Friday, November 9, 2007

Spotlight: Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Bridgette Guerzon Mills is a mixed media artist who lives in the Pacific Northwest. Her work can be seen on her blog Contemplating the Moon. For me, her paintings evoke a feeling of contentment and serenity. Repeated images of birds, nests, trees, and reeds highlight the beauty of nature and celebrate the rhythm of life. Her work is filled with movement and texture. Bridgette's use of type written statements echos the sentiment expressed in her visuals and speaks to my love of text. Some examples -- "my heart is like wax, melted", "the ocean within" and "I sleep and dream of cradling warmth". She uses multiple media to create her works of art, many as small as 4" x 4". I can attest to the fact that her paintings are even more amazing in person as I am the happy owner of "sigh", the first painting pictured below. Earlier posts in her blog highlight some of her incredible visual journals as well. Bridgette's blog is a daily read for me. Stop by. It is well worth the trip!

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