Monday, November 26, 2018

Link Love: November


So many links. So little time. Once a month I am going to share links to articles, artists, websites, social media feeds, artwork, events, books, etc. that I have come across and connected with. Click on through and prepare to be inspired. And if you missed any months, click here.

Bet you haven't heard of most of them

Beyond inspired by their IG feed

Andy would be 90 this month. Take a tour of his old NYC haunts

Blown away by her portraits

Sage words from Kristin Reese Williams

Why Japan is still so attached to paper

This book looks interesting 

(photo credit - when listed - found in original link)


Cecile said...

hi Seth, liked your link to the article about washi-paper, although the article has one error in it ( the country came 'open' when the Dutch were allowed to stay year round at the Island of Decima). And went to Tokio once a year to pay tribute to the Emperor).
But I love the real washi=papers and have a nice collection from them. It is such a pleasure to work on real washi-paperNothing to do with adding washi tape to a work.
Real washi-paper is very expensive, so I am happy to be able to use bamboo-paper now instead. It has many of the same charastics. Do hope you will try it in coming holidays.
love from the Netherlands to you Seth :)

Brian Kasstle said...

I always look forward to this post! So eye opening! Wonderful. Thank you Seth!

Roberta Warshaw said...

I love seeing these links to things that I normally would never find! Thank you!