Sit back, get comfortable and be prepared to be inspired. This is a list of links to just some of the creative blogs from artists that I have connected with. Want to have your blog added to the list? Reach a link that isn't working? Want to have your blog removed from the list? Email me at shap97@gmail.com.

***This directory was last updated on 8/22/18, with links updated and blogs not active since 4/30/18 removed. 

24Steps Art and Design: Ceri
A Bird in the Hand: Colette Copeland
A Colorful Journey: Carolyn Dube
A Dog's Life: Tina Walker
A Painted Page: Danielle Mack
A Work of Heart: Andrea Chebeleu
Addcited to Art: Nikki Acton
Ali Edwards: Ali Edwards
Alley Art Studio: Dayna Collins
Altered Alchemy: Luthien Thye
Altered Book Lover: Bleubeard and Elizabeth
Amazing Paper Grace: Becca Feeken
An Artist's Journal: Martha Marshall
Annmakes: Ann Strecko Koeman
Art and Soul: Cathee Stegall
Art is Basic: Marcia Beckett
Art Matters: Carol Lee Beckx
Art New Wave: John Creighton Peterson
Artistic Artifacts: Judy Gula
Artjuvenation: John Arbuckle
Artful Happiness: Kelly Warren
Artsyletters: Robyn Hood Black
Astrid's Artistic Efforts: Astrid Maclean
Atelier Cecile: Cecile Graven
Ayala Art: Ayala
Bad Jones Rising: Roni Jones
Balzer Designs: Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Bliss and Gesso: Gayle Price
Bockel 24: Marion Bockelmann
Bolton House: Renee Zarate
Boogie Street: Harry Bell
Caatje's Artsy Stuff: Carin Winkelman
Catherine Meyers: Catherine Meyers
Cathy Cullis: Cathy Cullis
Cathy Michaels Design: Cathy Bluteau
Cerulean: Eric Adama
cHim Prints: Barbara Bytwerk
Christine Mason Miller: Christine Mason Miller
Coffee Messiah: Michael Harford
Contemplating the Moon: Bridgette Guerzon Mills
Contemporary Art: Wen Redmond
Crafting with Darsie: Darsie Bruno
Creating Without Crayons: JackieP Neal
Creative Chick: Jenn Shurkus
Creativity Continium: Shari Adkisson
Creativity in Motion: Gretchen Miller
Creativity is My Passion: Lenna Young Andrews
Crescendoh: Jenny Doh
Daisy Yellow: Tammy Garcia
Danny Gregory: Danny Gregory
Deb's Studio Blog: Debra Eck
Depression Heads: Cathy Jeffers
Desideratum: Gwen Buchanan
Diana Trout: Diana Trout
Disptach from LA: Mary Ann Moss
Doodles in my Sketchpad: Debi Adams
Dream in Darkness: Challenge Blog
Einat Kessler: Einat Kessler
Embellished Dreams: Heidi Blankenship
Erika Husselmann: Erika Husselmann
Finnabair: Anna Debrowska
Found Art: Andrea McNeill
Foundlings: Robbii Wessen
Friends in Art: Linda Cain
Gerrina's Creatieve Wereld: Gerrina Poncin
Gillian McMurray: Gillian McMurray
Grace Mendez: Grace Mendez
Gwen Lafleur: Gwen Lafleur
Hand-Work: Marilyn Erickson
Ilka's Attic: Susan Tuttle
In the Light of the Moon: Cat Kerr
In the Name of Art: Shirley Ende Saxe
In the Studio: Ruth Bleakley
Infinite Possibilities: Jill McDowell
Ink Haven: Annie Kerr
Inspirations: Art + Collage: Krysta Roy
Irene Rafael: Irene Rafael
Iskra Fine Art: Iskra Johnson
It's Time for Tea and Art: Karenliz Henderson
Jacki Long: Jacki Long
Jane Davenport: Jane Davenport
Jane LaFazio: Jane LaFazio
Jo Murray - Art: Jo Murray
Jude's Art Blog: Jude Berman
Judith Ann Brown: Judith Ann Brown
Just Mosaics: Felicity Ball
Karen Bearse Designs: Karen Bearse
Kelly Kilmer: Kelly Kilmer
Kelly Rae Roberts: Kelly Rae Roberts
Kiwime's Kreations: Maxine Diffey
KO-OK: Kelsey O'Mullane
L.A.S. Fibers: Lorri Scott
La Dolce Vita: Caterina Giglio Digison
Laly Mille: Laly Mille
Lani Puppetmaker's Blog: Lani Gerity
Learning to Just Breathe: Debra Terry
Letting in the Light: Kim Henkel
Linda Sagastume Art: Linda Sagastume
