Thursday, October 13, 2016

Balancing Act

In the current, September/October issue of Cloth Paper Scissors, my column The Creative Pulse focuses on the issue of balance.

Some excerpts:

Our first order of balance is to make sure that we find some time to keep our creative spirit and practices active and alive... Give yourself permission to make the commitment, no matter how limited the time. This small bit of balance can have a big impact.

If you are a person who has made the decision to shift your creative focus from play to work, the balancing act gets more complicated... The first step to finding balance is understanding all the aspects that need to be balanced. Create a plan that outlines your priorities and goals. Refer back to this plan often and update it as necessary. Allow enough time to deal with all of the components. Be especially aware of the need to focus on those parts of your business that you do not inherently like to do. And don't lose track of the reasons behind your choice to create a business...


What are some ways you have found to create a better balance between creativity and everything else that life requires?


Jenny Marples said...

Thrilled to say I got a copy from one of the main high street stores here in the UK and have savoured every page of inspiration. Great article Seth (and a kick up the bottom not to put off some less enjoyable tasks!!! ;) Will be looking out for it from now on x

elle said...

Timely post. Life is a balancing act.

~*~Patty S said...

I admire you being able to verbalize on the topic of balance.
It seems to be a constant undertaking and just when I think I've settled in things shift and change.
Thank you for this

Caterina Giglio said...

Looking forward to reading your column 😊

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Hi Seth....great work on focusing on the balance issue, which is tough for everyone! I find that having a daily practice is pretty essential. I know how out of balance and at loose ends I feel when I stray away from it. For me, the daily practice involves making a daily drawing....a very simple exercise. It's a completely intuitive process, doesn't take too long and grounds me, especially on days when I can't get in the studio. I try to be consistent in the material and format (though I switch it up from time to time) and think of them as meditation drawings, allowing my hand to move across the page without trying to make "art." The byproduct of the process is that I am often surprised and delighted, sometimes getting glimpses of ideas of how to approach other artworks. This daily practice provides a 5-10 minute way to be present in the studio each day, even if that's all you've got! Cheers to you for all the great work you are doing! -- Patti

Darlene K Campbell said...

Hello Seth,
I always look forward to your articles in CPS. Sometimes I fall off the teeter totter with that balancing act bit but most often I am successful by simply deciding (and following through with) protecting my time. My mornings before work are based in routine. My studio time is predictable. I'm somewhat boring because I stay home and work in the studio, meditate, walk, and eat a home cooked breakfast and lunch before I go to work. Oh yes, I wake early and the day job isn't over until 10:00pm so there is a nap in there before work, too. Balance for me is about self care, protecting my creative/writing time, eating whole foods and getting enough rest...still trying to get more exercise in there. ha ha

Jen Crossley said...

Great to see your article I really enjoyed it Seth