Thursday, December 13, 2007

Spotlight: Janet Jones

Janet Jones is a San Francisco-based printmaker and mixed media artist. She has been exhbiting since the 1980s and is in multiple corporate collections across the United States. Her artwork uses traditional material in unexpected ways, and includes found paper, hand-printed paper, book covers and pages, found objects, beeswax, and metal leaf. Many of her pieces are rooted in Japanese principles and others are influenced by the concepts of time and place. Surface, texture, composition, and color all intersect to suggest ethereal, miniature landscapes. Letter forms are used in unique ways. To me, her serene artwork suggests journeys to far away places. Images of a few of my favorite pieces are below, but explore her website to see the breadth of her work.

Microcosms - mixed media landscapes reminiscent of sueseki or the Japanese art of stone appreciation: Microcosm #31/Microscosm #2

Ex Libris - encaustic book cover assemblages: Penumbra/Imago

Decollages - miniature landscapes made from the reverse side of weathered posters rescued from a construction site: Haiga #5/Haiga #8

Mirages - landscapes made from book, found, and monoprinted papers: Mirage #17

Counterpoint - monoprint collages of found and prepared paper: Counterpoint #5


Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

wowowow. Thank you for sharing this artist. I am in awe.

Erin Curry said...

these are beautiful I'm going to have to explore her work more. Thank you for sharing.