Friday, August 9, 2013

2014 Workshops: Part 1

With still almost five months left in 2013, I have already begun to fill up 2014 with workshops. So far, I have plans to teach in New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, California and Maryland in the USA. And I am going international too, with classes scheduled in Mexico and Australia. Details are still being worked out for the majority of these and there will be many more stops added to the list as I continue to plan.

I wanted to share details of my west coast trip that will be taking place in February 2014 and make special note of the fact that registration will open next week for one of my workshops, as noted below.

February 1-2 - San Diego Book Arts - San Diego, California

Mixed Media Memoire - 2-day workshop: registration pending

February 4-5 - Long Beach, California
If Walls Could Talk, 2-day collaborative workshop with Orly Avineri: workshop full

February 7 - Guilding the Lily - Fullerton, California

Background Check: registration open

February 8-9 - Redondo Beach, California
If Walls Could Talk, 2-day collaborative workshop with Orly Avineri: workshop full

February 12 - Todos Santos, South Baja, Mexico
1-day workshop, details to be announced: registration pending

February 13-14 - Todos Santos, South Baja, Mexico
2-day workshop, details to be announced: registration pending

Stay tuned for additional workshops soon to be scheduled. And click on the Workshop Tab under the blog header to see the remaining workshops on my 2013 schedule as well.


Lynn Cohen said...

How cool! You must have retired from your day job/career, and become a full time artist/teacher! Or you have very flexible clients! ;-) wonder if pull ver teach in the Bay Area.

Lynn Cohen said...

You'll ever...

Kathryn said...

I love your energy, your enthusiasm and your continued art quest . . . you go Seth.

Jo Murray said...

I hope to see you in Oz Seth....Yippee!!!!

Quinn said...

What a great combination of teachers and topics! Boo-hoo, I missed the You-and-Orly workshop. That one combines the best of everything!

Patti said...

I'll either have to move to California... or hey, wait for North Carolina! I'm so excited for you!!

Brian Kasstle said...

So honored to host you!

Gallery Juana said...

I'm sure you've got the packing and unpacking down to a science! Cool to see your workshops going international.

Paul Browning said...

If you're ever in the UK I'll be first to come and do a workshop with you. Your ideas with mixed media are inspiring. I'm sure they're going to be great fun. I'm envious of all those who are attending :) Pxx

Becca Feeken said...

Wow Seth, I wish I could go!! So much wonderful stuff going on over on the west coast and wonderful to find you in your element as an artist educator! So proud to know you!

Lost Aussie said...

Wow, you finally get to go to Australia, that is awesome!

improv cloth said...

Hi Seth,

How about a workshop in Santa Fe NM?
Santa Fe is a small city national art destination. There are many people/artists engaged in the arts.
Then I could come and tell other friends about your class!

Best of luck in your art travels and endeavors.