Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Power of Art

I create art for so many reasons, as I am sure all the other artists out there do as well. Sometimes those reasons simply relate to creative expression and fun. But at other times, art can be a powerful tool to shine a light on a social issue, challenge the way we see the world, and contribute to change. Today's blog post highlights two art events that accomplish the latter and, ironically, they both take us to Africa.

The Journey is the Inspiration

Dan Eldon was an artist, and activist and an adventurer. He filled his 22 years of life with passion, dedication, and a quest to both record and change the atrocities that he was witness to in Africa. If you do not know the story of his life -- and the ongoing impact that he continues to have on the world nearly 21 years following his death -- take a moment to read more about him here

Some of the very many people who have been impacted by Dan are sharing their stories and the artwork he inspired on This online collaborative journal begins today and continues weekly every Thursday with a new entry. Please head to the blog to be inspired and to see how much change a single person can bring about. And if you have been touched by Dan's story, please click here to see how you can join this collaboration.


Artists Bring Back

In April, hundreds of Nigerian girls were abducted from their school by a terrorist group who believe that women should not be allowed access to education and who have threatened to sell them into slavery and used them to barter for the release of prisoners. The world has reacted to this atrocity with horror and many people have taken to the Internet (#BringBackOurGirls on Facebook and Twitter) to express their feelings and to do what they feel they can to make their voices heard. 

The art world has also begun to rally to the cause. Jessica Sporn has organized an auction to raise money to benefit, a global campaign for girl's education. I have donated the following work of art which, along with many other pieces, is available to bid on from May 15 to May 17.

Have a look and consider making a bid. Prove that a single person can make a difference.


JackieP Neal said...

Beautiful and inspiring canvas Seth! as well as such a beautiful post. I am honored and proud to be part of this cause and journey with you and the other 60+ artists! We can be the change!

Bill said...

Wonderful piece of artwork! I'm broke right now and can't bid, but it is a very loving thing for you to donate your art.

Can't wait to see the Dan Eldon collaboration posts. Thanks for hosting this wonderful project!

Jo Murray said...

It is wonderful how many have rallied to both causes. Art CAN change the world.

Kristin said...

Your piece is just beautiful. I love the depth and texture you've created. And I know that it will bring in a lot for the auction - lovely to meet you.

Emily Cline said...

Love it! And his work is beyond inspiring! As is yours, and your voice. Thank you for all you do.

Patti said...

Thanks much for sharing this story; though I don't have any personal stories about Dan Eldon, he has inspired me through you. said...

awww Lovely canvas Seth i loved it.. i have learnt so many new art tips and tricks from your posts Seth, you're great!