Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Week Links: 35

Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week.
All previous links can be found here.

And here is Week 35...

Being inspired by daily rituals and how art makes you feel, from Linda Woods.

Thoughts on the fact that 71% of Pinterest users are women.

Gratitude for our hands from Tonia Jenny.

Extreme close-ups of everyday things on Twisted Sifter. My favorites are the sugar grain, screw, and keyboard X.

When is a drawing not a drawing? From Jo Murray, all the way down under.

Extra excited about this exhibit in NYC from one of my most favorite artists.

Coming in March, this book from Lea Redmond looks to be intriguing and unique.


Carol said...

This is my "SuperBowl Sunday". Super! Thankyou!

elle said...

Luved the daily rituals and I do hope to use my new camera to get closer to what inspires me. I liked the typewriter X, the book pages and the serrated edge!!! jo's progression is very encouraging! Thanks!

Jo Murray said...

I'm honoured to be included in your prestigious line-up this week Setho.... and to be mentioned on the same page as Antoni Tapies...well, that's a HUGE compliment.

Kay Wallace said...

I have to pass today, Seth. Please forgive. Sometimes, life just gets in the way--as does the snow!!