Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Week Links: 65

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And here is Week 65...

Three dimensional drawings in ceramics from Katharine Morling

Love the way Mae Chevrette photographs her work as much as I love her work

Here is a headline I never expected to read: Art Exhibit Escapes from Museum, Rampages through City

A lifetime of sketchbooks from painter Richard Diebenkorn (thanks to Austin Kleon for this link in his newsletter)

And speaking of Austin are gonna want to get his newest: The Steal Like an Artist Journal.

Does looking at art make you smarter?

Nobody captures light like J.M.W. Turner does. Shots taken at his current exhibit at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, CA.

Friday, August 28, 2015

It's a Photo Op

My newest workshop is called Photo Op and it is all about hand altering photos. 

I have had the pleasure to teach this twice in the last few weeks at one of my favorite places of all time: The Ink Pad in NYC. Have a look at some of the incredible work and creative people that were part of this adventure...

Stay tuned as I hopefully bring this workshop to a city near you!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mixology 101.3

Mixology 101
Mixology 101.3

This series of pop-up posts will focus on sharing ways in which I combine hand made art with commercial products. Since becoming a blogger for Spellbinders in 2013, I have had the opportunity to explore many supplies coming from the craft industry and to learn how to put my own twist on them as I add them into my artwork. The posts in this series may focus on completed art, process, product, and/or any other aspect of mixed media. So put the mix in the media and let's get creative...

Aging Metal

I recently began using Spellbinders new Sapphire Mini Die Cutting Machine and their line of Sapphire dies - currently exclusive to Joann. One of the sets of dies is called Sapphire Simply Tags and among its 11 pieces is a die that resembles an old school file label holder.  Using Spellbinders Media Mixage Aluminum Sheets, I cut out a series of label holders.

While I loved the shape, I really wanted to create a worn look for these pieces. That's when I started to age some metal. I roughly covered the shiny aluminum pieces with black gesso. I used a foam brush to avoid the look of brush strokes. After this dried, I rubbed on Gilders Paste in African Bronze, which is green with gold metallic flakes. These two simple steps gave me the look of rough, worn, aged metal. 

Playing around with some hand painted paper, rubber stamps, and ink pads, I created a label for my holder. I added some metal brads for a finished look.

In the end, I added it to a old leather box that I store supplies in.

For those of you what want to explore products sold directly from Spellbinders, they have generously provided my blog readers with a special code that can be used to save 20% off items in their online shop (doesn't include shipping, tax, or machines). Head to their store and use code 20OFFSA.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Week Links: 64

Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week.
All previous links can be found here.

And here is Week 64...

Absolutely love this fiber art piece from Jordan Lyn.

Artist and author Sandra Duran Wilson highlighted on Mixed Media World.

A master class in acrylic mediums and gels from Leandra Franich at PaperArtsy.

I love everything that Lynne Hoppe paints.

Katarina Pridavkova creates fantastical mixed media streetscapes from found materials.

See the studio tables of 123 artists in this repost of my 2014 online collaboration.

And in one of those serendipitous moments, on the same day as my Studio Table post, Kathy Eldon posted a picture of Dan Eldon's studio table that was recreated for the feature film being made about Dan's life.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Look Back: Stackoholics Anonymous

To celebrate my 8 years of blogging, I am taking a look back and reposting some of my most popular and favorite posts. 

Stackoholics Anonymous

Four years ago, I hosted an online, collaborative project that celebrated the stack.

Stack Attack

106 artists shared their stacks. You know what I am talking about. We all have them. They seem to take on a life of their own and grow before our very eyes. Why deny them? Embrace them instead. Welcome to the Paper Stack Project.

