Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pulse Points

In 2010 a series of survey questions were posted on my blog as a means of ‘taking the pulse’ of the online art community. More than 40 questions were posed and the results of the survey was presented as sidebars in my book The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed. The survey tapped into a range of issues, both practical and psychological, related to being an artist today.

In Pulse Points, my new series beginning today on Create Mixed Media, select survey questions from the book were presented to several different groups of artists working in mixed media and beyond. 

Today's rockstar panel includes: Traci Bautista, Jane Davies, Linda Cain, Roben-Marie Smith, and Lynn Whipple.

Today's questions and original survey results from The Pulse of Mixed Media:

What would boost your creativity the most...
More time…51%
More space…37%
More supplies…12%

Do you find yourself influenced by current trends...
Absolutely, I love the newest trends…6%
Yes, sometimes they have an impact on me…62%
No, they do not effect the direction of my art…32%

And a taste of what our panel members had to say:

Traci Bautista: "I love to do what I call trending+inspiration trips to help inspire ideas for colors, materials, textures and design. These trips include visiting my favorite stores, fashion designers, traveling to different cites, scouring vintage, antique and home stores."

Jane Davies: "I think a studio elf who comes in and cleans and organizes every night would help me focus more on my work. I don't want things extremely neat and organized - but if I could just have a clear space to work in, I think it would help."

Linda Cain: "I have enough stuff to play with way beyond the time I will probably be on this earth. BUT...I want them all. I've said many times 'it's a lot easier to collect supplies than to actually use them.'"  

Roben-Marie Smith: "I have been spending too much time on activities that keep me from being in the studio. It is hard to create on demand and scheduling a few hours a week in the studio is just not working for me."

Lynn Whipple: "It's funny how certain themes will show up in lots of people's work seemingly at the same time, say...birds, for instance. I always thought it might have something to do with the collective unconsciousness."

Head on over to Create Mixed Media to hear much more of what the panel has to say about these issues. And if you would like, please share your own thoughts in the comment sections here or at CMM.


Want to be part of the artist survey that will be included in my next book? I am currently posting 4 new questions weekly on the sidebar of my blog. Head on over now, cast your vote anonymously, and make your voice known. 


sf said...
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sf said...

Many people carry on about the proliferation of certain images/themes. Even though I personally may lament the vision of one more girl in striped stockings,I like what Lynn Whipple has to say about the phenomena.

Caterina Giglio said...

I agree with Lynn ... the symbols are so universal... and where do I sign up for the clean up fairy that Jane was talking about...??

trish quilty said...

I will echo Jane in wanting or needing? a clean-up fairy, who tiptoes in during the night while I am sleeping, to tidy up my artful mess. I need more empy surfaces room also, even though I create art in many areas in my house! :)

Anonymous said...

I just made a pact with some other artists NOT to buy any new materials, I can still swap and trade but apart from thread for binding I am on a moratorium from new. There is SO much in my studio I can hardly think. Time to be creative with what I have...

jonreneewebb@msn.com said...

I admit that I have a passion for drawing birds. I believe that is because I am a bird lover. I will pay attention in the future,however, to see if I am unconsciously following other trends. I am interested to see if this theory has some validity.

Eileen Bellomo said...

Back when my "studio" was a small table in the living room, and supplies were stuffed wherever I could find the space, I lameted my lack of a dedicated art room. Now that I have such a place, I lament its small size. The truth is, when I acquired more space I rapidly filled it with more stuff. I imagine if I had a house rather than a smallish city apartment I'd have even more.
I would love just one surface to work on that isn't littered with supplies, and the remains of the day.

Jo Murray said...

I have a large space but still find it gets cluttered when I work. When I'm 'on a roll' I tend to grab what I need then drop it when I've finished with it. As a result, next time I need it, it is lost under a pile of other stuff. I do clean up when I'm finished a project...but that neatness is temporary.

Parabolic Muse said...

I need more time. Please give me more time. If you give me more time, you can take some space. I'll just alter postage stamps for days and days. I'll have three craft paints and I'll use my stainless steel ruler to tear edges and my elmers to glaze. I won't even paint with brushes because those take up too much room. I'll use toothpicks.


have a nice day. if you get a whole one. i have about 45 minutes to myself. i'm FINE with it.

rivergardenstudio said...

It is so nice to have time to pour over your blog Seth, I love your Pulse Points, and actually ALL of your projects!! There is nothing stopping you and your imagination! I also love what Chris said...