Thursday, May 5, 2011

Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams

Welcome to my stop along the online book tour for artist and author Kerin Gale's new book Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams: Mixed-Media Projects in Epoxy Clay. 

Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams: Mixed Media Projects in Epoxy Clay

Kerin's book is a big hit and when you see it you will understand why. Her book focuses on epoxy clay, a material which opens up a world of artistic possibilities and just might change the way you make art. You can use this material to create or recreate just about everything. When this two-part clay is mixed, the substance cures and can be drilled, riveted, and sanded, used to make a mold of any object, used as an adhesive for hard-to-hold objects, and so much more. Not only does Kerin introduce this magic substance, she also helps you to become an expert in its use via easy-to-follow instructions complete with step-by-step images. The endless uses for this clay are highlighted in gallery projects created by a number of very talented artists. In short, this book is exciting, unique, and inspiring.


Kerin shared with me some of her personal experiences with this book...

The personal experience that I'd most like to share about having written this book is what it's like to receive the find of feedback I'm getting now that it's out. You see I had this big dream of showing the people what the clay can do and letting people know how much of a difference it made for me. I do mention that in the book. Along with saying that my wish is for other artists to have that same thing happen.

There were many obstacles along the way in writing this book -- much more so I'd say than the typical author experiences. What kept me going was that intention. And when things really weren't going well I had to decide if I should even do the book at all. I decided that I had already done so much work that it should be finished because of the people it may help. My thought was that if it even helps on person then there was enough reason to finish it and get it out there.

Now what I'm experiencing is that it actually is working out the way I had hoped. I usually get one to several people a day writing to me about the book. Some are saying that they really love the book and are inspired by it. That part is such fun and so exciting! Then there are others that are really profoundly affected by it. That is quite sobering. It seems a little silly to say but I guess I just wasn't prepared for this kind of response. Like what did I expect?!?!? I literally poured all these really strong good wishes for other artists into each project I worked on and so of course this is what would happen. I know about the power of attraction and all that. But right now I'm just in awe that it is working so well. Literally in awe that my intentions and dreams and hopes really are coming true for those people. And that will take some time to absorb and process.


Giveaways! Part One

Every blog participating on the book tour will be giving away a treasure chest of prizes to some very lucky people. Please note that all physical prizes (i.e. non digital prizes) can be awarded only to US participants. Online workshops and digital collage sheets are available to everybody worldwide. To be eligible, all you need to do is leave a comment to this post by May 26. Please note in your comment if you are a resident outside the US.

The Prizes

1. One Aves Power Pack (selection of their most popular formulas) from Aves Studio.

2. Fluid Chalks Online Workshop by Lesley Venable on her The Art of Altering site, which features many other workshops as well.

3. Two Digital Collage Sheets by Alicia Caudle of Altered Bits. See her cool collection here.

4. Sample pack of Silputty 40 silicone putty mold mix from Silpak. This is the formula recommended in the book that has a longer cure time. You can call Jerry at Silpak at 909-625-0056 to order this directly or ask questions.

5. One ounce ICE Resin and a mixed medal bezel from Susan Lenart-Kazmer's site Ice Resin.


Giveaways! Part Two

Any reader who writes a review, however short or long, of Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams on Amazon before July 31, 2011 and sends an email with the title 'Inspired Remnants Review' to will be entered in a drawing to win one of the following prizes. Please note that your honest opinion is wanted on this review. Again, all physical prizes (i.e. non digital) can be awarded only to U.S. participants. Online workshops will be available to all citizens of Earth.

1. The art piece featured on the cover of the book, 'Sacred Totem'.

2. Power pack plus extra Fixit Sculpt clay from Aves Studio.

3. A frozen Charlotte Doll with digital tutorial 'How to Crackle Charlottes' from Alicia Caudle.

4. Resin Clay Pendants online workshop by author Kerin Gale.

5. Vintage Gentleman online workshop by author Kerin Gale.

6. Choice of any one workshop being taught by Kerin and Charlie at Art is You retreat in Petaluma, CA. The registration fee and workshop cost are both waived.

7. One copy each of Jen Cushman's book, Explore, Create,, Resinate and Susan Lenart-Kazmer's book, Making Connections plus ICE Resin and a selection of bezels all from Ice Resin.

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May 19
Facebook Party!
Apoxie Clay & Epoxy Clays Page:!/home.php?sk=group_158159677562761


Sue said...

Enjoying the book tour! SueM

rebeca trevino said...

Seth, i read about "Inspired Remnants, Curious Dreams' book tour on one of the earlier blogger posts but i did not realize you were part of it too! yey!

I am away for a couple of weeks, but will definitely be going to my local book store when i get home.

Char- The Mad Shopper said...

I am sooo glad I found this book tour. I am being inspired and informed about what seems to be the perfect sculpturing and special effects medium. Thanks!!!

I'm Toni said...

I am looking forward to getting my copy of the book!

lyle baxter said...

Seth, thanks for the interesting post! I would like to read what the author has to say about the ever growing field of resin materials. making a choice must be difficult!

Dyche Designs said...

I love reading what an author has to say, the book sounds amazing and I'm so happy that her dreams for it came true.

Dena said...

Great tour!

Erica said...

I'm getting so much inspiration from this tour! I need to finally open my new jar of apoxy clay and start playing!

Karin Bartimole said...

wow - this is a very full post!! What a great way to share info and bring exposure to a new book! I've been very interested in learning more about mold making and epoxy, so this is very timely - thanks Seth!! Your approving review is good enough for me :) Have you worked with these materials yourself yet? Just wondering!

