Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Pulse: Style File 1

Welcome to the third edition of The Pulse: an artist survey. This collaborative project aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. For links to the sites of the participating artists, please click here.

Today's question: In a few words or a few sentences, how would you describe your artistic style? The following is the first of four posts to answer this question.

Shona Cole Emotional, real life, personal. I aim to create a vision of my motherhood with words and images that inspires me to see the beauty in the everyday and to be a better mother/person.

Stephanie Hilvitz COLOR COLOR COLOR

Mary Buek I try to find interesting shapes, colors, textures in random natural occurrences. I try to incorporate that randomness in my abstract art.

Marissa O'Brien My artistic style....I love to incorporate nature in my jewelry. One of my favorite pieces was using a leaf from my garden. I am inspired by everyday beauty. With my altered art, I am inspired by vintage images.

Lisa Hoffman I call myself a “Creatarian” (not to be confused with an “Arian”). The moment a person labels their style, I believe that the word applies itself to a place in our subconscious, like a tattoo, whispering in our ear and subtly driving the bus. My art materializes in the form of visual journaling, recycled construction trash (that’s right, I said: Trash) serious sketching, non-serious sketching, canvases w/acrylic paint and stuff, signage, music, teaching, writing, blogging, installations, sometimes cooking and more. Is there a word for THAT? So...my style? Maybe “Pinball Avant Garde”? Tattoo THAT.

Barbara Kleinhans Over the past few years I have been working on a series of paintings that are minimalist interpretations of the Wisconsin countryside.

Vivian Bonder *messy* *connected* *colourful* *balanced*

azirca I would describe my artistic style as a creative collision of various elements and thoughts that fuse together to form multi-layered, 3-dimensional Azemblages (aka assemblages). My work is textural in both the visual and tactile sense, and hidden elements await to be discovered in many of my pieces.
Chris Miser Light, accessible, colorful, and often irreverent collage.

Lynne Hoppe Evolving

Cynjon Noah Easy...eclectic! I've had my works described by others as everything from cartoonish to tribal to surreal, and all are probably equally accurate.

Ro Bruhn Definitely eclectic, always colourful and constantly changing.

Debbie Mihalik EVOLVING - I don't know that I have developed a signature style yet and I am still experimenting with various mediums. I started with ATCs and decos, moved into altered books and collage. Currently I am pursuing digital collage and assemblage. I think that I need to put many more hours into one format in order to achieve a style that is mine. Right now I am still learning.

Debbie Overton Mostly it is vintage with touches of whimsy and humor, but this past year I was searching for a change so I began experimenting and I can see a unique art style change which I like and will be sharing soon.

Patty Szymkowicz This question is quite challenging to me and why is that I’m wondering??? Creating comes naturally, talking about my artistic style not so much. I actually asked my talented friend, Jean (thank you Jean!), http://bluebirdslivinginthemeadow.blogspot.com to help me find some words. In my work I trust my instincts as each piece speaks to me. I work intuitively often times out of an ethereal well-of-the-soul place…. it may be an image…. a color.....or sometimes it is a quote or word…. all flowing from places in my dreams.

Dawn Sokol I would say my journaling is doodly and whimsical. I like light colors such as pink, chartreuse green, and orange. I like to use photos of family in my work as well. Most of my pages are positive in tone.

Gail Pierce My current reply when queried about what kind of art work I do is to say: Abstract experimenting. My work has always leaned more toward abstract than anything else and everything I create starts out by experimenting with mediums and materials so I guess that’s my style.

Elis Cooke I would describe my artistic style as playful and open to chance interaction and occurrence.

Ingrid Dijkers I have been told that I have a very distinctive style, although I can't really categorize it myself. I feel it is ever changing and doesn't really fall into a specific style.

Suzan Buckner Diversified--My work is very diversified. I never know what I am going to do until I do it. I may do art journals one day, then abstracts, then drawings...it's always changing.

Harry Bell If I have to have a label, I'd settle for painter of modern representation, but feeding into that is a romantic streak that wants to make things what they aren't, or other than they may appear to be. I use light effects a lot to achieve that, and accidents in the paint or in a drawing are retained, especially if they suggest something that isn't what was there.

Andrew Borloz My artistic style tends to be bold, colorful, intense, and architectural.


peggy gatto said...

Unique idea!!! great list of artists and places to see!

Lisa Hoffman said...

Grabbing my coffee, kicking off my shoes and looking forward to reading today's PULSE.
I think that I can "see" one of those web books in your future, Seth.

Stephanie said...

YAY! You're off and running, so many places to go explore!

lynne h said...

a CREATARIAN?! seth, change my answer to that. i want to be a Humanist Creatarian.

(jk about changing my answer... but that woman, does she think of the best stuff or what?)

Leslie said...

I can see that I'm going to be spending a lot of time over here for the next few weeks. Great reading Seth!

Karen Cole said...

Yes, this is better than "the Times".

Can we have a Pulse convention? We can call it a "Pulsation"!!! I think I'm not kidding as I read this.

Birds of a Feather said...

what a terrific site - I've already spent way too much time here. I will bookmark and return!


MB Shaw said...

Hello Seth, I just recently learned of your blog. Wowza, wowza!!! Love learning about all these different artists and seeing what others are up to. Keep up the terrific work.


Robyn of Art Propelled directed to to your blog - this is a treasure hunt - fantastic- so much to see and be inspired by.

vivian said...

great, superb stuff seth. you are doing an incredible job here...

invisibleglue said...

might I join in - or is the project complete?
bookmarking the list of artists to return to ...