Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mixed Media Variety Hour

I love discovering the newest and the greatest...both for myself and to share with all of you. And today I have a scoop on something that fits that description perfectly: The Julie Prichard Mixed Media Variety Hour With Your Host Julie Prichard. I have had the privilege of having full, early access to Julie's newest project. And it is winner.

Julie has created a huge community on The Land of Lost Luggage Network. She now offers 13 online workshops, many of which she has co-created with Chris Cozen. Her approach has always been unique and very user friendly. She is always available to communicate with and her workshops never expire. Never. And now her newest workshop takes this one step further. 

The Variety Hour consists of 7 episodes of video tutorials that add up to more than 4 hours of workshop time. The program is accompanied by a detailed PDF that serves as a companion to the video. In both watching and reading this past week, I have been impressed with Julie's ability to explain and illustrate complex approaches to art in such an understandable way. The tutorials focus on many, many different aspects of art. You can go here to read the specifics and see what you will learn.

So what makes this so good and stand out among the many online workshops out there? Is it not only the packed content but all the extras. This is a Variety Hour after all. Julie and the videos go everywhere. Of course she is in the studio, demonstrating, but she is often on the go, on the street, in the park, and in real life. Each of these segments were really refreshing for me.

Julie incorporates many helpful and educational tips throughout the videos but in every episode she also includes a "Tip Segment" that offers something very special.

But most importantly, Julie is coming from a place that truly resonates with all of us. She talks about art (and life) not being perfect. About having artist block. About getting sucked into the computer. About feeling isolated. About not being able to live up to the artificial standard that is so often presented on the Internet. And she invites you to not only share your artwork but to share your thoughts. The ones that we all have as artists. This is a workshop that taps into both the hands and the heart of every one of us.

Registration is now open. The class is being offered at a $79 introductory price through 7/5. Register before 7/7 and you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a chance to win one $60 USD Dick Blick Gift Certificate. And speaking of giveaways, Julie will be offering a giveaway every month over the summer to subscribers to her newsletter. Check out Julie's site for more information on all of this. And don't forget to say hi to me when we run into each other in The Land of Lost Luggage!


Lisa said...

This is awesome... I watched Julie's promo video and she has an exciting fresh approach that I found so appealing and fun! I'm sure many will follow! Thanks again for sharing all the good stuff Seth!

Stephanie said...

She is a kick! great review here Seth!

Jo Murray said...

Look most interesting Seth. I'll probably sign up for this one.

Anonymous said...

I will check out the promo. Those are always fun to watch. And so good of you to give her rave reviews on your blog.

It's good to see you have an anonymous button because I can't seem to log onto my blog or even blogger. For once, being anonymous is OK!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth

Jenny said...

I am so glad I checked this out. I'm signing up and can't wait to see what I learn. Julie seems like a lot of fun.

Darlene K Campbell said...

Thank you Seth..certainly I will be there. The videos look amazing..great quality. She is such a hoot.

Carol said...

Late to comment but if anyone is still reding these comments, run,don't walk, to sign up for this class. I have taken several of Julie's classes and they are great. And this one should be no exception.

Parabolic Muse said...

I've taken three of Julie's workshops and I can tell you right now. NO, Really!

I'm late, but I've been out of the loop. I hope someone reads this:

The Workshops Are Awesome. I'm still using them! They are mine forever, with one fee! And each time I access them I learn something more.

Okay. So there.