Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Golden Globe

Today's tutorial was inspired by the color gold. 

I started with a 4 x 4 inch cradled wood panel.

The surface was painted a matte black color with gesso.

Using a clear stamp and metallic pigment ink, I stamped the surface and sides in a random, abstract pattern.

I dug inside my collection of metal bits and found 2 pieces to use, including a wonderful hammered, gold dome.

I then dug into my collection of Spellbinders dies and selected a number of dies from 2 of my favorite sets: Cogs and Sprightly Sprockets. I chose some black cardstock and gold foil to match the colors on the panel.

I stacked all the ingredients and adhered them together when I was satisfied with the design. It still needed a finishing touch and, although I do not consider myself a "blingy" kind of guy, I added a small, faux gem to the very top.

Golden Globe is available for purchase in Aisle 999, my pop-up Etsy shop open only through 7/13.

Supply List

Spellbinders Paper Art Supplies:

MMM-001 SpellbindersTM Artisan X-plorer® Machine
F-012 SpellbindersTM  Precious Metals Premium Craft Foils Assortment 
S4-386 SpellbindersTM  Nestabilities® Cogs
S5-048 SpellbindersTM Shapeabilities® Sprightly Sprockets 

Preferred Promotional Partners: Tsukineko Delicata Ink Pad

Other: cradled wood panel, gesso, paint brush, clear stamp and mount, card stock, metal embellishments, adhesive


Sue Marrazzo Fine Art said...

This POST is Cool!

Rebeca Trevino said...

looks very nice.
what are your thoughts on using card board/card stock instead of real metal, vintage pieces to create the artwork?
they look great in the photos, but how do they look/feel in real life?
Seth, i'm not trying to be critical. the piece looks great, i think i'm just trying to put my brain around the whole concept of using card stock to look like cogs and sprockets, when i can use real cogs and sprockets instead.

Kathryn Dyche said...

Love that indented dome. Now that I'm back from vacation I'm trying to get back into creating some new pieces. Feels slow going though.

Seth said...

Hey Rebeca. Thanks for coming by, leaving your comment, and asking such a good question. I personally have no hesitation in mixing paper/cardboard/card stock with metal. Or to address your question more directly, newly cut, basic paper pieces with actual vintage objects. For me, as a mixed media artist, anything goes. In some ways, this specific approach is like a designer mixing a one-of-a-kind, vintage piece of furniture with a new, modern -- much less expensive --piece of furniture. It is so very hard to tell on the computer screen, but I think these materials really seamlessly connect in the piece. Also, sometimes I cannot find just the right "real" piece and can use hand cut or die cut paper to create the effect that I need. Thanks for asking Rebeca!

Lynn Cohen said...

Just enough bling to bring it off the page! Great layering, love the gold/black background too! How fun it must be to dig through your stash to get just the right pieces to make fab art!

Rebeca Trevino said...

thanks for getting back to me Seth. that makes sense.
the finished piece is terrific!

Jo Murray said...

Hmmmm....makes me think of some ritual shield from mediaeval times.
Lovely piece Seth.

Patti Edmon Artist said...

Love the bling - and the tutorial - thanks!

Bill said...

This is beautiful! I'm glad you answered Rebeca's question, too. I've been wondering the same thing.

ART*ticulation said...

Fun fun fun really creative!