Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Workshop Weekend

I spent this past weekend teaching at The Queen's Ink in Savage, Maryland. This shop is run by Patti Euler and I am treated like a king when I am there.

The shop is part of historic Savage Mill, which functioned as a textile mill from 1822 to 1947 and was more recently converted into a complex of shops and artist studios.

The shop itself is filled to the rafters with an incredible selection of art and craft supplies.

On Friday night, I taught a workshop called Majestic Medallions. This class combined painting and assemblage techniques. The basis for the medallions were a series of pendants and bezels from the Spellbinders A Gilded Life collection. Here are just a few close-up shots of some of the incredible creations from the crew.

The shot of the class is blurry, but maybe that is because it was already about 9:30pm when we took the picture!


On Saturday, I taught a full-day workshop called Cover to Cover. We all created books with pages made from book covers, each of which was layered with texture and color.

Here is the class building their layers.

And here are some of their layers in progress.

In the end, we took some time for show and tell...

...and of course the must-have group shot!


On Sunday, my last day at The Queen's Ink, I taught 52 Card Pickup -- one of my favorites.

Here are some of the incredible creations in progress.

And the happy class at workshop's end.

Thanks to Patti, the crew at the shop, and all the students. Cannot wait till I head back there in February 2015 to teach again.


Sue Marrazzo said...

Boy, You are busy!!!!!
Everyone looks so happy = )

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Wow! Looks like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I need to wait until you teach in my neck of the woods!!61

elle said...

Lovely venue. 52 pick up I have always liked. Book cover also and well, couldn't leave out those medallions! vbsigh

Jo Murray said...

That spellbinders range is awesome. Love all the colours your group are throwing around.

Caterina Giglio said...

always nice to be King, even if it is just for a weekend.. looks like everyone had a great time, especially the teacher...

Parabolic Muse said...

Hi, Seth. Of course, it's a tribute to you as an instructor that so much WOW comes out of these classes. And I had no idea how much variety and possible with the Spellbinders! Even though I've followed your work with them for months, seeing the same piece approached from all different directions just brings the possibilities into stark relief.

Lucky students! Can't wait to take another workshop with you.

JackieP Neal said...

WOW! Were you exhausted or what! How lucky those students are! All three classes looked as they were a huge hit! And what a cool place- I bet it is really neat- Love the trestle shot!One of your classes is on my dream list Seth!! ")

Nan G said...

Busy busy busy weekend, Seth! Those are some fab makes from the classes! And what jam packed classes they were too!

Anonymous said...

So fun! I'd like to see more assemblage classes next time you're in town. - Laura Miller