Lisa Graham Art: Lisa Grahm
Living Art at the Speed of Life: Pam Carriker
Living the Altered Life: Candy Rosenberg
Living the Creative Life: Darlene K. Campbell
Living to Work - Working to Live: Hilary Grayson
Lonecrow Art: Laura Lein Svencner
Lorena's Altered Art: Lorena Garwood
Lost Art Creations: Terri Lightfoo
Lovely Linda's Craft Central: Linda Lucas
Maggie Lina Kerrigan: Maggie Lina Kerrigan
Marcie Scudder Photography: Marcie Scudder
Margaret Godfrey Art: Margaret Godfrey
Margaret Peot: Margaret Peot
Marit's Paper World: Marit Barentsen
Michelle Ward: Michelle Ward
Missouri Bend Studio: Patti-Roberts Pizzuto
missusgmoments: Diana Hetherington
Mixed-Media Map Art: Mary C. Nasser
Miz Katie Dot Com: Miz Katie
MK Designs: Marjie Kemper
Monique's Pretty Dark Art: Monique van Dijk
More Whiffs, Glimmers & Left Oeuvres: Deborah Lacativa
Multicolored Pieces: Nadia Mamelouk
Nathalie's Studio: Nathalie Kalbach
Neelz Expressionz: Neil Walker
Nicole Wright Designs: Nicole Wright
Not All Those Who Wander are Lost: India Flint
Old Paper Art: Dave Dube
One Red Chair: Diane Moline
Other Peoples Flowers: Crystal Neubauer
Painting a Dog a Day: Kimberly Santini
Painting my World: Majda Zorko
PaperArtsy: Leandra Franich
Paper and Threads: Shirley Levine
Paper Ponderings: Fiona Dempster
Pastoral Dreams: Anna Belanger
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch: Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
Paxton Valley Folk Art: Deb Riddell
Peony and Parakeet: Paivi Eerola
Ponderings: Dina Wakley
Postcards in the Air: Martha Slavin
Printmaking Without a Press: Linda Germain
Quill Cottage: Sandy Babb
QuinnCreative: Quinn McDonald
Rebecca Crowell: Rebecca Crowell
Rebakah Meier: Rebakah Meier
Redefine Creativity: Alisa Burke
River Garden Studio: Roxanne Evans Stout
Ro Bruhn Art: Ro Bruhn
Roberta Warshaw: Roberta Warshaw
Roz Wound Up: Roz Stendhal
Rustnstuff: Barry Smith
Scrapbook Flair: Pam Bray
Shards: Lyn Belisle
Shawn Petite: Shawn Petite
She Who Doodles: Cyndee Starr
Simply Pretty Stuff: Lynne Suprock
Sisterhood of the Muse: Shelby Pizzarro
Snowball Journals: Carla Sonheim
Somerset Place: Stampington & Company
Something About Nothing: Lisa Chin
Something Sublime: Deryn Mentock
Spesh Ink: Mark Gould
Spirit Cloth: Jude Hill
Stamping, Painting, & Coloring: Trena Brannon
Stargardener's Right Brain Planner: Teresa Robinson
Stitch Print Weave: Alice Fox
Sue Marrazzo Fine Art: Sue Marrazzo
Sunny Avocado: Sunny
Tammy Tutterow: Tammy Tutterow
Tangled Blue Rose: Kim Johnny
Textile Paintings: Lisa Call
The Artful Maven Haven: Anita Houston
The Collage Miniaturist: JA Dixon
The Common Denominator: Mary Beth Shaw
The Far Pavilion: Anjuli Johnson
The Full Circle Studio: Gayle Montgomery
The Land of Lost Luggage: Julie Prichard
The Magic, Miracles and Joy of an Artist: Audrey Fish Pfeifer
The Tamarisk: Teresa Abajo
The Unfathomable Artist: The Unfathomable Artist
The Weaver of Grass: Pat Thistlethwaite
The Writing and Art of Andrew Thornton: Andrew Thornton
theresa mARTin: Theresa Martin
Thinking Inking: Debbie Olson
Tim Holtz: Tim Holtz
Tracy Evans: Tracy Evans
Treasured Moments of Inspiration: Amanda Southern
Treasuring: Jessica Swift
Unbound: Gina Pisello
Unfolding Creativity: Kadira Jennings
Veronica Funk Journal: Veronica Funk
Vickie Martin: Vicki Martin
Visual Chronicles: Linda Woods
Von Pappe II: Claudia Neubacher
Whisperwood Art Works: Terry Garrett
Win Dinn, Art Etc.: Win Dinn
WJC's Digital World: William Charlebois
World of Michael Trent: Michael Trent
Yeah, it's cool!!!: Brad Hotra


Cindy Dean said...

