Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Book Guild: Chapter 13

Welcome to the fourth edition of The Pulse -- The State of the Art -- a survey in words and pictures of the online artist community. Nearly 150 artists have answered a list of questions which make up The Pulse. Their responses will be presented as a series of online and print projects. Secret Sunday was the first project and the links to all the secrets can be found on the sidebar of my blog. The Book Guild is the second project and Chapter 13 starts right now!

All artists participating in The Pulse were asked to name their favorite art books. The Book Guild will present this list, along with links, book reviews, giveaways, and interviews with many of your favorite authors. And as members of The Guild, I am hoping YOU will participate by leaving comments related to the books in each post - for example thoughts, book reviews, personal experiences, or a link back to your own blog posts that include artwork based on a project in the listed book.


Thanks to everybody who entered last week's giveaway for a copy of Journal Revolution so generously offered by author Linda Woods. The lucky winner is Annell from Somethings I Think About. Congratulations! Please contact me via email with your mailing address. And if you didn't win, you can purchase Linda's book here.

Chapter 13: Cornucopia

Painting Wildlife Textures: Step by Step

For Gillian McMurray, Painting Wildlife Textures Step By Step by Rod Lawrence is her favorite art book. Gillian writes "I have many, many books on painting animals and this is the first and only book that really took me by the hand and showed me what I wanted to learn about painting wildlife fur, eyes, backgrounds, etc."

What It Is

Dina Wakley's favorite is What It Is by Lynda Barry. "Lynda focuses on writing, but the concepts are definitely applicable to art. Super inspiring and great to browse through when you're feeling stuck."

Charles M. Russell, Word Painter: Letters 1887-1926

The book Charles M. Russell, Word Painter: Letters 1887-1926 by Brian Dippie is the favorite of Dave Dube.

Interpreting the Figure in Watercolor


The Art of David Ireland: The Way Things Are (The Ahmanson-Murphy Fine Arts Imprint)

The Way Things Are: The Art of David Ireland is the favorite of Barbara Kleinhans. Barbara adds "I flip through this book from time to time and imagine what it would be like to turn my home into a living art installation."

J. W. Waterhouse: The Modern Pre-Raphaelite

Lisa Wright listed J W Waterhouse: The Modern Pre-Raphaelite as her favorite. She adds "It is officially termed a ‘catalogue’ but at £35 in hardcover, I definitely call it a book! I bought this after I went to the Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy. Although I will treasure the book, no print could ever capture the vibrancy of the originals. I only wish I could have had the gallery to myself. Jostling with the hoards added too much stress to the occasion."

The Book as Art: Artists' Books from the National Museum of Women in the Arts


Karl Blossfeldt: The Complete Published Work (Taschen 25th Anniversary)

Jaihn selected Karl Blossfeldt: The Complete Published Work (Taschen 25th Anniversary) by Hans-Christian Adam (Author) and Karl Blossfeldt (Photographer) as her favorite.

Miriam Schapiro

As her favorite, Martha Marshall chose Miriam Schapiro.

Raw Vision Outsider Art Sourcebook



Collage Playground: A Fresh Approach to Creating Mixed-Media Art

I received another, newly released book from F+W Media to review on my blog: Collage Playground: A Fresh Approach to Creating Mixed-Media Art by Kimberly Santiago and released on July 1.

I will admit that when I received this book I was not sure if there would be anything new to discover inside. After all, there have been so many books printed about collage and mixed-media art in recent years. But after spending some quality time with Collage Playground, I am happy to say that this book would make a great addition to the library of any collage artist, especially if you are new to the process of collage.

The book brings you back to the playground and takes the refreshing approach of looking at collage as a child looks at art - with discovery, fun, and abundant creativity. But Collage Playground is not child's play. While many of the techniques presented would already be familiar to a veteran collage artist, this book also covers such diverse areas as paper weaving, fiber collage, transparency art, positive and negative stenciling, using vellum, and creating your own collage sheets. Many projects have been included, with detailed material lists and clear step-by-step instructions and photographs. Helpful tips are sprinkled throughout as sidebars.

The cover is a good example of the type of images you will find inside, as it is actually created using pieces from multiple projects from the book. While the style of the art in this book does not match my own, the beauty of Collage Playground is that, with a little imagination, all the techniques and projects in the book can be easily adapted to any style at all.


It is giveaway time again. One lucky person will win a copy of Collage Playground, hot off the presses. Just leave a comment on this post by Saturday July 10th. Then visit again for the next installment of The Book Guild on Sunday July 11th to see who won!


bockel24 said...

Oh, please pick me - this book sounds great!

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Many book links I'm going to explore today! Thanks Seth.

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Would love to have this new book! I'm also intrigued by the other book reviews today. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

All these books sound fascinating. Going to look at some of them now! Thank you for the review... and for the giveaway!


giddy up said...

This book does sound like it would be a good addition to ones collection especially for one who is learning on their own....

Tyggereye said...

book does sound great. I love what it is book. I have it and it is amazing. Very good read.

Kathryn Dyche said...

I love the pre-raphaelite work of J W Waterhouse and have a book of his work on my bookshelf. He remains one of my all time favorite artists.

Sharkbait said...

I would love to win the book on collage, as my practice is now leading me in that direction.


Lisa said...

more unchartered book territory to explore..thanks Seth!

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Some interesting picks this round. I am going to check some of them out and look more at biography's of artists rather than just how to books.