001 Blissful Things
002 See Jane Run
003 link broken
004 Art by Canace
005 bohemiannie! art
006 Dabblings
007 A Colorful Journey
008 Two Dresses Studio
009 My Time Out of the World
010 link broken
011 Faerie Acres
012 The Art of Cheryl Connell
013 Artfully Ooglebloops
014 Clearer Reflections
015 ink broken
016 WJC's Digital World
017 Sheep Rustling
018 River Garden Studio
019 dosfishes
020 link broken
021 World of Joy
022 link broken
023 Dandelion and Daisy
024 Cerulean
025 Faery Rocks and Things
026 printmaking without a press
027 JazWorks
028 A Paper Bear
029 Art Beneath the Cottonwoods
030 link broken
031 Magpie's Nest
032 LaWendula
033 Kelly Kilmer
034 Altered Book Lover
035 QuinnCreative
036 life as a five ring circus
037 4 rooms and the moon
038 Marit's Blog
039 link broken
040 Art from the heart
041 Often Medieval in Mood
042 Ingrid Dijkers
043 link broken
044 link broken
045 I am Rushmore
046 Four Corners Design
047 DharmaKarmaArts Blog
048 Ro Bruhn Art
049 An Artist's Journal
050 link broken
051 fibra artysta
052 Altered by the Sea
053 Loving the Smell of Wet Paint
054 Oma's Patch
055 link broken
056 Getting my Feet Wet
057 Hidden Art
058 Dust off the Butterfly
059 ink broken
060 Altered Attic
061 link broken
062 Alley Art Studio
063 Barnacle Goose Paperworks
064 cHim Prints
065 link broken
066 April Cole's Studio
067 Soul Humming
068 Magic, Miracles and Joy of an Artist
069 creative lenna
070 Claudine Intner
071 jaeartworks 
072 Quinceberry
073 Rolling in the Deep
074 Sonya's Daily Art Journal
075 Hazelnut Cottage
076 Tattered Edge
077 CappuccinoAndArtJournal
078 Parabolic Muse
079 True Adventures of an Art Addict
080 NM Creatix
081 Drawing Near
082 link broken
083 Altered Bits
084 Katie Cahill Art
085 link broken
086 Colorsmith
087 Arte Tatorigato
088 Ms Grubby Little Mitts
089 Dryadart's Weblog
090 Michele Jackson Studio
091 creative lenna
092 erika husselman
093 link broken
094 ess-arr
095 Things I Make and Find
096 Wen Redmond
097 Suzi Qu's Threadworks
098 Just a Note
099 Arting Around with Fibre
100 Kelli Nina Perkins
101 moments in time
102 Carol Sloan
102 Gosia S. "Po prostu karteczki"
103 Sue's Craft Cupboard
104 Lisa Call
105 link broken
106 Diana Trout

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Art Unraveled: The All-Stars

I had the pleasure of teaching at Art Unraveled last week in Phoenix, Arizona for the second time. I don't care what anybody says about it being a dry heat. When it is 110+ degrees, it is plenty uncomfortable! Happily, both the air conditioning and the creative fun of the retreat made staying inside for a week a great experience.

For me, one of the best things about teaching in a retreat setting is having a chance to connect with both students and other instructors. I was able to capture a few of the all-star artists that were teaching at this event and really enjoyed catching up with them.

Deryn Mentock, Diane Cook and Riki Schumacher


 Laurie Mika

 Michael deMeng and Andrea Matus deMeng

Kate Thompson

 Jen Cushman

 Leighanna Light and Thomas Ashman

 Don Strom and Jane LaFazio

 Jesse Reno

Eric Scott and David Modler

Danny Gregory - keynote speaker

I also saw but didn't get a picture of Juliana Coles, Joan Fullerton, Pamela Huntington, Amanda Jolley, Thomas Mann, Crystal Neubauer, Marie Otero, Lesley Riley, Lorri Scott, and Dina Wakley. Somehow I missed running into Ingrid Dijkers, Kelly Kilmer and Sandra Duran Wilson.

For those of you who have never had the opportunity to be a part of an art retreat, I hope that sharing this list of amazing artists and people tempt you to sign up soon!

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Look Back: Studio Table

To celebrate my 8 years of blogging, I am taking a look back and reposting some of my most popular and favorite posts. 

A little less than a year ago I hosted an online, collaborative project asking people to share images of their studio table: uncensored, unedited and most likely unkempt. Definitely a popular idea as 123 artists participated and the result became my most viewed post of all time.

When the studio table is full...

...the studio floor will have to do!

So many times when we are presented with images of artist studios, they are pristine -- almost as if nothing goes on in the space. This is often true in books, magazines, blogs, and Facebook. The reality is, of course, that during the process of creating, the mess multiplies faster than the matheletes at the International Mathematical Olympiad (and there really is such a thing)!

Let's go behind the curtain, throw any feelings of shame out the window, and show the world the underside of art and craft. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!

   2. Jo Murray - Art
   5. Bohemian Dream
   6. Clockwork Hare
   9. lerusho
 10. credmayne
 12. Pibis Page
 16. Cerulean
 17. LeissnerArt
 19. Kelly Kilmer
 27. Chim Prints
 38. Annmakes
 41. gemgirlart
 51. jacki long
 52. Von Pappe II
 55. Dog-Ma
 59. averrillart
 69. Geonrose
 75. Axully
 86. artsyletters
 87. ess-arr
 89. ZenZada
 98. Wen Redmond
 99. Terry Owenby
103. soul dare
116. Queen Kat
118. :Dept42:
123. Hastypearl

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Week Links: 63

Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week.
All previous links can be found here.

