Monday, May 12, 2014



The project started with one large bronze Iron Cross of bezels from the A Gilded Life line from Spellbinders. It is one of my favorite pieces from the collection because of its graphic composition. I clipped off the attached loop with tin snips. 

Using the matching Iron Cross bezel die, I cut a circle in red card stock, which I thought would be a beautiful color to contrast with the bronze.

I used adhesive to secure the circle and it sat inside the bezel perfectly.

I always like to blend found objects and other hardware with these bezels and I selected some pieces that I knew would fill the bezel and add dimension. My stash included a rusty metal washer, a small red disk (with a metal brad added to the center hole), and a rubber washer that I found. A distressed vintage button completed the grouping. 

First step was to adhere the rubber washer to the back of the button.

This gave it more height when it was glued inside the bezel.

I continued stacking my found objects, first by adding the red disk...

...and then by adding the metal washer.

Already the piece was looking layered and dimensional.

I wanted to continue added more layers and began by die cutting three sizes of circles using Spellbinders Standard Circles Small and Large die sets. I used black and red card stock and Spellbinders Precious Metals Craft Foil.

I then used die #3 from Spellbinders Labels Thirty-Four to cut a different shape for some contrast from a piece of black card stock.

Next step was to add a few of the die cuts to the base of the bezel.

Gluing the remaining two circles together...

...and adhering them to the base of the bezel completed the focus of the piece.

You can see the dimensional layers from this angle better.

I painted a 4" x 4" cradled wood panel with gesso, acrylic paint and irResistible texture spray from Imagine Crafts.

The bezel stack was then glued to the center of the panel.

The design was too spare for me, so I cut a loop from gold foil using two dies from Spellbinders Standard Circles Small and Large die sets, taping them together so the loop would come out even.

The loop was then glued to the panel.

To complete the design, I cut 4 pieces of red card stock into the shape of arrows using one of the dies from Spellbinders Shoot! die set. I snipped off the feather detail at each end...

...and added them to the corners of the panel.

The final touch was a splatter of both white and black gesso to connect and ground all the different elements.

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Other: cradled wood panel, acrylic paint, gesso, paint brush, card stock, found and purchased metal embellishments, adhesive, scissor, tin snips


Hastypearl said...

great detailed explantion, Seth. I m not familiar with that spray that you used. Will check it out! Love the addition of the founds, of course, annnnd the arrows! Happy Creating! Laura

Patti Edmon Artist said...

This is so amazing Seth!! (of course:)
I had so much fun making art at your workshop - both pieces are reminders of fabulous times!

Artsnark said...

Awesome, Seth! I have this same bezel & look forward to giving it a whirl. Also sharing on Pinterest & blog (with credit of course)

ArtPropelled said...

Great piece, Seth!The thumbnail pic caught my attention in my sidebar.

Jackie PN said...

What a cool piece Seth! I love all of the layers(really cool Gold one)and the components you used- and how you incorporate those die pieces just amazes me!!

bellefrogworks said...

As usual - wonderful work. I love the composition and those bits of red are perfect.

Marjie Kemper said...

Love this piece, Seth! You've built up a gorgeous creation with all those layers.

Nan G said...

Cool! I enlarged a pic to see if you had removed the original piece of red from inside the bezel as it doesn't show very well. It was there.!

Jo Murray said...

Marvellous piece...and post. You must have a ton of supplies!

Fallingladies said...

this is so interesting and inspiring!!!! said...

loved your catchy, intensive Bull's eye. these colors used in the layers were so perfect, one after the other. you are brilliant Seth