I'm going to have to check them all out! What fun!

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

Wow. Now that's a list! Thanks Seth!

Mrs Pretzel said...

I can only imagine the time that went into this!! Thank you so much! I feel so privileged to be part of this list!!

Eyeleeeen said...

Thank you for including me Seth. I recognize many of the bloggers but not all. Looking forward to exploring and meeting new (to me) artists!

Unknown said...

Thanks for including me in this gargantuan labor of love.

Art Matters said...

An amazing list! Looking forward to meeting new creatives. Thanks for including my blog,Seth

Renee said...

This is an amazing list of artists and their blogs. Thanks for spending the time and effort to put it together!

Kelly Kilmer said...

THANK YOU for creating such an amazing labor of love. I know what I will be doing this weekend!

Thank you a million times over for this impressive list.

Nicky Tillyer said...

OMG!!! This is brilliantly inspiring....thanks :) and thanks to all who appear for putting their work into the world for others to be inspired by. That's what being a creative is all about, inspiring others while doing what you love YAY!!

Jo Murray said...

Such a huge list of stuff to look at. Glad I'm on it...I love to be in such good company.

Pat said...

Very touched to have been included,thank you. I would promise to post more regularly but I don't know if I will have the time as I have this amazing list to work through.:)

Pat said...

Very touched to have been included,thank you. I would promise to post more regularly but I don't know if I will have the time as I have this amazing list to work through.:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding me to your directory Seth. What a great list to explore and discover more artists out here in blogland :).
Stay inspired!
Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

CERULEAN said...

Great job, great list! You continue to amaze me:)

Sharon Tomlinson said...

WOW Seth! thanks for this list. I'm thinking it will take me a few days to get through it but I'm gonna try. And thank for including me. Love that too.

Kathryn Dyche said...

Wow, Seth, wow! You're amazing.

Pam McKnight said...

what a great list...thanks for including me, whenever I have a spare minute, now I know what I can do.

Johanne said...

What a great idea! I'm looking forward to my Saturday cup of coffee.

Thank you for creating such a vibrant community.

aprilmariecole.blogspot.com said...

Thank you so much! :]
Such an inspiring list... incredible talent, much to explore.

Lynn Cohen said...

This visiting romp will take forever, but what a colorful funfilled forever it will be! Looking forward to more visitors to my blog thanks to you Seth! You are amazing in all that you do, accomplish and share! What a giver you are! What a mench!
Thank you Seth Apter!

~*~Patty S said...

WOW Seth ... again you amaze me not only with your intention(s) but the tasks that you undertake and accomplish so brilliantly!
Thank you very much for all you do to keep connections flowing in the mixed media realm and more.
Brightest of Blessings Always!

Brian Kasstle said...

Thank you, thank you Seth for including me and for amassing this amazing list of artists! I agree with Kelly! I will be busy this weekend!

Leslie said...

This is some list of blogs, Seth! I can see I'll be whittling away at it for some time!
And, yes, I'm also amazed at the tasks you undertake and accomplish so brilliantly!

Sarah said...

great list - thank you, this must have been a ton of work!

theresa martin said...

This is a wonderful resource. Thanks for putting it together. I plan to travel all over visiting.

Robyn Hood Black said...

What an ambitious, amazing feat! Thank you, Seth. Honored to be included.

Karen Isaacson said...

Fabulous list! There is no shortage of inspiration here. Looking forward to discovering some new artists.

World of Michael Trent said...

Thanks so much for including my blog to your list!


Anonymous said...

Whoa. This is like an artsy Christmas and birthday all rolled into one, and I don't know which gift to open first! THANK YOU, Seth!

Karen Cole said...

I was beginning to think my existence in the blog world had ended. Thank you so much for bringing me back to life!

Now all I have to do is manage to sit down and create something.

I so completely agree with your thinking on this.

Thanks Seth.

Darlene K Campbell said...

This is so cool to see all of these artists listed in one spot. What a generous project. Thank you!

Janine Whitling said...

hooley dooley! now thats a list!!! woo hoo :)

Gaby Bee said...

Wow, Seth! What an amazing list!

