And third, to share great art finds from the museums, galleries, and streets of New York. Thanks for coming along for the ride!


Chris said...

This is a nice first post. I think my first post was about onions, but I'm not sure.

I'm not saying I'm trying to be as good as you are, I'm just saying I have three weeks to write 26 posts.

Art can be very stressful.

ArtPropelled said...

Your first post is very inspiring. Love it!

Jill said...

Couldn't help but want to be with you for the start of your amazing blog with your first post. What a wonderful journey you are on, and you are right - we CAN certainly can count on you! Who better to learn from? And, what a gift it's been to enjoy your talents, inspiration, uniqueness, collaborations, the pulse of what's happening in the art world, show and tell, other artists, exhibits, questions, answers, more questions,untiring cheerleading support, and the quest to continue with you on your travels to meet your goals! It's also so great that in sharing your art, you have added your Etsy shop so that we have the wonderful opportunity to be blessed and own some of your stunning mixed media artwork!