Friday, March 19, 2010

Heavens to Etsy

I want to thank every one who has visited my Etsy shop. How cool is it that we now have an infinite number of art stores that are open to us 24/7/365!

Think of this post as a flyer, slipped under your door. Or the photocopy that has been stapled to the ultility pole on Main Street. Or an insert in your Sunday papers.

I have just restocked copies of my zine based on the third edition of The Pulse, originally completed in 2008. This will be the last printing that I will sell online. You can read all about the contents here. I will add additional copies to the Etsy listing as they sell. There are only 11 copies left for purchase.

I am running very low on these brass Xs, my first set of Etsy Elements. These are sold in sets of five and I have only 1 more set of hand verdigris Xs and 2 sets in your choice of their natural brass state or with a hand distressed, darkened finish. I am going to try to hunt more down, but as of now these 3 sets are the last available.

All Xs sold out. Thank you!

My next set of Etsy elements will be listed soon. This photo is a preview of what is to come. I call them Droplets. Please check my sidebar in the coming days to see when they are available for purchase.

Four pieces from my Melt series remain. These are all original, mixed media artworks made using coffee grounds and combining a deep chocolate brown with a rich, dark blue. And hand distressed of course.

Inspire is the newest addition to my Etsy shop. Completed on watercolor paper, this green, black and white piece measures 4" x 2 3/8". Text, numbers, and symbols float above and below the surface. And bits of metallic acrylic provide a subtle sheen.

Sold. Thank you!

Click here to explore The Altered Page on Etsy.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

How do you ever get as much gorgeous art done as you do, and still find time to visit blogs, coordinate collaborations, and print zines? You should have a big "S" printed on your chest!

Annie said...

Your store was what inspired me to start my own etsy adventure, and although it's very early days for me, it's great to hear that yours is such a success. Bravo. Ax

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

I second Elizabeth's comment Seth...heavens to Etsy...such a great subject line!
Happy Weekend to you!

La Dolce Vita said...

LOL over Patty's comment!
ohh...ELEMENTS, next thing ya know you will be selling antiques!!!
very cool pieces, btw!

Billie said...

Hi Seth

This piece is superb, I love the texture, the colours and the text.

You do inspire me, every day

Best wishes

Billie :)

jill z said...

Love your new Inspire piece. Definitely up my alley! As for your items in etsy- they are always treasures, both your supplies and your artwork! Hard to believe, but as amazing as they look in your etsy shop, they are even more over the top in person! And I know first hand - having some of your magnificent works for my very own!