Thursday, September 17, 2015

Library of Memories

Join me for a very special 3-day workshop called Library of Memories taking place at Art is You Santa Rosa in April 2016. Registration is now open and details can be found here.


Claudia N. said...

Now THAT looks like a truly fantastic workshop to attend!
Sadly I live soooo far away from your place. :(
I am sure it will be a wonderful experience for you and all your participants! Enjoy!

Greetings from Vienna,

Sisterhood of the Muse said...

Best of luck with the Workshop.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

As always, I'm struck by the richness of your images. They pull me in like no other artist. Thank you for your posts!

Jackie PN said...

I would love to!! But won't be able "(
Your art is wonderful just as Win says- pulls you in!
Happy Thursday Seth! ")

Unknown said...

It was good to see you not promoting your items and showing your art instead. I realize it is hard to make a living at your art but it was getting to be too much. On my blog I simply refer to my website...maybe you do not have a website.

Mincka B. said...

Hmmmmmm is it me or is there nowhere mentioned where this workshop will be given? Europe? Australia maybe?


Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

oh this is awesome!!!! Love the small hand… hmmm, maybe I'll take apart those dolls I was going to donate… :)

Seth said...

Hi Mincka. Click the link at the bottom of the post to be taken to the Art is You website. The workshop is being held in California.