Friday, June 14, 2013

Still Talking

My 2-day, collaborative workshop with Orly Avineri called 'If Walls Could Talk' scheduled in Los Angeles, CA from 2/8 to 2/9/14 has filled up. 

We have decided to offer this workshop a second time, earlier that same week, in San Diego from 2/4 to 2/5/14. Please consider signing up early if you are interested.

Join us on a two-day, texture-making, art-journaling, book-binding experience...

In this workshop, we will start by creating pages of walls, reflecting our histories, as we build up these solid surfaces with layers, textures, colors, and marks. This will be followed by each of us adding to the pages our own personal narrative, which will surface through the addition of words and images. By the end of day 2, we will be ready to literally tie our individual stories together as we each bind our own books, thereby creating the most intimate of personal dossiers.

Space is limited.

For information and to sign up please contact Orly:

Update 2/15/13: San Diego workshop is full

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Jo Murray said...

That WOULD be fun. A collaboration made in heaven.