Wednesday, April 3, 2013


As a child I remember being mesmerized by kaleidoscopes. Turning and turning the tube led to an endless array of ever changing, never repeating bursts of color. This was my inspiration for today's artwork: Kaleidoscope 1

I started by gathering some card stock: black, red and kraft-colored, which die cut using the following Spellbinder's dies...

Exquisite Circles

Imperial Gold Circles One

Standard Circles Small and Large

I then broke into my stash of hardware. With all the bits and pieces I so frequently but, I am thinking the guys at the hardware store must think I am quite the DIYer. The circle with the swirls was a perfectly timed gift that I received from Sharon Walworth just a few days ago.

I got to stacking, keeping in mind the idea of capturing both the circular movement and the depth of image that are such big parts of a kaleidoscope.

I decided to mount this stack on a 4 x 4 inch cradled wood panel...

...which I painted with black gesso and accents of red and iridescent gold

Kaleidoscope 1


Supply List

Spellbinders Paper Art Supplies:

GC-001 SpellbindersTM Grand Calibur® Machine
GC-015 SpellbindersTM Grand Calibur® Junior Magnetic Placement Mat
S4-114 SpellbindersTM Nestabilities® Standard Circles Large
S4-116 SpellbindersTM Nestabilities® Standard Circles Small
S4-384 SpellbindersTM  Nestabilities® Exquisite Circles
S4-390 SpellbindersTM  Nestabilities® Imperial Gold® Circles One

Other: cradled wood panel, acrylic paint, gesso, paint brush, card stock, hardware, adhesive 


Jo Murray said...

Amazing what you do with all your 'toys'.

elle said...

You are a DIYer! :)

Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

This is a different look for YOU.
I like using Black Gesso lately, too!

Evelyn said...

Beautiful! I LOVE kaleidoscopes.

bellefrogworks said...

Love this piece Seth - I also had a fascination with kaleidoscopes when I was a kid (actually I still love them) Really terrific -

Anonymous said...

Impressive. Very impressive!! Time to get into my stash of treasures studio is way too clean right now...have to mess it up a bit! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

Kathryn Dyche said...

That looks like way too much fun.

PocketSize said...

That is too cool! I loved kaleidoscopes as a kid, too. Is the swirly circle a flattened bottle cap? It's awesome.

Spellbinders Paper Arts said...

Did you flatten the bottle cap by rolling it through your Spellbinders Grand Calibur Machine or Artisan X-plorer Machine! You can do that! Just like a roller press! Nice work as always Seth. xo

Parabolic Muse said...

I love this, Seth!

QuinnCreative said...

It's so interesting to see how you get from cardboard to kaleidescope by gathering shapes with corners and curves!

Darlene K Campbell said...

Love how your creative mind works. Just the word "Kaleidoscope" istills magic and imagination, doesn't it? I remember the cardboard ones I had as a child, then I evolved to handmade ones by artists. Those handmade ones are divine.