Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Art is........

Thrilled to be part of the Art is You family and to be able to announce that registration is now open for the 2017 Art is You retreat in Santa Rosa, California. This event returns to the Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel & Spa from April 4-9 and builds on the success of the retreat held there earlier this year. 

I am equally thrilled to be unveiling 2 completely new, never-before-taught, very special workshops at the event.

Table of Contents is a 3-day masterclass in which you will be creating a series of mixed media booklets that come together in the form of an artist book to tell your story.

Animal Magnetism is a collaborative workshop with Kecia Deveney that is all about building your own spirit animal.

Check out our video on what to expect in this workshop:

Hope to see you there!


peggy gatto said...

Love the book and kitty too! Hoping I can go!!!

Corrine at said...

Great new offerings Seth. I am sure that 3-day masterclass will be great! Xox

Squiddy said...

They both look fantastic classes.

~*~Patty S said...

You two are great!
FUN video and so much creativity.
Santa Rosa is a great town too.
Happy beginning of the weekend oxo

Amber K said...

Oh my goodness I know what you mean by wrapping as a calming activity. I came to realize that my self recently when upcycling some old worn out Christmas ornaments we use at work. So I bought some jute and was wrapping these ornaments in the jute and hot glue and it was so calming and meditative. I loved it! Plus we didn't add to landfills by throwing out and buying more! My coworkers thought I was a little nuts when I claimed it was helping me find my center. But hey, not everyone gets it and that's ok!