And here is Week 63...

The feature film about the life of Dan Eldon is now filming. Follow the progress here and see a brief behind the scenes video of the filming here.

A primer on interference colors acrylic paints.

Hand-cut, photorealistic paper portraits from Yoo Hyun.

NYC street art and tour from Michael Trent.

Nancy Nally shares the highlights and trends from the recent SPC Mixed Media show in Utah.

Looking forward to Acrylic Color Explorations - a soon-to-be-released book from Chris Cozen.

I am celebrating 8 years of blogging with a big giveaway that ends tonight (8/16). Leave a comment here to be eligible. Four winners will get their choice of my books, DVDs, stencils or stamps.

Monday, August 10, 2015

8 Years and a Giveaway

Eight years ago today I started this blog. In some ways, that was also the first day of my life as an artist. I have always said, and continue to believe, that without the opportunities that being online has brought, I would not be where I am today. Through this blog and my other online sites, I feel that I am a part of a community of people who get it. Who get me. And that has made all the difference in the world.

These past years have brought both spectacular moments and difficult challenges. As with everybody else, there have been ups and downs. Throughout it all has been the consistent and strong support that all of you have given me. I feel so fortunate to have made the connections I have, both online and IRL.

I have much to celebrate, particularly this year. I get to travel all over, teaching workshops to creative souls - all of whom I get to learn from as well. I continue to be able to showcase my art - online and in galleries, books and magazines. And with my ongoing line of stencils with StencilGirl Products, my first collection of rubber stamps with Impression Obsession, and my upcoming line of mixed media products with Spellbinders Creative Arts, I feel like I am about to enter into another thrilling chapter of my life.

I owe a debt of gratitude to all of you and want to thank you with a giveaway. Simply leave a comment on this blog post by end of day on 8/16 to be eligible and be sure I have your email address. The random number table will pick four winners, each of whom will win their choice of the following: my two books, my two workshop DVDs, any two sets of my cling rubber stamps, or any three stencils from my stencil line.

(Thank you. The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the four winners: granchris, Irene Rafael, Francesca Watson and Debbie D)

Thank you all! I look forward to the next 8 years of blogging...and beyond.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Week Links: 62

Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week.
All previous links can be found here.

And here is Week 62...

Pre-order the magazine Faces - a special issue from the people who bring us Cloth Paper Scissors.

Ellen November combines quilting with cartography.

Essential tools for bookbinders from Paige Martin.

Love the work of Harry Ally, first seen by me in the newest issue of The Woven Tale Press.

10 adhesives for creative paper art from the Mollie Makes series.

Acrylic Painting for Encaustic Effects - this new book from Sandra Duran Wilson looks wonderful.

Have you visited my Art Blog Directory recently? There are 467 links to creative blogs to explore.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Own Mixed Media Line

It is with great excitement and gratitude that I share with you a big announcement - something that I have kept under wraps for a very long time. In January 2016, I will be be bringing you my very own line of mixed media products through Spellbinders

I have had a passion for mixed media from the very beginning of my creative journey. Over the years, I have used many different products and supplies from a countless number of companies and designers. Those of you who have followed my blog and/or taken my workshops know that I have always emphasized the importance of taking a commercial product and making it your own. What better way to do that then to be the one who is actually designing!

I cannot yet share much about this collection except for the fact that I cannot wait to get it into your hands. Given that 2016 is still 5 months away, you may be wondering why I am making this announcement now. Well...I want to be able to share some details and sneak peeks with you along the way- and maybe a few surprises as well. So if you want to be among the first to see what I have in store, sign up for updates here.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Big News

Stay tuned...........

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Week Links: 61

Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week.
All previous links can be found here.

And here is Week 61...

Marion Bockelmann celebrates book nerds in this Postage People series.

Alphabet City: The A to Z guide to Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Lee John Phillips is drawing 100,000+ items from his grandfather's tool shed.

Embroidered houses and homes from Stephanie Clark.

Street artists in Mexico cover an entire neighborhood with color.

Loving the Vegan Mosquito from Roxanne Coble and James Siciliano.

Ever hear of North Brother Island in NYC? Me neither. It is the perfect example of beautiful decay.