Tuesday, January 2, 2018

( r ) evolution

As we start 2018, I think it is fair to say that very little in life feels the same as when 2017 began. To me, and to many others regardless of where they stand on the issues of the day, the world has changed. Given that art is often a reflection of the times, it isn't surprising that our creative lives may also be changing. Call it it evolution, call it revolution, just call it. It is a time of change and it is a time for change.

Late in 2017, I posted about some of the changes that I had planned for 2018. I think I am not alone. In blog posts, Facebook feeds, text messages, and Skype conversations, I keep seeing signs that people want change. They want to do things differently. They want to focus on what is important to them and do so in a genuine and authentic way. Against all odds, some people are even starting blogs so they have a place to share their thoughts in a more substantive fashion -- even if nobody reads them.

Among the many changes I plan to make include the content of my blog. I am always doing my very best to balance my desire to share my creative life with my need to promote my products. Art is my career after all and the balance is not an easy one to achieve. I still plan to share my product lines here in the hopes that you are inspired to use them, but I am also feeling the need to express. Simply to express.

I have endless conversations with other artists about all kinds of creative issues that I know for sure are also being considered by many of you out there. Time to share. In a new, periodic feature called Apter's Chapters (and yes - I have waited many years to finally find the right time to call something that), I will be posting about creative thoughts, obstacles, successes and the like. My hope is that you will join the conversation, listen and perhaps speak up as well -- in my comments section and on your own platforms -- so that we can strengthen the bonds of our community. I really do believe, perhaps naively so, that there is more than enough to go around for all of us and that sharing and supporting can only serve to lift all of us higher.

Call it it evolution, call it revolution, just call it. It is a time of change and it is a time for change.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Change is often hard, and some of us have to be brought kicking and screaming into something new. But I feel I'm already on a new path this year, so possibly this is exactly the right time for change. I look forward to Apter's Chapters.

Distinctly daisy said...

There is so much noise out there in the world, I believe that having a place to think, consider & record our own thoughts, feelings & beliefs is essential. We can all too often get caught up in the strong tide of popular opinion, getting swept along without any control, that having a place to put word to paper, paint to canvas, is where we find our true self.

Although I do not have many visitors or commentators on my blog, that's not why I keep mine going. My blog, like my art, grounds me, anchors me & makes my world a better place to be.

Your blog also makes my world a better place to be. I look forward to reading this new segment, as you share your thoughts, ideas & as always, seeing the results of your artistic expression.

Shelby Pizzarro said...

First, Happy New Year to you and all here.

I suppose the old saying "change is as good as a rest" applies for me. Many of my friends, artists or not, as well as myself, are tired....exhausted. I turn to my art as a place of serenity...as a way of making sense of the nonsense that surrounds us. My Blog is an extension of that. It is somewhere I can expand my thoughts on idea...something beyond a mere soundbite.

Apter's Chapters sounds like just the place for me to grab my cup of coffee and visit. I look forward to reading the first Chapter!

I also believe by sharing we elevate each other. And there seems to be, thankfully, enough of us like-minded people to make this a reality.

I always enjoy reading your posts and look forward to the "next Chapter". :-)

Karen Monroe said...

Because I’m a child of the 60’s and 70’s I’ve been channeling my inner hippie for years- in some ways the chaos in the world feels a bit like that time in history, but on steroids....I love the idea of opening up our art forms and discussions to reflect change we all feel necessary in some way. For me, I am drawn to Revolution...maybe it’s bc of the Beatles or maybe I relate to the R before evolution...I’ve long been a quiet rebel but am Ready to Reveal my Real Rapture, Rage and Response through art and writing. This year I’m bound to revising my novel- tho finished, but not forgotten...and put my art out there.

Hope said...

Chapters of Change. I wish I knew the titles of the new and upcoming chapters now, but I don’t. Will it be Peace, Resolution, and Hope...? Or will it be Searching, Finding, and Accepting...? Or will it be Chapters 1,2,3... and maybe not necessarily in that order? All I know is that a chapter is only one part of this great big book called Life, and I’m ready to “call it” and start this new chapter of Evolution...or is that Revolution!

