Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Key

Today's mixed media artwork and tutorial was inspired by one of the vintage keys in my collection.

I started out by choosing some hand painted paper that I had previously made using pages from a vintage French dictionary as the substrate.

I have been noticing nailhead design everywhere and wanted to capture the look for this piece. I knew I wanted to use metallic brads to do this.

I looked through my supply of the newly released Spellbinders dies and found the perfect fit: Pearl Effects. I cut a piece of my hand painted paper using a die from the set.

I dug through more hand painted watercolor papers and found a darker piece that I knew would contrast well with the light amber paper I had already chosen. I cut the darker paper with a die from the A2 Curved Matting Basics B set.

Then I started glueing.

Using an awl, I punched small holes through each open circle at the edge of the paper and inserted the brads though each hole, matching the size of the brad with the size of the open circle.

Got the nailhead look I wanted.

This is what the flip side of the piece looked like with all the brad prongs folded down.

Knowing that I wanted to attach this piece to another layer and realizing that the prongs would make glueing difficult, I added a small piece of book board to the center area. That way, I could easily glue the piece to another substrate and add some dimensional life at the same time.

I cut a piece of metal foil using a smaller die from the A2 Curved Matting Basics B set.

I knew I wanted to add texture to this piece and found the perfect match for this artwork: Spellbinders new Keys Texture Plate. I ran these through the Artisan X-plorer machine to add the embossed detail.

I just loved how deep the embossing is with this technique.

I added more depth and texture to this piece by rubbing a black solvent ink pad over the surface and around the edges using a craft sponge.

Using the A2 Curved Matting Basics B set one more time, I cut a slightly larger piece of black card stock and edged it with a gold metallic ink pad.

More glueing.

I looked through my stash of loose vintage book covers and found one that I thought would be the perfect base layer for the piece. Using a guillotine cutter, I cut it to size. I distressed the edges using sandpaper.

Now comes the fun part. I put together all the layers using adhesive to create my finished piece: The Key.


Supply List

Spellbinders Paper Art Supplies:

MMM-001 Spellbinders® Artisan X-plorer
MT1-009 Spellbinders® Keys Texture Plate
S5-172 Spellbinders® Nestabilities® A2 Curved Matting Basics B
S5-194 Spellbinders® Nestabilities® Pearl Effects
F-102 Spellbinders® Precious Metals Premium Craft Foils

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Other: card stock, book board, vintage book cover, hand painted paper (watercolor paper, vintage dictionary page, gesso, acrylic paint, acrylic medium, ink), vintage key, brads, adhesive, sandpaper, awl, guillotine cutter 


A tired retired recluse @ said...

Great collage Seth!

Kathryn Dyche said...

Love, love, love this piece. Think it has to be a new favorite. There's something powerful about key's and what they symbolize.

Karenliz Henderson said...

Gorgeous piece. Love this one with all the keys.

elle said...

oooh! The brads are brilliant! Keys are such a hit and this piece hits the spot!

Mickie said...

Love this. I have a stash of old keys and now I just HAVE to order the texture plate. Also love the idea about the old book cover.

Susie M. said...

This is awesome!

Bill said...

I have to say all the Spellbinder's stuff looks so fascinating to use. I sure don't have any money to get anything, but it's fascinating to see what you create with it.

I've actually been formulating my first Seth Apter style assemblage in my head. I have to see if I can paint a background that looks like copper that has aged to turquoise, and then I'll be ready to go.

jinxxxygirl said...

I really like this one Seth! Ofcourse i'm hooked on keys! And i like the brad effect too. Hugs! deb

Kim Schoenberger said...

Nice end result and to share your method of construction. Love the key, I would have found it hard to part with it!

Debbie Olson said...

Love this piece, Seth!

Renee said...

I love all the layers of texture on this one!

PocketSize said...

That is fab! I love each indiviual layer, and then the way they come together is just beautiful. I also have a thing for old keys :) The whole piece is sort of mysterious and romantic (in the literary sense, not kissy-kissy). Love it!

Theresa Momber said...

This is fabulous!

JaniceAileen said...

I love how the brads turned out! What a perfect die for that technique! You piece reminds me of something that might be the cover of a locked book or family heirloom case. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your projects! :)

Laura S Reading said...

That Spellbinders texture plate is fabulous. I may have to invest in some technology.

AJ said...

this is so cool Seth!! Looks like it was fun to create!

Teresa said...

I love your project and all the neat textures that you use and inks... It's awesome and thanks for sharing :)

Ruth Armitage said...

Thanks for taking us along on your creative journey! Love your final piece...

Hastypearl said...

Seth, what is your favorite adhesive? I do a lot of gluing, so I'm curious...I'm sure others would benefit as well..Thanks...Laura

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Love this!!! Great where did I put those keys???

Kim Hupke

Jo Murray said...

Interesting piece. On my recent trip to Romania I found some antique keys at a market but they were so expensive I only bought one.