Kathy McElroy said...

Thanks Seth. I hope you don't mind that I added this link to my sidebar.

Anna said...

Thank you for this list. I'm so glad to find so many mixed media artists in it and have lot's of fun doing some blog hopping

Rita Vindedzis said...

So many!!! Thanks for including me Seth, greatly appreciated.

tami said...

such a great list! off to visit : )

A bird in the hand said...

How wonderful! It's so good of you to take the time to compile this great list. Thank you so much for including me, Seth.

Elizabeth said...

So wonderful to be included!

rivergardenstudio said...

This is amazing Seth, and so much work on your part! Thanks you!!!

elena nuez said...

what a great list!!!
thanks for including me!! I'm honored!

Unknown said...

WHAT a community!! WHAT a guy you are Seth. *huge smile* Norma, x

Karenliz Henderson said...

Wow What a wonderful inspiring list! I'm off to explore. Thank you so much for including mine!

Elizabeth Peregrina said...

Fantastic!! Thank you for including me! Look forward to lurking and commenting and learning from each. Namaste

Lisa Graham said...

Wow...so much work Seth...HUGE thank you!! I added this link to my blog!

Kimberly Jones said...

Thanks for including my blog in the directory! I'm looking forward to checking out all these amazing artists.

jonreneewebb@msn.com said...

Thank you Seth for listing my blog in the directory! I look forward to seeing all the other blogs that are listed as well. Have a great day!

Sherry said...

Seth, I went through this list blog by blog yesterday and was in awe. You did a fantastic job of pulling all these blogs together. Thanks so much for doing that!

Anonymous said...

So happy to have all of these wonderful blogs in one space! I have connected with quite a few of these people in the past and now look forward to re-connecting and meeting new creatives. Thanks for including me! Julie {artisticallyafflicted}

connie said...

wow so much to explore... I need a week of uninterupted quiet blog time...
honored to be among these very talented people!

pamelahuntington said...

Wow, Seth.. what a fabulous compilation of talented people!! And
I agree with Marie Danti..gargantuan labor of love!
thank you.. thank you... so much!

Ella said...

Seth you are the best!
I love this idea~
I see so many favs and fun to meet new artists!
Thanks for including me :D
I love how you unite us all, in spirit! @>----------

Billie said...

HI Seth

Thanks so much for including my blog on your list. Off to explore the other sites on the list.

Happy Creating


Andrea Matus deMeng said...

Thank you for including me Seth...what a tremendous list - I'm off to discover more art friends thanks to you!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Seth for including my blog! This is an impressive list!!

Rhonda Halushka said...

Thanks so much for adding me! So many new links to check out now too! Thank you for this list!

Art Play Today said...

Thank you Seth for putting together this list, and for including me in it! I can't wait to check out all the sites over the next few months (or years, lol)!

ART*ticulation said...

As always awesome, you always have such great inovative ideas! You rock big time!!!

Hastypearl said...

Good Grief! Do you SLEEP? I could spend months on just your site...thanks for making access to a world of art a whole lot easier.
Can't wait to explore through it all. Going to blow my months data plan I can already tell:)

Unknown said...

This is just great what you did and I especially thank you for including my new site The iPhone Arts.com which is all about mobile photography.

You did a splendid job.

Wishing you all the best, Egmont

Raylee said...

thank you !!

Art magazine said...

Hey great job....
I love artism....
In your post there are so many pictures are amazing... I ll check out all...Looking forward like this post.. Thankyou so much for this sharing...

Barbara Mason said...

Thanks for the posting Seth But You misspelled my Blog

Adorningly Yours not Adoringly...

Thanks if you can correct and no worries!!!

Art said...

Anything can be expression of art,you just need to be creative to produce a nice view.


Rabbitsmoon said...

Please add my blog Rabbitsmoonstudio.blogspot.com

Kathie Vezzani said...

Yikes, it's going to take me awhile, but I'm going to go through these. Thanks for including me, Seth.

Isabel said...

This is awesome - thanks!

Cate Rose said...

Hi Seth ~ I'd love you to add my blog to the list. Also, perhaps you could post a few letters each time or a small chunk rather than 545+ at once. Nobody has time to look at all these great blogs!

Barbara I. said...

We're expecting 5-8" of snow tomorrow on the eastern shore of Maryland. Guess I know what I'll be doing on my snow day off from school. Thanks for the list, Seth! Can't wait to dive in.

Howsewears said...

This is so awesome! I love it! Fondly, Tami

Joy from My heart said...