Gwen Lafleur said...

Apter's Chapters... love it.

I agree - the world definitely seems different to me today than a year ago... for good and bad! And I have a lot of changes planned myself; it will be interesting to see how the year unfolds.

I'm really looking forward to reading your posts and the ensuing comments. By nature I tend to be pretty careful / reserved about sharing what's going on in my head, but I'll make an effort to join in on the conversation ;)

Claudia N. said...

I can't wait for your new feature and all the other chapters you will be opening during 2018, Seth,
and I will love to follow you on and learn more about your thoughts, goals, issues and all other "stuff" that you will want to share with us "out there". And I will try to stand up and speak my mind too, because I can deeply relate to everything you're saying. Let's move on and try to make artful living even more rewarding and feeling "right"! Thanks so much for doing what you do and have been doing for the last years now! You really never fail to inspire and/or give courage to carry on with my creative journey!

Wishing you a happy and joyful 2018 filled with loads of love, laughter, good health and success!

catherine said...

Apter's Chapters..really like that!!! Has a fabulous flow to it Seth !

Yes there is change around and some people do cope with change better than others but I like to try and see the positive in things even if it is just the smallest thing.
This year I am trying to focus on happiness and will be trying through my art to find even just the smallest things each day which made me smile and feel content with.
My blog isn't as active these days as it used to be and I found it less appealing to others when I changed my style of art which I found a shame but then not everybody likes the same things and maybe the following I used to have just don't want to change their style of art which is perfectly acceptable as there is enough art in the world for everyone to choose from and enjoy!!
I am hoping this year my blog will pick up and appeal to others differently.

I am looking forward to this new style you are adopting and loving the look of all your new products recently!!
All the best for 2018

Karen said...

Personally I gave up my blog many years ago. No one ever read it except for the person who hacked it and I couldn't get into it. I do my art for myself and to share a little of it on Facebook. As far as Seth's plans and ideas, I leave it up to him and what makes him happy. He's such a great guy and artist.

Kathi said...

You're so right that it is a very different world right now and that it is, in fact, time for change before things degrade even further.

I'll be trying to stay hopeful and positive, while continuing to evolve artistically and uplift others.

Happy New Year. I hope 2018 is filled with love, laughter, joy, serenity, and prosperity.

P.S. I love Apter's Chapters. The title makes me smile. FYI, if I ever have a winery, it will be called "The Grapes of Kath". Maybe that name will make you grin too.

Anonymous said...

Found blog on safari. Have always enjoyed reading your words so this new direction sounds so right...absolutely fabulous name use Seth. Just perfect! Just could not access site from FB at all. Not sure why. Is it possible to get an email notification for your postings?
Anyhow keep on trucking but have a wonderful time enjoying life. Pat q

Beverley said...

Apters Chapters, can't wait. I only follow artist blogs, but different genres. I like to see creations, and also read the views on creating art, from around the world. My own blog has been neglected, not sure my 7 readers mind! I use it to log my work, a record of having done, and sometimes the personal commitment to do, as in its stated to the world, I better do it. I like 'writing' however I'm finding in times of tension it leaves me, my personal diary was also absent in 2017. Time to restart, should be nothing stopping the things you like doing, and what's better than playing with paints, paper, fabric, thread....

Ruth said...

I’ll keep it short, keep on doing what you do, I always find your blog inspiring, refreshing and uplifting...Apters Chapter,,,can’t wait!

Ruth said...

Or even Chapters :)

Sharon Y said...

Looking forward to Apter’s Chapters! I also noticed many creatives talking about getting back to just creating in 2017. It felt to me like many of us got off track and out of touch with why we started art in the first place. Looking forward to the new year and the (r) evolution! Thanks Seth.

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

I must admit I always find change difficult but ima,so know it's important to,change with the times whilst staying true to yourself and our own individual styles .

I will be keeping my blog as a diary of my art , a way to take note of how I can improve and change things I am doing and hopefully evolve and develop further over time.

I love reading your posts and this is a fabulous idea .

Tracy x x

Jenny Marples said...

