Saturday, September 20, 2014

Australia 2014: The Workshops

The 2014 Art is You Australia Mixed Media Roadshow is in the books. But the memories remain... 
The CrewThe Van, and...


Our first stop was in Cams Wharf in New South Wales. This was about 2 hours north of Sydney.

The view from the workshop venue

Sundown at the retreat on Lake Macquarie

Our home for the week

The famous Art is You name tags

Artists in action

Table scape

 Surface Design

 Book pages


The sign of a good time


Our second stop was in St Kilda in Victoria, just south of Melbourne. 

Our venue at the Novotel

Just across the street and down the dock  

My kind of table

A 5-brush artwork

Happy hands

What goes around

A few of the many in 52 Card Pickup

Pages in progress

A good time was had by all

The sun sets on St Kilda


Stop #3 was in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast, about 90 minutes north of Brisbane.

Our beautiful retreat setting

Inspiration was everywhere

Classroom view

A taste of Australia in 45 seconds

Making art

Color wheel


 Every inch of table space was used

Playing 52 Card Pickup

The crew


Meg said...

I wished we had more than a day for each workshop, but it was wonderful, Seth. And you got a priceless picture of the most elegant Kaye.

Heidi Blankenship said...

Seth, it looks like an amazing time was had by all!! What a wonderful journey and experience to be able to share your talents with so many people. Love all of the pictures--it looks so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Jo Murray said...

Would do it again in a flash!

Maureen said...

Still jealous.

And when it gets cold in NYC, be sure to bring out those photos, especially the ones with the palms.

What a terrific time you must have had. said...

Ok, Seth--all I can say is is A . that looks like fabulous fun and B. if you can go all the way to Australia, why not San Francisco????

Robyn Hood Black said...

Wow - looks like a glorious, inspiring adventure!

kate blue said...

wow...just wow! I so wish I had money to travel to something like that!

Darlene K Campbell said...

Beautiful scenery, beautiful art tables, fabulous Australian accents.

Robin said...

Love all of the pictures--it looks so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Kathi said...

Such great photos showcasing the classes, art tables, and scenery!

Carol said...

Delightful, Seth! So good to look back on a wonderful experience. And doesn't Australia look good? Thanks for making it unforgettable...

Kay Wallace said...

What a wonderful opportunity...both for the students AND the teachers! I see good art in these photos!!

Parabolic Muse said...

So MUCH to see I'm looking at them all again! Lucky us to see your amazing photos and read your stories. Great site you have, Seth.