Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Business of Art

In 2010 a series of survey questions were posted on my blog as a means of ‘taking the pulse’ of the online art community. More than 40 questions were posed and the results of the survey were presented as sidebars in my book The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed. The survey tapped into a range of issues, both practical and psychological, related to being an artist today.

In Pulse Points, my newest series continuing here today on Create Mixed Media, select survey questions from the book were presented to several different groups of artists working in mixed media and beyond. 

Today's rockstar panel includes: Mary Beth Shaw, Marie Otero, Ronda Palazzari, and Angela Wales Rockett.

Today's questions and original survey results from The Pulse of Mixed Media:

How do you feel about the "business side" of being an artist?
This aspect is usually problematic for me…53%
Don't really embrace the business side but I handle it well…28%
I feel equally able to focus on both creativity and business...12%
The business side is easy: it is the creating that is hard...2%

If you sell your work, do you have trouble with pricing?
No, I have a system that works for me…8%
Yes, but overall I am comfortable with my pricing decisions…42%
Yes, and as a result I tend to underprice…48%
Yes, and as a result I tend to overprice…2%

And a taste of what our panel members had to say:

Mary Beth Shaw: "Coming from my previous life in corporate America, I find the business side inevitable and easy...of course that doesn't mean I like it."

Marie Otero: "I think the key is in recognizing where you want to go with your art and understanding what it will take for you to achieve your goals." 

Ronda Palazzari: "While the business side of is not my favorite part and I would rather be creating, I appreciate that I have to take care of it in order to create."

Angela Wales Rockett: "I am learning to be clear with myself about my own definition of success, and not to compare my efforts and results with somebody else's."

Head on over to Create Mixed Media to hear much more of what the panel has to say about these issues. You can also read the first three posts in the series if you missed them. And if you would like, please share your own thoughts in the comment sections here or at CMM.


Lynn Cohen said...

The business of ART! It's always emotional for me. (what isn't?)
Like letting go of someone/thing I love dearly. I like being reassured it's going to a good home.

Jo Murray said...

Does it have to be a business? Can it be a passion that might, or might not pay for itself?

Lori Wostl said...

The business of art is always there to be created and grappled with - just like my journal pages.

I hold this completely distinct from the administrative duties i.e. bookkeeping and taxes...

I can bring creativity to the business and integrity to the admin...that's all I've got. Lori W at Art Camp for Women

Marjie Kemper said...

This was very interesting, Seth. I just read the previous three as well over at CMM... thanks for sharing!