Friday, July 4, 2014

The Journey is the Inspiration

I have been working with the crew at on an online project called The Journey is the Inspiration. People who have been touched by the story of Dan Eldon are sharing their thoughts and/or artwork as a way to honor and celebrate his legacy. Not familiar with Dan? Do yourself a favor and read about his life here.

We are two months into this project. If you haven't yet visited the postings or have missed a few along the way, follow these links to hear personal stories that exemplify the continuing influence of Dan the artist, the activist, and the adventurer.

Week 1: Seth Apter
Week 2: Mary Beth Shaw
Week 3: William J. Charlebois
Week 4: J. Dean
Week 5: Shazdeh Omari
Week 6: Patrick Ahern
Week 7: Chelsea Nicole
Week 8: Emily Cline

Postings will continue weekly every Thursday. Please stay tuned. If you have your own story that you want to share and be a part of this project, please click here for more information.


E. Cline said...

Thanks for the posting, Seth!! So great to see so many people inspired by Dan, reading their stories and seeing their work! His legacy lives on in such a big way.

Jo Murray said...

A thoughtful project, celebrating the short life of Dan Eldon. I look forward to following the links.

Jackie PN said...

Thanks for sharing the links Seth- I look forward to reading on about Dan Eldon and how he has inspired so many.

Parabolic Muse said...

I've forgotten about this. So glad to have your reminder. I am ready to dive into these links.

Parabolic Muse said...

wow. the letter by J. Dean really moves me.