Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Statistically Speaking

Statistics can be fun! Really. At least when these statistics are art related. My book The Pulse of Mixed Media includes the results of a series of survey questions that had been posted on my blog and that YOU might have answered. During my promotional tour, these stats were among the most favorite part of my talks.

You can find these statistics and more than 40 others in the book:

52% of respondents say they have problems handling the business side of art.

63% see art as a compulsion or addiction.

69% have been jealous of another artists' skills.

82% have not yet found their place in art.


And this week, you can find 7 more right now at Create Mixed Media - where statistics from the survey are serving as This Week as Art.

Just look for the numbers in color!


Lisa Graham Art said...

I have been enjoying your book so much Seth. I have been slowly nibbling on it and finding the artist online that are unknown to me. What a great book! I hope you are having great success with sales because you deserve it!

Lynn said...

It's nice to know you are not alone...in your thoughts about your art making.

Lisa H said...

100% of your readers think that this is an awesome part of an awesome book.
Yes, I speak for ALL.

Kay said...

I can't wait to buy this book. Hope to be able to later this summer.

Caterina Giglio said...

I thought the stats were wonderful, very interesting insight to the community... I have to get my book back, I lent it to my gallery owner with the Mysteriuex piece and It has not come back yet, guess he loves it too!!

Sandy said...


This is the best book ever! I am currently savoring it a nibble at a time, I am in the middle of page 89. I have nodded in agreement, laughed out loud, felt a kinship, and thoroughly enjoyed this unique peek into the artist soul.

One thing the book has done is to make me realize that I am not alone on my artful journey. Other artist share my insecurities, hopes, and often quirky outlook on life and art in general.

I am surprised to know that 82% of those surveyed do not feel that they have found their place in art. I always look at others work and think they know themselves and their medium so well.

Love the book!

Jo Murray said...

They are fascinating statistics and make me realise 'I am not alone'.

rivergardenstudio said...

Everything in this book is fascinating. Also I have to tell you that your article in Somerset is very great as well. Love hearing about your running too!

jonreneewebb@msn.com said...

Along with the other 63%, I am definitely an addict. Thanks again for this great book!

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