Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Pulse: Style File 3

Welcome to the third edition of The Pulse: an artist survey. This collaborative project aims to introduce you to new artists, help you get to know familiar faces even more, and allow you access into the creative hearts and minds of a very talented crew of individuals. For links to the sites of the participating artists, please click here.

Today's question:In a few words or a few sentences, how would you describe your artistic style? The following is the third of four posts to answer this question.

Marie Otero I laboured over this question a lot and also asked my husband how he would describe my style...he was kind enough NOT to say ' you are all over the place dear', though at times that is the truth. I like to experiment with different styles of art so I guess on one hand there is the "Romantic Realist" and on the other the "Contemporary Surrealist"

Jonna Barnett A friend calls it Funky Folk Art, But I also do abstract.

Kim Logan My artistic style I would say is ‘eclectic vintage’ using layers. Its always hard to describe ones own work, I’m not actually convinced I have a right to call myself an ‘artist’, I do agonise over that one..!!..I ‘play’ with art and collage and sometimes I like what I have done, but really by profession I am a graphic designer and derive my income from that, so can truthfully call myself a ‘graphic designer’, just not sure on ‘artist’. Maybe once I sell something I have done under the ‘collage artist’ heading I can say I am an artist..!!

Deana Hager Eclectic, as I tend to go with my moods. I have to do a project the moment it comes into my head or it tends to get lost and never comes to be.

Karen Cole I am not a planner. No sketching, measuring or studies. I come up with an idea, grab some supplies and mess around. "Mixed up" media, as opposed to mixed media. Sometimes I draw or paint, sometimes copper tooling, sometimes mosaics or glass, sometimes jewelry.....sometimes I mix it all together. At the moment, I am into recycling my old work, by photographing it, printing it out and using the photos in different ways.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills My artistic style incorporates my photographs and paint or encaustics to create organic pieces that speak to the cycles of life, memory and the passage of time. I enjoy creating multilayered surfaces that invites both the visual and tactile senses. My work has often been described as melancholic or evoking feelings of longing and stillness.

Ginny Carter Smallenburg I don't know if I have a "style". I love assemblage and collage and the layered look of those mediums. I also play with paint, experimenting and learning with a lighter hand and look. Maybe my style is "play".

grrl+dog Runs with scissors, colors outside the lines, paints with fingers, dunce cap/vintage/angel wing free art.

Max Ackerson Free and loose. I really like to work with black and white usually pen or pencil.

James Michael Starr Post-modern found-object sculpture and collage

Deryn Mentock Someone called my style of jewelry "techno-romantic" which I found interesting. Most of what I do, whatever the media, is a melding of materials and textures, old and new.

Leslie Marsh I love vintage and distressed materials, and I love repurposing bits and pieces into something appealing. I often see the world through a viewfinder, and I?m never sorry to have captured the wonders of my life in images.

Marilyn Gallas I can't say that I have a particular style. I'm really self-taught. The most important thing for me is color and texture. I love trying new techniques and I try out new ideas from Cloth Paper Scissors and Somerset Studio plus the many books I have purchased. I'm also influenced by others' blogs and websites. Great contributions are there from many different artists with different styles.

Nancy Baumiller Quirky! lol Fun and colorful! A combination of journaling and collage!

Marion Bockelmann As I´ve studied language and literature, most of my artwork uses words. Words are what inspires me most. I love to illustrate quotes or use poems in my artwork. I always hope that it´s thought-provoking and leaving great parts of the interpretation to the viewer. Most of my pieces tell a story or at least give a few hints to build up your own story. I don´t like things to be just decorative. And most of my pieces are quite colourful: well, yes, I like vintage style and earthy colours, BUT - I prefer my own things to be an eyecatcher, to be a bit weird, and I love some contrast.

Megan Barron To quote many other people when they see it: “So many details! So precise!”

Elizabeth Bunsen My artistic style has traveled all across the map over the years - at this point in time I would describe what I do as a rapturous raw eclectic documentation of the deep listening I am practicing - you may also toss in spontaneous and intuitive - at its best of course...

Sarah "Flo" Harris PLAYTIME: lots of red and purple and black - lots of stamping, mainly patterns - quirky characters with a story - dimension and texture.

David Castle I create unexpectedly vivid watermedia abstract paintings. I’ve developed my own painting techniques and make full use of paper, water, color, air, surface tension, gravity and stones to create each of my paintings.

Jessica GonachaMy style is quirky and colorful, I think. It reflects the way I see the world and thoughts that come into my head. I like to think that my work is fun and whimsical, but has a deeper thread running through it.

Jen Worden Dirt encrusted darkness with a side of wry humour.

Angela RockettEvocative, expressionistic

Maralena Howard Minimal - Abstract in the public’s eye – yet personally I see it on a more defined level. Minimal in that there are not a lot of blatant distractions going on. Abstract in that much of my work is left to the eye of the beholder to define. I think that some who are not normally attracted to abstract (perhaps it struck cord of dis-ease in them) often find that they can sit with my paintings/art and actually feel comfortable. They can be at peace with them and not grow easily tired, distracted or disenchanted. I like to think of it as “Tight, balanced, longstanding and absolute. Healing art.”


Elizabeth Golden said...

I am a photographer and a collage artist. I love using old cabinet cards in my collage work. I love bold colors.

Karen Cole said...

You are one busy, creative, fun guy :-)

Lost Aussie said...

The new "Season" of Pulse is proving to be just as fabulous as the previous ones! Lots and lots of lovely new and interesting information to absorb!
thanks so much

Chris said...

A lot of us have been hesitant to call ourselves artists, I've noticed. I used to think that I couldn't be an artist until I sold something. But then I read something by an artist I admire quite a bit. I wish I could remember how it was put, but basically she convinced me that I can be an artist if I believe I'm an artist. Just like I can be a sister or a friend or a baker or a scuba diver or a photographer or a reader, without being paid. I am an artist. And no one's ever given me money to be one!

Just a musing, inspired by The Pulse.

Gwen Buchanan said...

This is great, Seth.. i am really enjoying it...
I know I will return to it again and again in the future..

Thanks so much!!!

Terry Rafferty said...

Seth, as always, you have found a new and brilliant way of bringing so many of us together. Love the way you have organized this, and created a master list of links - dessert for many weeks!