Please include my blog -joyfrommyheartblogspot.com
in the listing I too would like to share my blog and reconnect with all I know
Darla Deiparine

Lynne Suprock said...

Hey Seth Apter! I just realized that you now have
THE most comprehensive URL list of mixed media blogs in the world. So sorry it took me this long to find your post. Oh my word, anyhow....
Although I know lots of these folks and their blogs, I do not know all, so it was quite the pleasure working through the llst. Oh, but wait, I saw my Simply Pretty Stuff there too! Gosh, I am blushing.......

There is one blog that I enjoy particularly, as she shares extraordinary insights about ordinary life
http://artjournaler.typepad.com. It belongs to watercolor artist, Loretta B Marvel. Unique circumstances allowed our paths to cross. I think she is lovely.

Another favorite is by a bead and sculptor artist, Andrew Thornton http://artjournaler.typepad.com
He and his partner own Allegory Gallery in Ligonier, PA. Unique circumstances brought me to his shop as well.

It was through Andrew that I then met, and became friends with, Gail Crosman Moore, a fabulous enamel and bead artist. Her blog is http://artjournaler.typepad.com and her things are inspired by pods and creatures found in nature.

You raise such a good point regarding media platforms and how they perhaps take away from the blog write time and even the very fabric. It used to be that I blogged to share personal epiphanies or obsevations with the rest of the world through my love and skill of writing. I let people who I did not know see me and shared what I wanted to share by writing from my studio or nearby coffee shop. FB has never been that same platform for me....for many others,too I imagine. FB, Twitter, and Instagram are necessary to connect, connect, connect and share Information. It is not , and was never intended to be creative journaling. It is purposeful connection to people and places you have known, who you want to get to know, or who somebody else already knows. Each has a purpose and each also takes time.

I feel like I need to reconnect with the original intent of my blogging. Even though I am late getting to yours, it was serendipitous. I would like to really "write" again instead of just being an advert platform for things I teach or publish. This would have greater meaning and satisfaction for me and perhaps would make some kind of a difference in the lives of others who read it.......and that is just this girl's opinion. : )

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Thanks so much for including my ART Blog!
We Mixed Media artists need to stick together = )

Jazworks.blogspot.com said...

What wonderful blogs. Painful to be taken out
of blog land for now- but so glad there are lots
of brilliant artists able to share their art and
thoughts through their blogs that you've showcased.

Phillipa in NZ said...

Wow!!! What a fabulous list. Will have to bookmark this page.Many happy hours of inspiration ahead. Just what I need to get my "Mojo" back.
Please check out my blog as it may be if interest to hand stitchers
http://stitchingalways.blogspot.com and lookers may want to give me a push with "comments".
Ive slowed right down in posting as feedback is what I need to keep motivated..Selfish I know but working in a vacuum can be draining.
I never stop stitching tho...and I LOOOOve reading what others are up to,,so thanks again for the fabulous list
Regards Phillipa in NZ

Phillipa in NZ said...

Dear seth. Thanks heaps for including me as well..
Regards Phillipa

Rita Vindedzis said...

So many!!!! Thank you for including me Seth.

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Oh how fun! I'm going to have to spend some time visiting all these awesome blogs! :)

Ayala Art said...

wooo hooo!

corinne de france MARCH said...

liste impressionnante !merci
corinne de france

Squiddy said...

What a list!!! Going to keep me busy exploring, for sure. There's a new kid on the block, official launch tomorrow (Middle Earth Time), a challenge blog focussing on the dark/creepy side, to which I've been invited to join as a CT. pre-launch posts already up for a taster at http://www.dreamindarkness.blogspot.com

aworkofheart said...

Aworkofheart.wordpress.com would be a greatly appreciated addition.. Thanks Seth!

Squiddy said...

Thanks for the upgrade, INto the list :) Hope people have fun on the Dark side.

Belinda Basson said...

Thanks for adding my blog to the list, but I see that Bella's Scrappin Space is not a live link. I am going to slowly but surely work my way down the whole list a few blogs a day. I know some of them, but this list is awsomly comprehensive.

Glenda said...

SRSLY --- Thank you - deeply appreciative for the work you put into this!

Sandy Schneider said...

I love your site and having links to all the individual artists. Do you mind if I share your site on my blog and fb, etc? I want to reference the Top Five Blogs on ALtered art.

Seth said...

Hi Sandy. Thanks for asking and absolutely. Share away! Much appreciation. Seth

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

Oh my goodness...I didn't know you had all this great info, and to include me is a wow! Thank you! This was A LOT of work, and there are some blogs I did not know about. You seriously rock! I am loving your new line too...congrats!

jason macuha said...