DJ said...

I'm really loving this book tour. I can't wait to get this book and some clay and start playing. Thank you for participating!

Anonymous said...

I read about this book in Altered Bits great to see the tour stop at your place! This is definitely a book that I've added to my "must have" list!

enchanted said...

I have had the book since it first came out and can highly, highly recommend it! Thanks, Kerin!

sharon said...

I have ordered the book and a workshop, and I am so excited to meet you and many new artists! I am floored I have never heard of this, and stumbled upon it thru Lesley's blog. I am primarily a jewelry artist , but i love mixed media and paper art, and I can't wait to get my hands on this! Thank you for the tour and the sharing!

Angela Kennedy said...

I can't wait to get this book! It sounds amazing.

lizzie said...

I hate packing so this book tour is really fun.

TesoriTrovati said...

The more I read the more I am getting hooked on this! I can't wait to see a copy of this book and learn more. Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy the day!

Erin S said...

Enjoying this blog tour and very curious to try some apoxy clay!
Erin S

katzenjammy said...

I was introduced to epoxy clay in a Michael deMeng workshop - incredibly versatile stuff. Gotta check out this book!

Lynn said...

Thank you for sharing kerin's comments - looking forward to the rest of the tour!

Anonymous said...

so glad you're a part of the tour, seth! this has been so very much fun! i LOVE this book and am so thrilled that so many more people will get to experience the vast and wondrous apoxie clay.

Gloria said...

I look forward to each day's stop on the book tour. So very interesting and enjoyable.

Terrielee said...

It has been such an eye-opening experience to meet all of the new (to me) talented artists working with Apoxy Sculpt! It's such an exciting product and it is fascinating to see how each person uses it in a uniquely personal way! I can't wait to get Kerin's book! I've written about this online book tour in my blog: www.rosielane.blogspot com!

Kerin said...

Wow!! This is just awesome. It means a lot to have you be a part of this so thank you Seth! I'm honored also that you took the time to find out what it's like now that the book actually exists. So glad it didn't get filed under T for Things I Did Not Do. : ) Especially with this tour going on. It's even more fun than I thought it would be! And thanks so much for the wonderful review of the book too. You rock!!!

CindyB said...

I'm not familiar with epoxy clay but it looks like it would be a fun product to play with. Loving the book tour.

mnblonde said...

Love the book! bought it several months ago and its all eye candy!! just need to purchase my Aves and I will be on the way!

Caroline said...

Can't wait to get my copy of the book, just ordered one!

Marina Yax said...

This book tour is wonderful!

jennifer said...

can't wait until my copy arrives!

lindacreates said...

The book tour is great! It is very inspiring and I am seriously thinking of signing up for the necklace class and getting the book. Thank you for the opportunities. I have posted the tour on my fb page.

Ginny Diezel said...

Every single time I make a stop on the hop, I am inspired! I went to your etsy shop - cool!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog regarding the book tour!! Colleen Peck

For My Sweet Daughter said...

I am having so much fun participating this blog tour and learning about all the bloggers and discovering new blogs!
Shannon C

For My Sweet Daughter said...

I shared on fb

kecia said...

hello seth! nice to you visit you on the book tour!

Patricia said...

I am having alot of fun visiting the different blogs. I have ordered the book and I will completely enjoy reading thru it to learn different techniques.
I looked thru the rest of your blog as well and love your creations.

Lisa said...

I love that you shared some of Kerin's hopes and wishes for her book. I have a copy and know I will refer to it time and again both for technical assistance as well as inspiration.

ArtZhodgepodge said...

loving the tour. So inspired with each site. Your work is unbelievably awesome.

gretchen said...

what a great way to discover artists i hadn't as yet found...enjoying the tour!

Patti said...

Love your work, Seth! This tour is a great idea. I met Kerin in Portland a couple of years ago, and bought my first jars of Apoxy Sculpt soon after. Looking forward to delving into her book.

Anonymous said...

I have heard so much about you from friends and am very excited to be visiting your blog! This blog tour is proving to be very exciting and I am so glad to see the work of so many wonderful artists.


Wow! I can't wait to dig in and try some of that wonderful medium. And the book sounds like one I need for my library as well.

Thanks for getting the word out,

Lynn Stevens said...

I havent been thos excided about a product in ages, I can't wait to try it out. I love seeing all the creations you artists have done with it, so inspiring!

Connie said...

I have the book and have been experimenting with it. your blog is terrific!

Canace said...

I have been using Apoxie Clay for some time... love it!

Love Kerin's book too. She's a clever and talented gal.

Gaby Bee said...

I'm looking forward to the rest of the tour!

jilLy said...

Who would ever have thought that you can actually have a book tour on a blog! Now that's creative, inventive and oh so modern!! I have the epoxy clay as my next art supply to purchase! Thanks for your part in Kerin's book tour!

Teresa said...

Creative possibilities seem limitless for multiple artistic mediums!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I seem to be running late for everything this month, and this blog hop is no exception. I just learned about this book and this special clay. I'd never even heard of it before. Thanks for introducing me to the book and allowing me to enter your contest.

Thespa McLaughlin said...

I picked up the book about a month ago at B&N, I saw it, snatched it, and couldn't put it down. Then the blog tour came and I've seen so many uses for the techniques I just can't wait to get my hands on some of the great products inside. Very inspired. Hugs!

Denise said...

Thanks for the giveaway...can't wait to see the book!