Friday, November 6, 2015

On the Road(House): Post 3

Bringing you my last of three posts about my recent workshop experience at Roadhouse Arts in Texas.

On the final day of the workshops, we collaborated on a group project and literally left our mark at Roadhouse. 

Step by step we each took a turn painting on one of the cabinets...

The Big Reveal: live

Short class clips: the next best thing to being there





Sue Marrazzo said...

looking GOOD!
Thanks for sharing.

Francesca Watson said...

How awesome!! Love the videos!!

Bill said...

Whoa. There were dudes in the class?

JackieP Neal said...

Very cool idea to all paint on the cabinet- a group collab for sure! ")

Anne Philipson said...

LOVE all these - a really great post.