I would love to join the community dedicated to arts. How can I submit my art blog to your community?
Thanks in advance.

Jason @ Macuha Art Gallery.

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

Hi Seth!
Thanks so much for supporting the ARTISTS and the ARTS!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Such a fabulous resource! Thanks for you dedication to the arts and artists, Seth. I'm honored to be on this list and back into my blog now that school is nearly finished! I have so many other blogs to explore as well. Best wishes, Patti

TangledBlueRose said...

Fabulous list! So much amazing inspiration!~kim

Lynn Cohen said...

Thanks for including me Seth. I still post weekly. In the beginning eight years ago it was daily! I've changed the name, but not the URL for my blog from "Getting My Feet Wet" to "My Art Journal"! I think my feet are finally dry and my focus clear as an art journaler!

froebelsternchen said...

What a super list! Thanks a lot Seth! I am happy to see so many of my lovely blogfriends on the list!WOW!

Jo Murray said...

Great list! Thanks for keeping me in there tho' I've not blogged for ages. Mind you I've been doing several workshops, so will blog soon about those.

Unknown said...

Imagine a City...

Imagine a city where every home had on it's front lawn a piece of sculpture or an art installation.

Imagine a city where each and every business invited artists to exhibit their work to the company's patrons.

Imagine a city where instead of gifting clothing, electronics, chocolate, or cash, a work of art was given, and appreciated.

Imagine a city where each and every home housed and preserved an art collection. Where insecurities over self-interests were dispensed with, and collections reflected those varied tastes.

Imagine a city where glass, pottery, painting, photography. fibers, basketry, and even graffiti were embraced. Where the artists themselves were looked upon as a treasured resource. No matter their perspective.

Imagine a city where any construction project involved multiple artists, in its' execution.

Imagine a city which preserved its' creative heritage and embraced it.

Imagine a city which understood, that capturing a slice of life had merit. But to alter a communities perspective to embrace all thought and belief, strengthened it, not weakened it.

Imagine a city which led the World in cultural munificence which would then reap the reward of becoming a global mecca.

Imagine a city which could step outside of what others were doing could walk the path of its' own making.

Imagine a city where meetings to enact such change, needn't take place. Rather a spontaneous change came from its' citizenry itself.

Imagine a city which artists flocked to; enabling them to create without fear of censorship or derision.

Imagine a city not dependent upon their museums or art schools for their lead in any discussions of artistic merit, but rather the career artists themselves.

I have imagined this city since childhood, as have most of my colleagues. Instead we've swum through muck, hoping such change would miraculously happen without distracting us from our labors. Or moved to the closest metropolis which appeared poised to take the plunge.

Cleveland, like most cities, while not a blank canvas; is one, where the image it sports has faded beyond restoration. The time to paint over it has come. Shiny new unaesthetic buildings, are simply masking the rot.

Marc Breed, Fine Artist

"In the distant future, when America is a mere shadow of itself, who historically, shall be remembered? In sports, an argument can be made for Ruth, Chamberlain, Gretzky, Ali, et al. In Art, there is but one name, Breed."

-Smithsonian Magazine

Justin said...

Awesome Blog. Great wealth of material!

Dea Lenihan said...

So glad to find you! Great list--looking forward to more art info. xo

Liz-Anna said...

Thank you for this incredible list. Sadly I have lost my place on it due to my lack of posts but I do plan to get back at it. I've almost forgotten how. I was so disappointed to see that many blogs that I used to follow have gone the way of my own so I'm really pleased to see such a current list as this one (and kudos for crossing off us slackers!).

Neil said...

Any chance of getting on your list? :)

Monique's art said...

Awesome list. Thanks so much

lynbelisle said...

Seth! Thanks for including me - what a great list to be a part of. This is a majorly comprehensive directory, a service to all of us, and an ongoing source of inspiration. High fives!

Liz-Anna said...

This is such an incredible list. I'm looking forward to checking out every single one to put positive social media back in my life. FB is becoming something that isn't particularly healthy. I am seeking a more positive atmosphere. My own blog has also been neglected. Thank you for all you do to spread inspiration!

Linda M. Cain said...

Always an honor to be here. This list is fantastic and I’m enjoying the links ever so much. It’s truly a treasure trove.
Your Friend in ART ~ Linda

harry bell said...

Hey Seth, thanks for keeping me on the list! I plough my lone furrow in the hope that someone will call by.