Apters Chapters - perfect. Have noticed lots more YouTubers, Vloggers etc sharing thoughts and ideas alongside tutorials. Maybe people need to connect more with the person behind the art? As ever your finger is on the pulse. Looking forward to more xx

Just Jen said...

Change, indeed!
I went the other way, Seth, making my blog into a one-page static site, extricating myself from FB and turning to mostly visual communication via Instagram.
I wish Apter's Chapters well!

MB Shaw said...

I actually squealed when I read “Apter’s Chapters.” Love it.

Glenda Miles said...

YAY! Your ( r ) evolutionary declaration makes me very happy. xoxo Glenda

Cec said...

Apter's Chapters is a great name and the fact that you want to include us in your conversation makes it very special. Looking forward to 2018.

Chris Lally said...

Happy New Year, Seth!
Looking forward to getting to know you, the artist, better.

Debi Adams said...

Everyone said it so well. Loved your blog before but thrilled with the new changes. Love the idea of interaction on your posts as well. Cannot wait to read the first chapter of Apter.😉 So when will the “book signing” be happening?

Deb Riddell ~ Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

So well said Seth,for many of my friends and family 2017 was in a word exhausting and finding the energy and creative spark to make art in amongst the noise and chaos has become increasingly difficult. I look forward with great anticipation to reading Apter's Chapters and sharing with like minded creatives a positive exchange of ideas and inspiration. Wishing you much joy in 2018 and thank you for being you! Deb xo

Julie Short said...

Communication is so much richer when it is a 2 way situation.
I am sure that we all respond and connect when we can relate to the person not just the persona, Seth!
Frankly, I have stopped looking at many artists blogs and Facebook pages when it is just a continuous advertisement.
I also appreciate when the designer of a product shows examples of use and shares their tips and techniques. The authenticity excites me. I will be stocking Emerald Creek Embossing powders here in Australia after I saw your intriguing post using the Vintage Beeswax Baked Texture. Just the name conjures up rich possibilities.
I love what you do and your products are proudly stocked by my store and used by me very actively in classes I teach and for my own precious make time.
No matter who we are we have to find a balance that feels right for us. Enjoy your quest and I look forward to reading Apter's Chapters in 2018.

cecile graven said...

Looking forward to your Chapters Seth. And the comments with them.
Am trying out ( still) so many ways of making art that I don't think changing is a (r)evolution. My change this year wiil be not giving ny artworks names, but just to number them ( result of my participation in your ARTifacts project).

wishing all here a good newyear

Jackie P Neal said...

Ah Seth!
How funny! Apter's Chapters-very catchy,indeed! heeheee
Digging the whole thought process behind this as I agree- change and discussion is fab!
Jackie xo

Karen said...

Very excited for this column. Can’t wait to read more!

Felicity said...

oh wow! reading this gave me goosebumps! this is really exciting Seth and what a great way to really amp up the conversation.

To my surpise I started a new blog late last year and closed the old one. It's really a sort of chapbook for me to keep things in one place, poetry mainly but other things are starting to creep in.

Looking forward to seeing your 2018 unfold!

Redanne said...

Apter's Chapters sounds so interesting Seth, I do love change and I look forward to reading more of your posts, learning more about you and your wonderful art and perhaps even chipping in from time to time! Anne x

Liz-Anna said...

I look forward to reading your shared thoughts. Your products are awesome (i’m Especially excited to try your new embossing powders) but I would love to hear more from you about you and how you think. I love when artists share what is behind their creativity.

Team Clark said...

Love it! So happy to hear you make a stand to preserve community and strengthen the artist bond. I look forward to hearing your voice in 2018.

In the life of MB said...

Yes, 2018 is a year of positivity for me and also a year to live my life in art. Change is good sometimes even when you don't want it. Thank you, Seth you are a wonderful and caring person and I'm so happy to have met you at the Art is You, Santa Rosa, CA 2017.

A Pink said...

You always 'say it' so eloquently , Seth and I 'hear' your every word. I'm a big believer that expression, communication and sharing , be it through our art/creativity or the spoken word, is key so really looking forward to 'Apters Chapters.' Such a great idea- thanks for 'calling it' !