Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pulse Points Continued...

In 2010 a series of survey questions were posted on my blog as a means of ‘taking the pulse’ of the online art community. More than 40 questions were posed and the results of the survey was presented as sidebars in my book The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed. The survey tapped into a range of issues, both practical and psychological, related to being an artist today.

In Pulse Points, my new series continuing today on Create Mixed Media, select survey questions from the book were presented to several different groups of artists working in mixed media and beyond. 

Today's rockstar panel includes: Kecia Deveney, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Amy Duncan, Kari McKnight-Holbrook, and Jane Davila.

Today's questions and original survey results from The Pulse of Mixed Media:

Have you ever been jealous of another artist's skills?

Do you feel you have found your niche art-wise, or are you still searching?
Still searching for my artist's voice…43%
Found my niche, but just for now…39%
I have totally found my place…18%

And a taste of what our panel members had to say:

Kecia Deveney: "It is very easy to compare yourself to other, but it can be very self defeating as well." 

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer: "I do think that I've developed a strong personal style over the years, but that has not been a conscious choice. Rather, I've simply held the paintbrush the way that feels good to me."

Amy Duncan: "I view my approach to art as a tattered piece of fabric...woven together yet stray threads poke out in all directions."

Kari McKnight-Holbrook: "I've seen jealousy consume people's every waking moment in the art world. They are so busy worrying about what others are doing, they have no time to do anything creative themselves."

Jane Davila: "The drawback to pushing the definition of your niche is that people aren't quite sure what to do with you."

Head on over to Create Mixed Media to hear much more of what the panel has to say about these issues. You can also read the first post in the series if you missed it. And if you would like, please share your own thoughts in the comment sections here or at CMM.


Want to be part of the artist survey that will be included in my next book? I am currently posting 4 new questions weekly on the sidebar of my blog. Head on over now, cast your vote anonymously, and make your voice known. 


bohemiannie! art said...

and how do you ever have time to make art?!?

Lynn said...

Glad to hear there's another book on the horizon. Really enjoying your first.

amy of four corners design said...

seth - thanks again for including - it was a pleasure!

Marit said...

I loved reading the answers of the panel on Create Mixed Media. Thanks for yet another great post that got people thinking and brings artists together as a community!

Molly Vollmer said...

On Mixed Media One question: I think the worst thing for an artist is to go with a trend. This way you're just one of many. I was an only child and a member (or prisoner) of a fundementalist religion that set me apart from classmates. It was a painful way to learn not to be part of the herd, but I'm thankful for it. I've always been able to make choices without being concerned with what others were doing.

Leslie said...

This morning I watched a presentation by a photographer whose work I admire, and she stressed participants to "conquer fear, apathy and competition (jealousy)." It can be stiffling - that green-eyed monster - preventing one really from finding their own voice. And all that time spent walking the fence . . .