Thursday, February 27, 2014


After all my stops in California (see my previous posts), I spent the last week of my workshop travels out west in Mexico. My destination was a small village in South Baja called Pescadero. This oasis in the desert is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra de la Laguna mountains. With a population hovering around 2,500, I think more people live in my building in NYC than in Pescadero.

Pescadero is not a typical tourist location. It is a world away from the luxury resorts at Cabo. And that was perfect for me. I was surrounded by cactus, hummingbirds, basil fields, dirt roads, bodegas, and temperatures in the 80s. My kind of winter.

I stayed mostly on the desert side.

But there were beautiful beaches...

and killer sunsets over the ocean (unretouched pic).

An outdoor cafe visited on my first day.

Outdoor farm to table restaurant we ate at on the night of the full moon.

I was there to teach a two-day book-making workshop El Libro Abierto. The workshop was hosted by my good friend Patricia Larsen. You have probably heard the story already but without Patricia, I would not be involved in the arts at all.

This was my first outdoor workshop and it could not have been better. 

With a view like this, how could it not be an incredible time?

One stash of papers that we used for the projects.

This talented crew created the most amazing books.

Patricia was kind enough to allow me to use her home and studio as the location of the workshop. Her home, which she designed and built herself, has been featured in many magazines including Elle Decor. It was a pleasure and a treasure to stay there, exploring the surroundings, and shooting too many inspirational photos to count.

Her home is literally an oasis in the desert.

Outdoor living at its best.

Even the "hallways" were a work of art.

One of my roomates.

Many of the materials were local finds, including this door.

The area where we held the workshop.

What I woke up to everyday.

The inside was even better then the outside.

Inside looking outside.

One of Patricia's rotating collections.

A simple vignette inspires.

A Pablo Neruda poem painted on the wall.

My kind of pile.

Patricia and I share a love of rusty found objects.

I leave you with one more sunset - symbolic of the end of my trip out west and my last post about these travels. 

Thanks for coming along with me.  I am already looking forward to my next international expedition to Australia in August as part of Art is You. Maybe you should consider joining me there in real life?


Maureen said...

What a beautiful place to be, Seth. You have become Have Art, Will Travel. So happy for you.

MegWeaves said...

What fabulous fabulous fabulous pictures! And among other things, the house looks like it popped out of an architecture magazine! Looking forward to August and starting to look for a theme. Or material. Whichever comes easier.

Nathalie Nayer said...

beautiful pictures

john said...

I can see that you were inspired and so you should have been. What a wonderful location for a workshop and days of relaxation. Terrific!

amy of four corners design said...

absolutely sublime...your workshop, the scenery, that house - why wasn't I there?! I'm kicking myself!

Con said...

I enjoy 'killer' sunsets too! thank you for sharing your photos. I just loaded up some on my FB page from when we were at Lime Tree Bay FL. :) -con

Kathryn said...

wow, what an incredible venue.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

I think that I'm in heaven! Don't pinch me, because I don't want to wake up.

Jo Murray said...

Can you see how green I am?

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Beautiful impressions.. oh I envy you all there!


Quinn said...

What a lovely journey. I admire your adventurous spirit. How wonderful it is to have interesting friends!

Liz Hampton-Derivan Studio said...

What an incredible place. Thanks for sharing on your blog. Wish I could've been there. You amaze me Seth, with your accomplishments in art. Onward to Australia. Sounds great too.

Jane LaFazio said...

Wow! What a gorgeous place. And in your color palette. And a perfect finish to your West Coast adventure.

Judy Wise said...

The best post ever. I got lost in the sunset, the house, Patricia's painting over the fireplace and your fabulous adventure. Sending my bon voyages your way. Life is beautiful. xo

Debbie Olson said...

Oh, Seth--what beauty! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

laknote positionsSo incredible, I love how Patricia's home reflects and respects the surroundings. Amusing remark there Seth "more people live in my building in NYC than in Pescadero." Swooning over these images..they are so soothing and making me be all nostalgic. I love how you always remember your gratitude. Wonderful inspiring poetic post.

Laura Strack said...

AND he is a Tourist Guide, Too! You're so fab for sharing your trip. Loved every photo!

Lynn Cohen said...

What an awesome space to spend time, make art and simply luxuriate! I am so happy for you having this experience, Seth!
Your world abounds in wonderful connections, friends, artists, everything grand! Enjoy!!!!

Nan G said...

What an amazing and inspiring place to visit!

Carol said...

Thanks for the chance to visit Mexico with you! Looked wonderful. I hope we give you as good a time in Australia.

Darlene K Campbell said...

I would probably just spend my time crying if I ever got to experience a landscape, house and artist friends like that.
That house and decor looked like it was built for you.
Meeting Dan Eldon's mother, Mexico and next Australia? You'd have to put Mars on the list to top the year you're having!

terry said...

beautiful colors and loads of inspiration! thanks so much for sharing!

JonesMoore Studio Art said...

LOVELY Mexico is my favorite place, when I am there, no hay problemas!! Nice photos Seth!

Parabolic Muse said...

Seth, these photos are beautiful. They would be great for altering in art, as well. Very textury and earthy.

JackieP Neal said...

Wow Seth! I've been to Mexico! Mexico, New York that is! heehee Your photos look like they could have come right out of a magazine or movie! What a wonderful way to wake up to nature each morning! Lucky you!! Thanks so much for sharing your adventure!

ArtPropelled said...

I pounced on this post. How did I miss it?! Wonderful to see your photos of your time in Patricia's home. What a great location for a workshop!