Sunday, April 6, 2008

Playing Favorites: melange


Cadiz is one of a series of collages I made during my "ghost" workshop with Nick Bantock in May 2007. I was registered to take a workshop with Nick at Omega in Rheinbeck N.Y. - (I have loved his work for many years and had read all of his books) and was packed and ready to drive down when Omega called to tell me that the workshop was canceled - long story short - I was very disappointed - so I decided to cloister myself in my own workshop. I created a series of eight collages revolving around a woman named Cadiz and the mysterious mail art she received from a man in Tchula Miss. The series is posted along with the accompanying "story" as postcards in my June archives. Cadiz is my favorite because of the references to Egypt - where I traveled many years ago - and as my husband is our resident "Egyptologist" I had access to his beautiful vintage books about Egypt from which I scanned many of the images used in this series. Although certainly not as polished and rich as Nick's work - Cadiz brings all of my senses to Egypt - I hear James Asher's Camel Train, smell jasmine and the dusty sun caresses my face. The week I spent in this "ghost" workshop was rich and focused - so primed was I to be in this environment - I would work and then take long walks plotting the story - I was dreaming awake and I loved it.

I am attaching another fave from the Nick "ghost" workshop - Gypsy Dream - connecting the Egyptian Gypsy with the Dreaming - and here they are as a conversation - mail art conversation...conversing with Redan, Cadiz and Nick... and now cyber Sybils sighing...


Valerie Foster

This is one of my favorite texture artworks. I made it on the spur of the moment, in just a few hours. It came together easily, with no hesitation or agnst. (I always love it when that happens!)

I chose to use wallboard joint compound on the background. Once that was dry, I didn't have a plan on how to proceed. But I was in my yard, and started picking up "nature" items I found on the ground, and decided to use those. Well, I love doing nature themes anyway, so it seemed so, well.....natural.

The cheescloth idea just popped up, so I went with that too. Although wrapping it in cheesecloth didn't come until the end. But I'm glad it did, because to me, that part really makes this piece, really makes it different and original, and makes it one of my favorite pieces. If I can feel that my artwork is totally original, totally my own, that makes me feel very good.


Sarah Whitmire

This painting “Butterfly Fantasy” ( 12 x 16 inches) is true mixed media, acrylic paint, collage, UTEE. It was done back when I did my first art show at “Butterfly fest” local festival here in Florida) I love it because there truly was a metamorphous going on in my life at that time and I think it is very symbolic of those feelings.


Dawn Sellers

Beeswax Collage Artist Trading Card

This piece became one of my favorites immediately upon finishing it. It was my first attempt at this medium and I now have a deep appreciation for beeswax. I have always loved the look of beeswax. What I did not know is how rewarding it can be. Going from a bag of wax pellets to a beautiful textured finish on a piece of art work. I enjoyed smelling the wax as I heated it and spread it on the collage; layering it between the elements as I re-heated each layer to fuse them together and then adding a coat over the top. I wasn’t sure how the dried rose bud would work out, but the wax just melted around it and holds it nicely.


Linda Woods


I created this piece in a moment when I was full of joy and gratitude. The bright yellow of the tulips symbolized my overflowing happiness and the snippet of blue sky symbolized never ending gratitude.I wanted the inky colors to flow and drip into each other freely because that is how my excitement felt...unrestrained! I get happy every time I look at this piece. It is a reminder of a great time in my life.


Cory Celaya

Bits and pieces of painted papers left over from visual help given my students become fodder for jewelry and other artworks. Some of the pendants are collaged while others are veiled with layers of paint. Some are delicately beaded while others are heavily embellished with hand made faux resin beads and motifs of mixed media.

The faux resin charm bracelet was made several years ago for my daughter. Using a thermal process, I encased photos of her and myself as children on both sides of the charms along with meaningful text.

As a mixed media artist/teacher, nothing is safe...if it's within reach and doesn't move, it will probably end up in one of my art pieces.
Britt Vuorio

The Old Bench is one of my favorite spots in Helsinki. It is my “rest room” where I go when I feel the need of getting away from all worries and trouble. The green branch brings me a breath of fresh air and reminds me of the beauty of life. The reason why I once had to stop and rest by this certain bench was that it looked so lonely and inviting. I almost heard it whispering, "Don't rush; there is no need to hurry." I have a personal relationship (LOL) with this old bench, which dates back to 1810. I think of it when we are apart and when we meet again and I feel the embrace of my old friend, my heart fills with miraculous serenity. So the bench in the image is not just an ordinary bench but a bench with a spirit. The spirit is there if you let yourself believe in miracles.

I love my Mother Kaisu very much. She is 80 years old and she has been working hard all her life. Her life can be read form every little line in her hands. Yet her hands are very soft and I love the tender touch of them when she strokes my hair. Her hands are the most beautiful creation I have seen not only in their appearance but also for the strength and love that they carry. Knowing that my Mother clasps her hands in prayer every day gives me strength and hope for the future.

The story behind the Angels is the story of my dear brother Mauri who died when I was 6 years old. He was only 21 years when he passed away. We were very close to each other. He was my hero in many ways. He took care of me and protected me. He was always there when I needed him. His death has cast long, dark shadows over my life and only recently I have began to understand that all these 36 years I have blamed myself for not being able to save my brother.

Last summer I went for a walk in the old cemetery of my hometown and found these statues of Angels. When I looked at them, I realized that my brother is not gone but is here with me in a shape of an Angel. He has been by my side all these years, guiding and loving me as he used to. God didn’ take him away. Instead, He gave my brother a new assignment to be my Guardian Angel. There are Angels among us!


Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Wow, what a fantastic group of talented artists and beautiful creations ... definitely awe-inspiring....

eb said...

WOW Seth - just amazing - this trail of beauty and love - so honored to be a part of it - thanks again!

xox - eb.

Karen Cole said...

I am so thrilled to see that the gallery continues, Seth. My goodness you have been a busy guy. The work is all absolutely fantastic. You have great taste. Perhaps you should be in the "brick and mortar" gallery business.

I had been nervous about sending 3 pieces. I guess I shouldn't have been so shy.

Val Foster said...

You've done a fantastic job on this whole project Seth. Thank you so much. The art posted is awesome and inspiring. So much eye candy!

Thanks for all your hard work and oganizational skills on this.