I would love to win Collage Playground!


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Many wonderful books to explore. Will look forward to your review. Thank you for the giveaway,

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Thanks Seth!

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how can one ever resist your generous gifts...?

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Happy 4th Seth! I love collage - this book sounds fabulous!


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Thanks for the book offer, Seth.
My list of books to explore grows longer....

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This book sounds wonderful. Thanks too Seth for the other book suggestions - love reading about what other''s find inspiring.

Erika C. said...

Yes, the collage playground book looks great. I am also going to look up the book about books from the Museum of Women's Art in D.C. I have always wanted to go to that museum but so far have not made it.



Sharon said...

Seth, I love your blog and the book links. Thanx for sharing everything that is near and dear to your heart with us out here in bloglanding!

Indigo said...

great books to explore! i've loved collage for so long, but mostly personal, now bringing it out into the open and into more projects...this book sounds like a fab resource! thanks!

lizzie said...

A couple of these books are on my wishlist, even more so now. I will need to check out the others as well.
I would love to win Collage Playground.

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Love the book reviews and (for those smart people sending them to you to review) I go right to my local bookstore AND Amazon for a closer look.
Can you come over and help me build more shelves?

Bill said...

Hmm. I wonder if this book would make me get off my computer and create physical collage? :o)

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Hmmm some books I have never heard of, some I will have to investigate.
Thanks to all the contributors!

Kathleen Harrington said...

Another wonderful selection of books, Seth. My wishlist at Amazon is getting really crowded. Would love to see you make some altered books :)

Please enter me in your Collage Playground giveaway. I need more play!

How do I get people to send me books?

Love your Hand series, can't wait to see more.

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Many new books for me to explore.... Thank you Seth...Thus collage book is certainly intriguing!!!

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I love learning about other artists - the book links look great!
And could always use a good bookj about collage to learn more ways to experiement!
Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

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Thanks for the book reviews. These are all new to me. I am going to check some of them out. I especially like the Blossfeldt book.
Thanks for another generous offer, Seth. I would love to win this new book, it sounds fantastic.

Your hand series is divine!

I wish you a wonderful start to the week!

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I love your article on "Own Your Own Voice." I am trying really hard to develop my own voice, so this is extremely interesting to me. Keep up the great work, Seth! (And I'd love to be picked for your giveaway!)

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Count me in please!
And Thank you.
Happy days,


thanks for the chance to win this lovely book :)

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I am a bit behind and late coming to this post, but I found some new books to look for-- thanks for doing these wonderful book posts.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've tried to leave a message three times and each time Blogger has not allowed me. I think it's a conspiracy!

I spent a lot of time perusing the links you provided with this post. I was impressed by a couple of them, including David Ireland's art. And who wouldn't love "The Book as Art." Such skill and precision involved. I also enjoyed leafing through the Collage Playground. It was fun to see all the examples of collage "fodder," a word I often use to describe the ephemera that others leave on my doorstep.

Thanks for another great week. I'm crossing my fingers this comment goes through this time.

Anonymous said...

you are the give-away king, seth! such a generous soul. you have inspired me to put together a new giveaway on my blog -- i haven't done that in awhile and feel a bit stingy.

i love all that you have featured this week! james william waterhouse is one of my favorite artists, or was for many years, and i had nearly forgotten somehow. thank you! all of these books look fantastic and i am thrilled to admit that i have NONE of these books featured. collage playground looks like heaps of fun -- i like the birds and the little boys in the amazon preview, as well as the paper weaving -- i used to do that with my homework a zillion years ago and got in trouble regularly.

Coffee Messiah said...

An amazing array of books you always come with for sharing information about.

Thanks & Cheers!

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Oh I am just in time, what a great book, yes please!

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I will definitely have to get that book that karin is reading... and of course I would love to win a new book... but I am not holding my breath!!!

Caterina Giglio said...

I will have to check out Lynnes book of course!

Mosaic Magpie said...

I would love to win this book. It is so nice to have the book in front of you for inspiration and a guide. I have just started working on collages and need help with being more free with the elements I use. It sounds as though this book would be quite a help to me.

Yvonne said...

I will be buying this book, if I don't win it that is. I am really getting into collage a lot more these days. Always loved collage, so hope to win it!

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You are so kind to offer up these books Seth! Sure put me in the hopper. Why not? Elizabeth and Bluebeard sent me here, as I was away over the 4th! ;-)

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WOW! I have been absent for a while and came looking for some influence...WOW!! This is more than I expected and just what I needed. Thank you Seth so much for all you do!

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Lots of great links to peruse, thank you Seth!
Thanks also for the chance to be the lucky winner of Collage Playground, it sounds like a good read.
Sorry I will miss your upcoming Buried Treasure, we'll be moving our son at college.
Thanks as always for all you do to keep up informed and connected, it is no small thing!

Rosemoo said...

Darling Seth,

Please reconsider always linking to Amazon. I work in an independent bookstore and it kills me to see everyone linking to amazon. Here is the indiebound link to the book you mentioned earlier in the post.

It really helps indie bookstores (which are often awesome) to link to indiebound so people realize they can shop local. :D

Sorry for the PSA, but it's how I make a living.



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This is my offical entry. You know I have a thing for collage!

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Very generous Seth. Thanks for the email. Even if books re-iterate what has already been stated in others, it's often a recall of fact/technique, that a reader may have forgotten from past reads.