Friday, May 9, 2014

The F Word

Take 13 minutes and 44 seconds out of your day to watch this video. You will be moved. You will be inspired. You might even be changed.

If Kathy and/or her son Dan has touched your life, consider being part of "The Journey is the Inspiration" - a collaborative, online journal project beginning this month on the blog at We are now accepting submission at any time.



People who know of Dan Eldon always describe being deeply impacted by his life. That is the basis for this call for creative contributions. We want to hear how you have been inspired by Dan's story and your story will be shared on the blog at In this way, a new visual journal can be created and Dan's legacy can be brought to more and more people.

In words and/or images, please tell us what Dan and his experiences have meant to you. Share your own personal memory of reading the books that document his life, of seeing his journals in print for the first time, and/or realizing how much this remarkable man accomplished in his short life. Perhaps you are a journaler and have created pages, directly or indirectly influenced by his approach. Or perhaps you will now as part of this call. Either way, we want to see what Dan's legacy has created in you and what you have created as a result. And much like with visual journaling itself, there are no rules here about what to include or not to include. We want real, raw and very personal.


You do not have to be a journaler, an artist or a writer to participate. You just have to be willing to share. Please send your submissions and any inquiries to Seth Apter at For entries, please include your text as an email attachment and your images in the form of jpegs as attachments as well. Also please include a link to your own online site if you have one. Submissions are being accepted at anytime. More detailed information about the postings will be sent to those who submit and will be posted online for those of you interested in viewing the entries.


ArtPropelled said...

I took the 13 minutes out of my morning and indeed I am inspired by the video, thanks Seth.

elle said...

Extremely powerful!

Jo Murray said...

A compelling talk by Dan's mother that certainly resonates with me. I've not read Dan's journals, but they are now on my list.

Jacki Long said...

Thank you Sath!
I needed this and now.
Thank you! ♥

sona nast said...

I read Kathy Eldon's book, In the Heart of Life, several months ago and was deeply moved by it. I highly recommend it. I enjoyed listening to her TEDx talk, thanks for sharing the video. said...

so inspirational video.. it had deep impact on me.. thank you so much Seth